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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Aug 16, 2015
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor II Charter August 16-22, 2015    

Crew: Captain Scott, Chef Dan, Divemaster Joe, Photo Pro Hector, Video Pro Ernan, Engineer Jun and stewardess Edith.


Sunday the 16th we welcome our guest from USA, Italy and Bulgaria. The boat leave at 6:00 and dive the Helmet or Depth Charge Wreck at 8:00 and follow by another wreck called the Hafa “a” Day, Bought wreck are great with lots of cool stuff like couple of chromodoris coi and Flabelina nudibranch. Usual artifact are still intact at Helmet Wreck like the Depth Charge, Zero engine, jars, stocks of helmet and lots of different artifacts. After the 2nd dive we head out to German channel then dive the Ngemelis Wall for the 3rd dive, seen some beautiful soft coral and sea fan’s formation, also couple of grey and white tip reef shark along the wall and in the very end we saw a hawk’s bill turtle. 4th dive at German Channel and we saw feather tail sting ray, marble ray, schools of barracuda and horse eye jacks, and after visiting the manta cleaning station we drift inside the channel where captain scot spot a crocodile fish, it was a great first day.

Tuesday the 18th we head out to German channel for first dive, visibility was great we first visit the red anemone then swim down to the cleaning station and wait for a while, we saw couple of grey reef shark around the cleaning station, fusiliers, tuna, unicorn fish, and lots of small fish around it. We start to swim off the cleaning station and cross the mouth of the channel, the current pick up incoming and we start to drift in the channel itself where the hard corals are. Next dive at Big drop-off and the wall on the left hand side swim all the way to Ngemelis wall, we saw white tip reef shark resting along the small cave, nudibranch, couple of octopus it’s a beautiful dive with 100 foot visibility….Back to the mother boat with lunch ready prepared by chef Dan. Third dive at German wall, we start where the current was switch couple of times but we saw couple of hawks bill turtle sharks, nudis and beautiful anemone. Alexis Coral Garden for the last dive and we start shallow reef on the right hand side towards German channel , we saw feather tail sting ray resting in the sandy area, white tip and grey reef sharks , schools of jacks and snappers, e drift inside the channel.

Wednesday the 19th we move the mother boat behind the two dog beach where we close to the first dive site called Dengese Pass, the dive start shallow reef on the right hand side, current is very mild, we saw school of snappers, beautiful sea fan formation, garden like lettuce coral with lots of soldier fish and sweet lips. Back to the mother boat with refreshing drinks and awesome snacks, Second dive schedule at Ngerchong inside, this dive site is not far from the previous dive but more marine life including the big school of twin spot snappers hovering in the big patch of hard coral, also we found a cuttle fish and yellow scorpion leaf fish in the isolated coral patch around the sandy area. Along the way we drift wall on the right until we saw the much bigger cuttle fish with her eggs around and carefully filed inside the fire coral. Back to the big boat and have lunch around 12:30 followed by Snorkeling in Jellyfish lake at 1:30 where we able to swim with millions of stingless jellyfish, everybody have an awesome experience swimming with it. The 4th dive at Wonder Channel where the easy current took us past some more nudis and a couple of photogenic pipefish. Our night dive was Wonder Channel again where we start the opposite reef free to current. Also out on the reef were sea hares, a hunting eel, many varieties of shrimp, and some interesting flatworms.

Thursday 20th . We start the first dive at Barnum’s Wall where the visibility was excellent we look for more turtles, sleeping white tips, and a juvenile midnight snapper. Second dive at German Channel. Not much current, so no mantas at the cleaning station this time, but we did chance upon a couple more feather tailed sting rays, camouflaged leaf scorpion fish a few sharks and beautiful coral garden with ton’s of small fish having clean and hanging around, again awesome dive for the rest of the group. Dive three was at Big Drop Off featuring more turtles, white tips, and quite a few nudis as we cruised by the pristine soft corals, sea fans, and gorgonians. 4th dive at Ngemelis Wall featured schools of butterflies and anthias along the wall covered with all types of colorful corals, sea fans, and gorgonians to enjoy. Night dive at German Coral Garden and the dive start at the Peleliu side were we start to drift along the coral garden, current was a bit slow and we saw crocodile fish at the very beginning. Awesome night dive.

Friday 21st  we start our fist dive at the world famous Blue Corner and the current was incoming, the visibility was excellent with lots of sharks, horse eye jacks and big school of barracuda at the hook in area. We spend most of the dive in hook in area while the napoleon wrasse hanging around in the entire dive. Second dive was Blue Holes and the dive start along the wall swim into the big door entrance, the natural light coming from the chimney holes are spectacular, also we saw pigmy sea horse located just below by the exit door around 90 feet/30 meters. We slowly swim along the wall until we end up the dive at blue corner. Back to the mother boat and have lunch followed by 3rd dive at 1:30 in Turtle Cove, this dive is similar to blue holes except the cave is a bit smaller and have only one chimney hole. We spend a bit time inside looking around and slowly swim out wall on the right, along the wall we saw nudibranch, square spot anthias, beautiful soft coral formation, turtles, spotted eagle ray and sharks. We finished our dive for the day at Barnum’s Wall with excellent visibility, we saw turtles, amazing wall and coral garden dive, couple of nudibrach, flatworm and many different small fish and anemones.

Saturday22nd  we went to Ulong Island and start the day of diving at the famous Ulong Channel, the dive start at the wall on the left towards the mouth of the channel where we saw lots of sharks along the area, we hook in to watch the shark action before we drift inside the channel were we saw the big patch of lettuce coral and also the two giant clams in very end of the dive, another excellent dive and everyone have a amazing dive. And to finish the dive for this week we went to the Chandelier cave where we dive the four beautiful chamber with breathable air each of them then we spend the rest of the dive outside the cave looking for mandarin fish, crab eye goby, pajama cardinal fish and many different small fish.

We said farewell on Sunday morning and helped our guests with transfers to their hotels and flights. It was another wonderful week aboard the Palau Aggressor II with fantastic

guests that we look forward to diving again with soon!