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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 29, 2015
Entry By: Carib Dancer Team


Carib Dancer Captain’s Log 29 Aug - 5 Sept 2015


Air Temp. 75-80+ F

Water Temp. 75-80 F

Visibility 75-100+ft



Captain Dennis

Instructor Brent

Instructor Celeste

Instructor David D

Dive Master Ramon

Chef Shea



Marquita, Carrie, Jonas, Bruno, Bettina, Paul, Simon, Jeffery, Cathlene



Sunday – Barracuda Shoals, Flat Rock Reef

Monday – Pillar Wall, Wreck of the Austin Smith

Tuesday – Wall City, Jeep Reef, Amberjack, 3 Peaks Reef

Wednesday – Swimming Pigs, Danger Reef, Parrotfish Reef

Thursday – Washing Machine, Blacktip Wall, Austin Smith, Plane Wreck

Friday –


Saturday August 29th

This week was a Special Week for the Carib Dancer because we had Dancer/Aggressor VIP Guest Onboard. Our guest Paul Gacek joined the Carib Dancer for the third time but it was his 56th time on an Aggressor/Dancer Yacht. Last time while diving with the Carib Dancer in the Bahamas Paul also completed his 3200 Logged Dive. Now Paul is back to add more underwater time to his diving adventure.


Sunday August 30th

The Carib Dancer departed her home dock of Elizabeth On Bay and made way to the Exuma Islands with her first stop being Barracuda Shoals. Barracuda Shoals is a perfect dive site to start a wonderful week of diving. When diving Barracuda Shoals it’s like diving in your own aquarium and today we started here then came back later to enjoy the night dive. The Barracuda Shoals is scattered with colorful coral heads, this reef is covered with a huge variety of Marine Life. Just some of the encounters we enjoyed were Yellow Southern and Roughtail Stingrays. Letting us swim near were large schools of Grunts and Snappers and Yellowhead Jawfish. When we add Reef Sharks and Turtles it was an amazing time underwater. Another wonderful site visited today was Flat Rock Reef. While swimming around Flat Rock Reef the guest and I enjoyed gliding through an underwater sea garden. So many types of Gorgonians and Stony Corals can be found while diving it would take all day to see the huge variety. Plus Flat Rock Reef has several schooling fish such as Grunts, Snappers; Wrasses add some Stingrays, Jawfish. Lobsters and a Spotted Eel made for a nice hour plus dive.


Monday August 31st

The sun was casting a bright orange sky as we made way to Pillar Wall. One of the crews favorite wall dives we saw Schools of Horse-Eye Jacks, Atlantic Spadefish, Hundreds of Silversides while swimming through the swim thru’s, Hawksbill Turtle and Caribbean and Blacktip Sharks. After seeing a few Sharks swim near, guest wanted more. To get up close and personal with several Sharks we headed to The Wreck of the Austin Smith. We encountered about 9 Caribbean Reef Sharks ranging from 3 feet to about 6 feet swimming sometimes within inches of guest and the crew. Also making sure we get good pictures and video of them were Angelfish and Groupers. One large Black Grouper always stayed close for that perfect camera shot.   We enjoyed the wreck so much we stayed for the night dive, seeing Lobsters, Crabs, Brittle Stars and one Huge Porcupinefish hat was easily over 2 feet in size.


Tuesday September 1st

It was an early start for the Carib Dancer departing for the Exuma Land & Sea Park and the dive site called Wall City. Wall City is one of our deepest dive sites where the bottom of the mooring line sits in about 75 feet of water. Large High Profile Coral Heads sit on the edge of a shear wall. The tops of these coral head are about 60 feet while the bottom around 104 feet. It was very enjoyable swimming between these coral heads looking under ledges watching Crabs and Lobsters. This wasn’t a long dive but it was Very Enjoyable. Jeep Reef is one of the Colorful Coral Reefs in the Exuma and we always plan to catch it at the right time, high slack tide. This large area of shallow scattered coral heads is extremely colorful and is covered with a plethora of Marine Life. It was very easy to find Fairy Basslet with their purple to violet front, Stoplight Parrotfish with a bright yellow spot near the upper gill cover, lots of Queen Angelfish and the countless Glass Goby. Next stop was seeing a few more Sharks at Amberjack Reef. As we pulled slowly up to the mooring we had a few Caribbean Reef Sharks swim next to the Carib Dancer. The Carib Dancer was still in a no take Marine Park he Marine Life and Fish get just a little bigger. Diving Amberjack we saw the effects of a no take, no fishing area with Large Black Groupers, Lobsters, Crabs and Sharks that were not afraid to let divers get close for pictures and video. Our last dive site of the day was 3 Peaks Reef where we enjoyed seeing Barred Hamlets, Yellowmouth Groupers, Clown Wrasse and Longjaw Squirrelfish, plus an abundance of Colorful Hard and Soft Corals.


