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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


 Cap log August 25th 2015
Air Temp: 30C min – 38C max
Water Temp: 26C min – 31C max
Visibility: 15 – 35 m
Weather: High temperatures, Partly cloudyClear skies, Calm cool winds with occasional periods of humidity & dry air
Itinerary: Brothers, Deadalus, Rocky, Zabargad, Elphinstone Deep south
Captain: Abdullah     
1st Officer: Sayed
InstructorsGuides: Ahmed & Nasty & Manuel
Chefs: Khaled & Abdo               
Stewards: Mido & Yasser
Seamen: Emad & Ayoub & Islam
This week we happily and eagerly greeted our new family members for the next ten days. We had a nice mix of nationalities and they all  brought good vibes with them, so we were very optimistic! After a welcome drink, and being showed to their cabins and a few first minute procedures everyone gathered in the dining area for the general boat briefing introduction of the crew and guests while munching on our chefs exquisite mini pizzas. After setting up equipment, finishing some paperwork, and taking care of everyone and getting them settled in, they were free to explore the very mystical Port Ghaleb at sunset hours. After our steak dinner it was time for a beer or a glass of local wine & off to bed.

Day 1 Marsa Shuna  ras trubi

Easy diving day at those local beautiful calm bays were we saw plenty of reef fishes such as stone fish,scorpion fish,Red Sea banner fish,emperor snapper, coral groupers and Spanish dancer at night dive.

Day 2&3Brothers islands islands of sharks

Little Brother

After a smooth ride from Marsa Shuna across emptiness of the sea we arrived to small brother island.
Good luck we had for being solitary boat by the island. We descended on North tip watching three gray shark while getting clean on cleaning station and drifting around gorgeous gorgonians forest heading back to south point where 12 feet TIGER SHARK came to check our divers while safety stop Manta ray come and sour around group for 10min. We had a fascinating dropoff on fantastic island reach with all coral fish and open ocean cultures from giant groupers to Moray, dog tooth tuna, Barracuda and several different sharks. It was a great day.

Big Brother

I just love this magnificent view, waking up to watching the sun rising on the horizon behind the island. Taking RIP to North East to make the drift dive with gray sharks, Yalow fine tuna arriving to south watch twin spot snapper while Barracuda hunting.

We dropped from stern to south plateau as soon as we stopped at 90F a thrasher shark came so close for a while till we decided to say bye and go up to watch a Chunky Yalow fine tunes hunting sardines.
Amazing two days we had on islands of sharks now its time to sail south toward Deadalus Reef where Pandoras box is.

Day 4&5 Deadalus Reef. Reef of Pandora...

Arriving early morning to Deadalus reef of Pandora as I call it here everything is possible.
As soon we started our dive at north side we were between schooling fish such as blue fin jackes,tuna ,Barracuda and sergeant fishes at destine hiding behind something. As soon as we approached 10 curious hammerheads came from depth to spend entire dive soaring around our happy divers joining our ascend to 30F. The 2nd dive was just as exciting, as soon as we dropped three hammerheads came up to us next to the reef with one lonely gray reef shark.

Our 2nd day at Daedalus Reef was fabulous as always. Soon we went diving under high waves to enjoy the silence. Fishes and sharks came to give us exciting moments and unforgettable memories at Reef of Pandora

Now its time to sail southsoutheast to Rocky Island.

Day 6 Rocky Zabarged islands.

Rocky Island
There is s Speculator reef around rocky island going down to 400 F and deeper. We chose to dive around the North West corner where the current was running and brought us many reef fishes with open ocean marine life such as Tuna and Barracuda.
On way back to our boat one group was lucky enough to spot a 10 F Tiger shark at 50F.

Zabarged Island

Amazing diving day at the Island of turtle, starting October all way through the end of November we always watch pappy green turtle coming from the island all the way down to the sea.

The 3rd dive planed from the boat along south wall over plateau.
Fantastic coral garden with many coral cultures coral groupers, Napoleon wrasse, school Indian Marcel in midwater and blue spotted rays.

The 4th dive planed from RIP back to our boat, along this speculator wall watching all schooling fish trying to find a place to hide before night fall. Fishes came from all depths to check on us. We went inside lagoons, and swam under over hangs, it was a great experience for all.

Day 7 St. Johns reef

Small Gotta
A bit of wind blew so we decided to dive here where black spot snapper was soaring around reef wall in a big school. Enjoying the drop off coming back to boat and one big Silver Tip shark came up to salute our divers.

Habili Ali
Wind stopped so Captain brought us to the most beautiful site at St. Johns. Dropping down between the gorgeous gorgonians witch go down to 300 F, this area has so much life and all marine cultures ranging from Tuna to different kind of Jacks, Barracuda and schooling sergeant fishes.

St. Johns Coves.
Nice easy afternoon dive between coves and playing with Napoleon wrasse  

Day 8 fury shoal
Captain took us to dive site Shaab Claude and its awesome caverns! Finning through the entrance and into the main chamber, divers clicked away on their cameras making the most of the sunlight penetrating through the cracks in the top of the reef.  Once having visited each corner of the caverns, divers popped out of one of the exits and enjoyed the gorgeous hard coral garden for the remainder of the dive before the short swim back to the boat where they were met by a Napoleon wrasse.
Day 9
Wind picked up and we couldnt dive Elphinstone but we still enjoyed lovely dives on Abu Dabab reef system
Now its time to Part,  thank you to our lovely guests for such a great time!

Thanks and kind regards.

Ahmed Dawood
Red Sea Aggressor