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Raja Ampat Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 15, 2015
Entry By: Raja Ampat Aggressor Crew


Raja Ampat Aggressor
Captains Log 8/15 - 8/22

Weather: 30 C
Water temperature 28 C

Our guests on board: Alan and Grethen, John and Dorothy, Darryl, Bushan, Vladimir and Anzhelina, Igor, Ben, Jake, Takashi, Wayne, Albert, Anna and Bernhard

Our first trip on Raja Ampat Aggressor started. Some of our guests arrived day before and stayed overnight in Swiss bell hotel in Sorong. Other guests arrived early in the morning. We accommodated them in Swiss Bell Hotel first and at 12.00 pm we picked up all the group and transferred to our boat. All guests were shown their staterooms and we had lunch ready at 13.00. Some of the guests who arrived were tired after long travel and went for a rest and some were happy to see the boat and relax on the sun deck. At 5.15 we started safety briefing and dinner afterwards. During dinner time we already departure to the north west. Trip took 7 hours and we arrived to place called Friwibonda.

At 5.30 am we had already guests in the salon having continental breakfast. At 6.00 am our waking up beverage service started. After breakfast diving briefing began and at 7.15 we had first group of divers in the zodiac. At 7.30 second group departure and we started our first dive in Friwibonda. Our guests could see beautiful various hard and soft corals. At the beginning we saw many colourful flatworms, big moray eel, nudibranch and even pigmy see horse. From bigger fish we saw black tip sharks, small school of spade fish, barracuda and groupers. In one point of the dive we had meet point of current and thousand small and bigger schools of fish feeding on plankton. All the divers had amazing safety dive and were very happy spending time underwater.
Second dive we started at 11.00 at place called Mioskon. Small Island with beautiful white sand beach. The dive was even better than first. We saw 2 wobbegong sharks, schools of sweetlips fish, barracudas, tunas, a lot of glass fish below big boomies. Soft and hard corals where everywhere and great number of small coral fish around. Water was very clear and full sunny day with underwater visibility reaching 25 meters/ 75 feet.
Third dive we moved to the amazing dive site which is called Blue Magic. Seamount starting from 8 meters/ 24 feet depth from the surface. Beautiful dive site for wide angel lovers. We found black tip and grey reef sharks, 3 wobbegong sharks resting below the corals and pigmy seahorses hanging on sea fan. There were many schools of fish. We were lucky to see school of big yellow fin barracudas, typical smaller black striped barracudas, schools of jack fish, tunas, school of sweetlips fish and spade fish. We also spotted small mantis shrimp searching for food in the sand. Visibility was quite good 20 m./60 feet. We had medium strong current in some places and sunny beautiful weather above. Wind on the surface was forming small waves. Everybody happy and safe came back to Raja Ampat Aggressor.
After dinner we had a great presentation from Captin Wayne Hasson who showed us diving in Cuba with Crocodiles. After presentation most of our divers went for a night dive. We spotted many interesting creatures. Nudibranch, crabs, many different types of shrimps and Spanish Dancer!!!. It was a great day of interesting diving and everyone was very satisfied.

At 3 am we went further west to beautiful place called Yanageffo which we reached at 6.30 am . We anchored in very calm bay with white sand beaches and mangrove forests all around. After breakfast we were getting ready for our first dive at place called Mayhem. On the way to the dive site we decided to change dive site as waves were too big but we didnt regret the change. We choose to go to the dive site nearby called Citrus Ridge. Beautiful underwater terrain with coral slope and sandy bottom. We saw school of Yellow Fin Barracudas, 3 Wobbegong sharks, 5 big Bumphead parrotfish and a lot of small colourful fish. Before going up to the surface our divemaster Herry spotted a 2 Pegasus Dragon Moths. Small creatures were creeping slowly on a sandy bottom.
When we were preparing to our second dive a group of Dolphins went up to the surface. Second we dove at Gam Ridge. Amazing dive site with steep slopes covered with many hard corals reaching 25m./75feet. We spotted 2 big cuttlefish (sepias), big bumhead parrotfish and many nudibranch on hard corals and sandy bottom.
Third dive was Mangrove Ridge, beautiful and full of life dive site. We spotted mushroom pipe fish, nurse shark, small blue lobster, nudibranch and many sweetlips fish. Dive site was full of white corals and big gorgonia fans. We had a strong current during this dive but were stopping from time to time and continued in slow pace. Everyone was amazed of how much life you can see during one dive. After the dive we had a longer break before the dinner at 6 pm.
Before night dive Captain Wayne Hasson made for our guest presentation about Aggressor and Dancer Fleet beginnings. At 7.30 pm we started our night dive at Citrus Ridge. Our divers saw ghost pipe fish, barramundi, nudibranch, eel rays and solar nudibranch.