Wednesday September 2nd

Today after breakfast we did something a little different, at the only place in the world that it’s done and that’s Swimming With Pigs. After the night dive we made our way south near Big Major Spot where after breakfast we headed to a small beach. As we traveled closer to the beach the pigs came running out of the brush and down the beach hitting the water and swimming out to us. It was an entertaining site to see and good for pictures. After Swimming with Pigs we headed back north to Danger Reef and were met by several Caribbean Reef Sharks as we pull up to the mooring. While diving Danger reef we encountered up close those same Reef Sharks, Very Large Black Groupers, Lobsters and Hundreds of small Tropical Fish around Big High Profile Coral Heads. Next was a shallow dive on Parrotfish Reef. Diving Parrotfish Reef is like making one long safety stop while exploring for Lobsters, Rays, Eels, and more Tropical Fish. It was time to start making our way back to the Northern Exuma’s. On the way up we stopped at Shroud Wall for Fun wall dive. On the top of the wall, we encountered at least 10 Nassau Groupers schooling, Hundreds of Juvenile Yellowheaded, Bluehead and Rainbow Wrasse. As we were getting ready to ascend swimming along the edge of the wall passing very slowly about 8 feet from me and only a little further from others was a Spotted Eagle Ray.   She made a nice pass so everyone in the area was able to get a good look. We finished the day with a night dive on North House Reef. A great reef for night diving seeing Crabs, Shrimps, and Eels, using a black light a few gest were able to see the reef differently. Pictures of the Black Light Coral Dive are Unique.


Thursday September 3rd

Our day started with a drift dive on the Washing Machine and a slow drift over Basket Star Reef. It’s an enjoyable ride to feel like you’re inside of a washing machine spin cycle, the do a slow drift over a Colorful Reef watching, Barracuda’s, Groupers, Snappers, Angelfish, Nurse Sharks and lots of other marine Creatures. Blacktip Wall was next with its maze of Swim Thru’s, Black Coral, Basket Sponges, Spotted Drums, 30 plus Atlantic Spadefish around the mooring line and a couple of Sharks. An Awesome Dive!! Every once in a while we get request to revisit a dive site and today was one of those days. The Wreck of the Austin Smith and all the Caribbean Reef Sharks that live around the wreck were requested. After lunch we splashed on the wreck and encountered Sharks right away. Also to meet us on the wreck was several Nassau Groupers and one Big Black Grouper that stays very close to divers.   I can see why everyone loves the Wreck of the Austin Smith, there’s always something happening around you while swimming around the wreck. To finish the day we spend the late afternoon and night dive on the Plane Wreck. The Plane Wreck is such a nice dive sitting in only about 20 feet of water we spend over an hour taking pictures and video of Schools of Snappers, Grunts, Stingrays, Shrimps, Juvenile Cushion Stars, Giant Anemone, an array of other Marine Life and one Huge Loggerhead Turtle watching us swim around making bubbles.


Friday September 4th

We ended the week doing a pre-breakfast dive on the Blue Hole. During the dive we saw schools of Grunts, Snappers, Angelfish, Countless Small Creatures, a Huge Loggerhead Turtle and about 30 Small Sharks Swimming in and out of the hole. Having that many Sharks swimming around was an amazing experience and the best way to end a fantastic week of diving.



The Crew Would Like To Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!


Come Join The Adventure…


Hope To You Again Soon…


Best Fishes,

Carib Dancer Crew