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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 29, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


29 Aug – 5 Sept 2015

Water Temp 31C/86F, shorts and rash guard is all you really need!

Saturday - Most of our guests arrived during the day, settled in and relaxed in the sun.  Fantastic to see Melodie and Mike, also a few guests who have been to the Cayman Islands before but never on the Aggressor.   A great BBQ dinner on the sun deck while we awaited the arrival of the final couple from France.  The safety briefing and a few rums, a warm welcome to Team France.  Then everyone disappeared to bed, a long day of traveling, sunshine, dinner, drinks the perfect recipe for a great nights sleep!

Sunday -  Early departure from the dock to our first dive of the week, the Doc Poulson.  This is a great dive site to start our week. The old cable laying ship covered with corals, sponges and other types of marine life sits in 50ft of clear, warm Caribbean water.  There are always plenty of critters including our resident Green Eel!  Martin and Noemi had an encounter with a large Eagle Ray.  Next up was the ex-USS Kittiwake.  Sunk in January 2011, this wreck is in 60ft. of water, allowing all the guests’ long bottom times to explore the ship and surrounding reef. Even those divers not ‘in to’ wrecks  loved this dive!  Last but not least on this action packed first day of diving was the Oro Verde.  A splendid late afternoon dive rewarded us with Yellow Headed Jaw Fish, a Lemon Ray, Lobsters galore, a trunk fish at a cleaning station and all the schooling fish of the ‘aquarium’!  The first Night dive of the week was a hit with the largest Parrot Fish you have ever seen, Patrick got a great video of an Octopus too.

Monday - 1st up was the ever popular, Big Tunnels. A dive site with swim throughs, cracks, and crevices. A turtle was seen, as well as two green eels.  Such a beautiful section of NW wall.  Next stop was Stingray City.  As we drop the anchor in a shallow area of sand, the Stingrays swim right up to us.  Everyone had a chance to feed them top grade squid!   It did get a little stirred up today, but none the less some great pictures and video were taken while large and small rays swam around our group.  A quick stop out on the North Wall at Hammer Head Hill…. Wow!    A deep curly wall teeming with fish life, a couple of eagle rays out in the blue.. what else is out there… keep one eye on the wall and one on the deep.

Tuesday - Everyone awoke to a great day in Little Cayman. The first couple of dives were made at Randy’s Gazebo. Lobsters and crabs were sighted along the wall and as usual schools of Creole Wrasse were going about their early morning business and of course our resident friendly Grouper were there to meet and escort the divers.  A couple of very friendly young turtles entertained us, feeding and meandering around the reef, not be to out done a large Green Moray Eel was lounging in his ‘cave’.  Just before lunch we moved the boat down to the Meadows dive site. Over the course of the two dives we saw an Eagle Ray, Sting Rays and two or three reef sharks. Almost everybody agreed “it was the best dive so far”……hang on folks, it’s only Tuesday, half way through the week. I’m sure there will be more great dives dished up before Saturday. We made the crossing  over to Cayman Brac during our dinner and by 19:45  half of the divers had kitted up and had hit the water where they explored the wreck and watched the Octopus display on the deck of the Russian Frigate.

Wednesday - From the shadows of the deep the night before arose 356 (Captain Tibbetts) wreck, right underneath the boat early this morning. Few were quicker in the water than Team France, led by Patrick keen to navigate through some serious wreck diving. After a quick cruise back to Little Cayman the divers took the time to explore 3 Fathom/ Mixing bowl. What a dive it proved to be, with everything from Blennies and Jawfish with Eggs, Groupers there was much to see and do. Lunch provided a respite between dives with Alan serving up the heat with some delicious hamburgers from the BBQ. After lunch the divers were back in the water for round two of the site and once again it lived up to its name with a wide variety of macro and pelagic species being spotted. For the afternoon dives we quickly moved up the line to Lea Lea’s lookout where the divers enjoyed a relaxing dusk dive, a little Reef Shark action, turtles and Squid!!   Along with very active reef life in this witching hour!  

Thursday -Early start for most divers as we offered the “Sunrise” dive, in the water by 6 a.m. What a treat we had as we were soon greeted by our resident Reef Sharks: Fric, Frac and Fro. They were very keen to see what we were up to so early in the morning and continued to swim amongst the divers as we made our way along the wall, over the reef and back along the sand patch. Those divers that opted to stay on top of the reef and avoid the deep wall dive were treated to their own visual delights with sightings of an Eagle ray and a free swimming Green Moray Eel. Moving down a few dives sites we found ourselves at Bus Stop for the third dive of the day. After going through a lovely swim though, coming out at 90’ the divers swam along the wall looking for the usual suspects i.e. crabs, lobsters and eels with the occasional peek out into the deep blue in the hope of seeing a shark passing by. Up in the shallows  it was time to play hunt the Sail Fin Blenny and then be patient enough to catch that moment where he is on full display. For our forth dive of the day we moved down Bloody Bay and tied up at Great Wall East. Most divers elected to swim along the wall while others stayed on top of the reef, seems like no one was disappointed. Back on board the talk was about the great days diving and everyone looking forward to another day - or at least half day once we get back to Grand Cayman.

Friday -  Early risers enjoyed a beautiful sunrise over seven mile beach, then it was time to dive on Trinity Caves/Round Rock.  A great dive full of twists and turns, overhangs and pinnacles a great spot to see turtles and our resident Eaglerays!!   Our final dive of the week is at Devil’s Grotto, where it all began years ago.   Long swim throughs full of Tarpon, jacks, chubbs and snapper.  At swiss cheese dive making our way in and out of tunnels and caves, all in only 40ft of water so full of sunlight.  Congratulations to Ron and Cynthia finally knocking off their 400th dive, yes we had cakes on the back deck!  Also a big shout out to Laura for finishing her Open Water at the beginning of the week, to Luke for doing his Wreck Specialty, and to Carol and Laura for doing their Nitrox certification.   From all the guests and crew Congratulations to Noemi and Martin for their wedding next weekend!!!   

Have a great day. Till next time, safe diving and travels
Capt and Crew
Cayman Aggressor IV