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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 29, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Sun Dancer II
Aug 29 - Sep 5

Water Temp: 86 F
Visa: 100 + feet
Weather: Sunny
Crew: Captain Eddy, 2nd Captain Megan, Engineer Simon, Divemaster William, Chef Carlos, Assistant Chef Barbara, Stewardess Elia and Onboard Assistant Conway

Dive Sites Visited:
Sunday - Long Caye Ridge and Julie’s Jungle
Monday - Half Moon Caye Wall and Eagle Ray Wall
Tuesday - East Cut and Long Caye Wall
Wednesday - The Blue Hole and Silver Cave
Thursday - Painted Wall, Grand Bogue and Black Beauty
Friday - Sandy Slope

Divers: Martha, Lavonne, Sarah, Doryce, Jeff, John, Andy, Darrell, Linda, Michele, Vicky, Zack, Griffin, Mike and Abie

Another wonderful week with perfect weather and incredible diving.  The first day started with the divers being welcomed onboard and introduced to their staterooms and the dive deck.  After getting situated they made their way upstairs to have drinks and snacks while the safety briefing with crew and guest introductions.  After a delicious meal and dessert the Sun Dancer II set out for Lighthouse Reef to begin the week in the beautiful blue clear warm waters.
Long Caye Ridge and Julie’s Jungle were both really enjoyable sites with the highlights being a six foot barracuda and six foot green moray, there were also two different spotted eagle rays and a huge turtle.  All of the fish and beautiful reef structure made a perfect start of the week and everyone felt comfortable in the warm clear water.  

The next morning at Half Moon Caye Wall was truly spectacular with incredible conditions and the perfect sea creature sightings that reminded everyone why being underwater is so much more exciting than normal top side existence.  The BIGGEST spotted eagle ray ever was seen with a possible wing span of over 6 feet followed by the biggest grouper that was easy to mistake for a shark from a distance.  There were the garden eels in the sand, sting rays gliding all around, super beautiful and photogenic angle fish as well as a shark and other amazingly colorful fish everywhere. The friendliest tiger grouper, trigger fish, turtles, sail fin blennies and a huge barracuda rounded up the highlights from the morning dive sightings.  For the afternoon dives at Eagle Ray Wall more spotted eagle rays were seen including three at once, a huge shark, 4 more sharks including a mother with a baby!  There was a channel cleaning crab, moray eel, 3 tarpons, two more eagle rays, sting rays, chubs everywhere, 5 different kinds of neck crabs, two more sharks, flamingo tongues and someone described as a nonchalant turtle that made its way closer and closer even getting right with in macro photography range, all very calm and super cool as only turtles sometimes know how to be.  On the night dive the amazing sightings didn’t stop, there were tarpon, a huge guess of about 8 pound lobster, octopus, squid friends and a cool stone fish.

Tuesday morning at East Cut had SHARKS!!!  so exciting and amazing, wonderful dive experience.  The afternoon at Long Caye Wall had a very adorable spotted drum fish, free swimming eels and the night dive was incredible with a large eyed toad fish, squid, reef octopus, lobster and a HUGE puffer fish that was wonderful to admire and photograph as well.  

Wednesday was exciting for one major reason in the morning, the BLUE HOLE!  one of the most memorable dives because of its specific0 structure the divers went down to around 100 feet to experience a part of history that is high on the list for most divers to check out, the stalactites from the past hanging down so giant that the divers glide and kick behind to get a full wide angle view.  After the Blue Hole the option to check out the island was given to the divers and it was enjoyable to check out the land life that inhabits the island.  After a delicious lunch on board the divers got to check out Silver Cave which is one of our favorite dive sites for one majorly cute reason a sea horse that we try and find every week.  The other aspects of this dive site are impressive as well and the entire afternoon and dive were enjoyed and everyone had an incredible time underwater.

Thursday morning at Painted Wall was wonderful with the lighting catching the reef and turning it into as the name explains a beautiful picture worthy of many photographs and memories.  There was also a great dive at Grand Bogue with a toad fish sighting and at Black Beauty for the later afternoon dives the baby eagle ray and on the night dive a BABY toad fish that was so small the diver who discovered it didn’t know what a big one looked like until the dive master showed her and it made the baby look even more incredibly small in comparison.  The next morning at Sandy Slope had a review of the site that was literally ‘BEST Dive Ever!” the two french angles that wouldn’t leave the divers alone, a baby sting ray in its full glory and cuteness, a barracuda with fish friends all around it, pipe fish a crab decorated so beautifully that one diver was still talking about the majestic aspects of this crab the next day and of course the flounders with the wandering eyes and a big grouper friendly and curious.  

Every aspect of the week was enjoyable and we would like to thank everyone for joining us on board and under water.

On behalf of all the Crew of the Sun Dancer II Thank YOU we LOVE YOU!!!!