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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 22, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Charter Week 22-29 Aug 2015

Water Temp 31C/86F

No wetsuit required, shorts and rashguard is all you need.


Saturday, 17 Divers on board this week. Great to see Richard, Kathy, Bill, Pattie, David, Mike, Nancy and David H. again! Everyone else is new to the Cayman Aggressor – Welcome! This week we even have two folks who have flown all the from France!   A BBQ Ribs and Jerk Chicken dinner on the sun deck was thoroughly enjoyed as we waited for the last couple of guests. A briefing and introductions, then everyone got a good nights sleep – ready for an awesome week of diving.  

Sunday, First dive of the week was on the wreck of the Kittiwake in 50’ of water. Everyone brushed off the cobwebs and had a great dive exploring this Submarine Support Vessel, from the engine room to the the wheel house and everywhere in between! Our next stop was the world famous Sting Ray City. This seems to be the highlight for most everyone on the trip. David got a lasting souvenir! David H was also spotted practicing his boxing skills on the Yellow Tailed Snapper! A good number of Southern Stingrays swimming right up to us, smooching all around looking for some wonderful tasting squid. It’s an experience not to be missed. Babylon was our last dive site for day one, which featured lots of Black Coral between the pinnacle and wall, Streams of creole wrasse like a river along the edge of the wall, a couple of bold Channel Crabs out and about feeding during the day. A tasty localized dinner and the best ever Cay Lime Pie - thanks to Chef Alan, chill out time on the overnight crossing to Little Cayman.

Monday; Welcome to Little Cayman!   Picture perfect conditions, as the sun rose over Bloody Bay Wall. Randy’s Gazebo was our first dive site. Calm seas and excellent visibility. We jumped on in and headed down the first of two chimneys, an Archway, the Wall and ledges, super friendly Grouper, a few lobsters out on the wall and a couple of Turtles in only 30ft of water.  An incredible start to Little Cayman. The afternoons activities were located at the Meadows. A Reef Shark came and checked us out over the wall, swim throughs under the main reef, a couple of Lion Fish with Groupers pointing them out, schooling Jacks, a close encounter with the large Barracuda. A full house for the night dive tonight, and Suzanne’s first ever!!!   A few squid were seen, massive channel crabs, lobsters and lots of blood worms to feed the corals. The highlight was a nurse shark, swimming with the divers, using their lights to hunt. Coming so close, even brushing up on peoples legs! Awesome!  Back on board we were kept entertained by newly hatched Loggerhead Turtles swimming out to sea, a couple got disorientated by our lights and were being eyed up by the Large Barracuda lurking under the ladders so we scooped them up and kept them safe. Under the cover of complete darkness Kathy and Lauren silently slipped the wee guys back into the sea to be back on their way – with Bill providing a decoy upon the bow for any characters with Baby Turtle on the Menu. Great work everybody!

Tuesday; After a sumptuous breakfast of eggs benedict, we jumped in to the calm clear waters at Lea Leas lookout to be greeted by a forest of gorgonian sea fans and soft corals.   Cruising along the wall we spotted Caribbean Spiny Lobsters and Channel Clinging Crabs hiding in the reef’s crevices. As we came up through the Great Room Cavern a juvenile Hawksbill Turtle dove down to join us in the shallows for the safety stop. Lunch in the sunshine on the top deck was followed by another wonderful dive site: Mixing Bowl. Here, divers were treated to a close encounter with a Reef Shark off the craggy wall cut with deep crevices. We then found all sorts of interesting macro life in the shallow sandy part of this great site. We spotted Sail Fin Blennies peeping out of their burrows and warning us away with their sails and lots of Yellow Head Jawfish popping in and out of their homes in the sand, including males with eggs in their mouths! The day was topped off with a fantastic dive on Cayman Brac’s wreck, where we saw Squid, giant crabs and two Octopus! One of which put on a tremendous display of hunting, changing colour, shape, ballooning out and ‘leaping’ from sponge to sponge! An incredible discovery tonight….. Clancy found a Frogfish! But not we do not have any photographic evidence, sorry!

Wednesday: Two morning dives on the Russian ship wreck was an eye opener for everyone, after seeing it the previous night. Doug ticked of the Advanced Wreck Dive and Richard successfully completed his wreck diving specialty. All divers had a great time exploring not only the wreck but also the surrounding reefs. Lots of pictures taken around the Guns, a large turtle came by, extensive searching failed to find that elusive frog fish, it is all a hoax? Bryon got a kick out of the engineering side of it, working out what everything is, impressed by the gigantic turbine! During lunch, cheese burgers in Paradise, motored back to Little Cayman. First dive of the afternoon was Donna’s Delight. A breathtaking wall, a plethora of colour and life, we followed this down to a natural crevice which cut back up into the shallows. It seems there were plenty of Turtles around ready to pose for our photographers. The last afternoon and dusk dive, the spectacular Bus Stop! As always the local friendly Grouper were out following the divers along the wall and it wasn’t long until our resident sharks turned up to see what was going on. Some fantastic photos and video of the sharks who were not shy! Meandering back toward the boat in the rubble along the mini wall lots of Sail Fin Blennies showing off, and more Jaw Fish! Congratulations to Rosette for diving and logging her 500th Dive this afternoon! Suzanne did the longest safety stop ever! (we are checking her for gills).   A late dinner, a few drinks and early to bed for most as tomorrow we splash at dawn!

Thursday: An action packed day kicking off at 6am with a Dawn Dive. A fantastic way to wake up, two turtles feeding on the inside of the wall, a nurse shark swimming up and parking nose to nose with the Capt! Snaking our way under the reef to emerge in shark land, they were out in force this morning. Back on board for brekkie and a quick jaunt to Joy’s Joy.   A deep wall with an old anchor chain dangling off into the blue, plenty of life out here this morning with more turtles, hog fish, groupers, file fish and plenty of lobster. The usual farewell site for Little Cayman – the Great Wall. Two dives here to really appreciate the tremendous expanse of this true wall. Suicidal Sponges, sideways swimming fish, a large green moray eel and of course no dive here is complete without meeting Freddy – the Old Time Grouper!

Friday: After a perfectly smooth crossing back to Grand Cayman we awoke on the North West Point of Grand Cayman to dive the Infamous Big Tunnels!!   A spectacular site, deep archways and swim throughs, turtles feeding and tarpon patrolling the wall. A stunning array of sea fans and sponges perfectly placed to catch nutrients drifting past. Unfortunately we can’t stay here all day, so its back on board and a cruise to the South West Point of the Island. Devil’s Grotto was our final stop of the week. A fun fun dive. Tarpon, nudibranchs, a scorpion fish, drum fish all living in amongst a swiss cheese designed reef system. Long tunnels, all the way under the shallow reef, lots of sunlight and nursery fish dancing atop of the corals.   Already it is that time of the week, the back deck becomes a hive of gear cleaning! A delicious and healthy lunch as we headed to the dock. Happy Hour and time to get our feet back on land. Every Diver this week, did every single dive!   That has never happened! Everyone is an Ironman Diver!   Well done, lots of medals certs awarded!

This week was a great week, super people, everyone got along really well, safe diving, lots of laughs and Tom even behaved himself! Thanks to all for making it the amazing week that it was.   We can’t do it without you.

Safe travels and diving, we hope to see you all again


Capt and Crew

Cayman Aggressor IV