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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Monday, Aug 31, 2015
Entry By: Wind Dancer Crew


Air Temperature 85F/28C

Average Water Temperature 80F/27C

Average Visibility 60ft / 20m

Wetsuits: 3ml or 5mm (termoclimes rarely)

Captain: Mauricio, Chefs: Jairol and Esteban, Engineer: Miguel; Steward: Jorge; Tender Skippers: Anibal and Jeyler; Dive Instructor: Carlos Sanchez.

Dive Site : Manuelita- Dirty Rock- Punta Maria- Alcyone- Ulloa- Viking Rock- Dos Amigos.

It was a very nice and happy week. We had a very happy group and we enjoyed every minute of their company. Firstly with the 38 hours sailing was a bit difficult for them. The wave was a bit strong and it was raining all the way. But by the moment we arrived the island. All the bad feelings has just gone when we saw this beautiful island right in front of us.The weather was really nice and the ocean was calm. Water temperature was about 27degree, so everybody was happy as it was not cold at all. You can go down with a Tshirt and shorts or a 3mm , as you want. So everybody was back on their feet immediately and were all excited about jumping into the ocean.

Starting with the dive check  in Chatham  already made our day. Hammerheads, Eagle Rays, lots of white tips, they has given a big welcome to our first dive.

Then, we continued  the following days with all the amazing dive sites around the island. Manuelita, Dirty Rock, Ulloa, Alcyone, you can never say which one is the best. The visibility was good. Hammerheads and tiger sharks and eagle rays were giving us  a good show. Many times they were coming up real close and checked us up, also the whale sharks. For the first 3days. We almost saw them everyday, they were never too shy to come real close and let us take some nice and unforgettable pictures. And of course, the dolphins. How can they miss this big ocean party!!!!

In one dive of dirty rock, one group of divers at the safety stop met up with a huge group of Jacks. The scene was just simply amazing. They were surrounded by them and the Jacks hang around for quite some time didn´t wanna leave, lots of amazing pictures were taken and everybody was saying that they are having the best dives of their lives.

And no doubt, the highlight of diving in Cocos. The night dive!

You can never get tired of watching all these white tips hunting and chasing the small fishes. Tigers also want to share a spoon, so we have also met them in the night. Hundreds of white tips under us, around us, near us. You can feel them everywhere.

You can almost saw Hammerheads in every dive, sea conditions were really good and we have almost met no currents. . Another spot light of this trip! The whale sharks! It was a present. The whale sharks almost show up everyday in the first 3days. Never forget to look around during your safety stop, because you never know what will show up the next minute next to you. Ocean is full of surprises! The whale shark came to us 2 times during the safety stop and he has came real close to us. Waving his tail and gentlely swim away. How can we not to love this giant cutie!

By day5 we set our foot into the island. We have visited the illeagel fishing waste collect side and we did some crazy jump into the river. It was some really fun time! Everybody had a lot of fun!Happy time always ends fast. A week passed in a blink with lots of good memories and laughters. Thanks to all our lovely guests! Hope we can have you on board soon again!