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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 22, 2015
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    22-29 August 2015

South Trip Koh Lipe


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 28c

* Visibility 25m



Captain: Toy

Cruise Director: Gabriel

Assistant Cruise Director: Clive

Dive master: Yusuf

Engineer: Bao

Deck hand: Rong

Chef: Papa Phorn

Chef: Phorn

Steward: Jinny

Guests –  Dorota,Przemyslav, Gregory,Anna,Aleksandra,Cezary,Tal,Robert,Naui,Inca.


Sunday    – 23rd August 2015 Talang North, Talang West, Talu,Talu, Talang

Monday – 24th August 2015 Talang East, 8 Mile Rock x3, Talang

Tuesday – 25th August 2015   Lipe house reef, Stonehenge x2 , Pattaya corner, stonehenge

Wednesday – 26th August 2015 Pattaya corner, Koh Lancha x2 Bitsi x2

Thursday – 27th August 2015 8 Mile Rock, Stonehenge, Talu, Bitsi, Bitsi Rock.

Friday- 28th August 2015 Koh Talu, Koh Khai.


Saturday 22nd August 2015

Our new guests arrived around 17:30 so we got all equipment sorted out and settled down with a great Salmon and Wasabi dinner, We had to delay departure due to very low tides at the moment so we made passage to Koh Lipe with an eta of 7.00am for our first dive.

Sunday 23rd August 2015

Up and briefed early with our full dive safety briefing we headed for Koh Talang, we were greeted with great viz and decided to make our second dive at this great spot, we found a very Large Stonefish and a beautiful Leopard Flounder hiding in the sand, we also found many Blue Dragon Nudibranchs. On our 3rd and 4th dives we saw huge schools of Yellow Snapper along with spotted snapper and a very beautiful Juvenile Andaman Sweetlip, for our night dive we headed back to Talang and had a nice dive with some cuttlefish and many different types of shrimp. We watched a movie and off to bed ready for our next day’s diving..

Monday 24th August 2015

So today we decided as the conditions and tides were in our favor we did Talang east a very nice sloping reef with an abundance of Butterfly fish and many Banner fish, we then headed out to 8 mile rock this is a submerged pinnacle coming to 10m from the surface we saw so many fish there were schools of Rainbow runner and many Jack fish schooling in the shallows we had a great safety stop with a school of batfish entertaining our guests for the whole 3 minutes. Our night dive we headed for a rocky out crop called Talang north, we found many shrimps and a Cuttlefish hovering above the sand. Also some of our guests saw a Giant moray out hunting.

Tuesday 25th August 2015

We had a bit of wind in the night and a few waves so we dived the house reef close to Koh Lipe island it was a nice dive with a cuttlefish and a few Bent stick pipefish, we also found a very large Mantis shrimp in the sand, our latter dives we headed to Stonehenge one of our favorites, there is so much coral both hard and soft at this site we also saw a school of barracuda and lots of snapper , our guests were amazed at the huge sea fans that are spread around this site. On our night dive we decided to dive back at Stonehenge and with the torches we saw so many colors of corals it was very nice dive with a couple of hunting morays.

Wednesday 26th August 2015

Our first dive today we did Pattaya corner on the west side of the main island of Koh Lipe. This is a group of boulders heading down to 100ft there are some awesome sea fans here and some patches of very nice staghorn coral, we found some nudibranchs and also a very nice pipefish that we have not seen before. We then headed to the very far north of the archipelago to a out crop island called Koh Lancha the visibility was great and we saw many schooling Jacks and some Kuhls Sting rays laying in the sand. We decided to do our third dive here also and take advantage of the great sunlight penetration through the crystal clear blue water. Our fourth dive we descended on a very long sloping coral reef on the west of Bitsi island we saw lots of schooling snapper and a few nudibranchs laying in the sand.

Thursday 27th August 2015

Due to the Great weather and fantastic visibility our guests asked to return to 8 mile rock and it turned out to be a great choice with some huge grouper action and a massive school of Batfish present. Then we decided on our favorite colorful dive at Stonehenge there was a bit of current but it’s easy to find shelter here behind the huge rocks we found our usual suspects including Pipe fish and many Nudibranchs in the sand, we headed out to our next spot at Koh Talu and found a very cute baby tiger tailed seahorse which kept our avid Macro photographers busy for a while. Our last dives would be carried out at Bitsi Rock where we found a very friendly Turtle and also many Blue Dragon nudibranchs , On the night dive we saw cuttlefish and loads of lionfish hunting…

Friday 28th August 2015

Only 2 dives today so we decided on one rocky out crop and a sloping coral reef, Our first dive we headed to the rocky ridge that descends down to 100ft- 30m we saw huge schools of both 5 line snapper and also 2 spot snapper, the seahorse was in its usual spot I hope this one doesn’t move too much as it always seems to be in a great position for pictures we saw also a couple of Blue spotted sting rays sleeping in the sand. For our second dive we headed back towards the mainland to our sloping reef and saw lots of reef fish including many Angelfish and lots of garden eels in the sand.

Saturday 29th August 2015

What a great group this week we had many laughs and funny moments on board. Many new friends made and lots of great photo opportunities were taken. Sad to see this group departs. So with all goodbyes said our guests headed off for the rest of their vacations.

Bon Voyage……