At 5.30 am we moved Raja Ampat Aggressor to place called Arborek. Our first dive was at Manta Sandy. Unfortunately we didnt see any Mantas but we spotted 2 Pegasus Dragon Moths, Barramundi and many coral fish around big boomies covered with beautiful soft corals.
Second dive we dove Manta Sandy again but again we didnt see any Mantas. Our Chief Officer Niko dove with us. He was dive master before and 2 of our guests Bernhard and Anna were diving with him 10 years ago. They asked him to join the dive and thanks to it we saw Pigmy Sea Horse, which Niko spotted. Dive was very good, visibility improved as sun went out and even though we didnt see mantas all our guests were satisfied.
After lunch we went for a land tour to village in Arborek island. Arborek has small diving resort and is beautiful small island with local people and white sand beaches.
Our third dive we started below jetty in Arborek village. Amazing dive site with beautiful corals and huge school of Shad fish hanging below jetty. Our guest Dory spotted crocodile fish. We also saw big scorpion fish, many anemones fish, Ponto Pigmy Sea Horse, Big Sweetlips Fish, Nudibranch, school of Spade fish, Big Lion Fish, Glass Fish and Giant Trevallies. Great visibility and a lot of life made this dive the best dive from our trip so far.
Night dive was also very good at the same place, below jetty of Arborek. All our guests went to do that dive as it left great impression after 3rd dive. We saw many macro creatures. Ponto Sea Horse,
… After the dive hot chocolate was waiting for our guests and we moved the boat to Kri Island.

First and second dive this morning we dove at Cape Kri. One of the fishiest dive site in Raja Ampat. Strong currents from Pacific are bringing enormous mass of plankton to that diving site. Reefs here are home to great number of different fish species. We saw schools of: yellow fin barracudas, jack fish, giant trevallies, spade fish, sweetlips fish, giant sweetlips, black and grey reef sharks and many other coral fish and macro creatures.
Third dive we dove at Sardine Reef. Very popular dive site with huge number of fish and sandy bottom where we found many reef sharks. During the dive we also spotted Hawksbill Turtle, school of jackfish and rabbit fish. There was a strong current on this dive but all of our guests were professional divers and all the groups went safe to the surface and enjoyed the dive.
After presentation about sharks and dinner we went for a night dive. Our dive was at Friwinbonda, the 1st dive site from our trip. Our divers were happy to spot frog fish, toad fish, moray eel and walking shark!!! For some of our customers it was one of the best night dive during our trip. After the night dive we went for a night mooring to Sapukren. Place were we do land tours and watch Birds of Paradise.

We woke up early this morning at 4.30 am. We had a breakfast and went in 3 groups to Sapukren village where our local Papuan guides were waiting for us on the beach. We walked around 35 minutes through small village and up to the hill where Birds of Paradise are living on a big high trees. We saw 1 bird at the top. Unfortunately as local guide said it was too windy for them to stay around the trees and after waiting 30 minutes more we went to the second hill to look at the view on the ocean, Waigeo and Gam islands.
First dive this day we went to Mikes Point. Small rock with beautiful reef below the water. It was also the dive full of underwater currents. We saw Black Tip Shark, Sweet Lips fish, Snappers and many fish feeding on the plankton in the blue. Because the currents were strong it was a shorter dive than usual. The Mikes Point dive for some of our divers was the most difficult dive ever and unforgettable experience.
Second dive we dove at Batu Lima, which means 5 rocks. This time there was no current at all and many macro creatures were found by our divemasters and guests. We saw nudibranch, Raja Ampat Sea Horse, Anemone Shrimps and big number of colourful reef fish. Our guests were happy that they had a slow and easy dive after 1,5 half day of diving in currents. After the dive snacks and cold drinks were waiting for our guests.

Out last diving day we started earlier than usual. At 6.30 am after continental breakfast we rang the bell and we had all divers in the water at 7.00. We dove at Sardine and Chicken reef. Water was very clear and we saw many schools of fish: Yellow Fin Barracudas, Black Tip Sharks, Sweetlips and many other reef fish.
After dives our crew rinsed all equipment for our guests and put it on sun deck for drying. Many of our guest could rest or do purchase in our boutique with Dince. At 5 pm we arrived back to Sorong and at 6 pm we started our party on the boat. After party we went for a dinner to restaurant with all our guests.

In the morning we served continental breakfast for our guests and prepared luggage to bring to the port. After breakfast we were ready to escort safely all our guests to taxies. Hopefully we will meet soon and organize unforgettable experience for you again. Thank you for great time and your generosity!!!

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