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Log Date: Sunday, Sep 06, 2015
Entry By: Komodo Crew


Komodo Dancer Captain’s Log 6th September-13th September



Captain: Kasim

Cruise Director: Rob

Dive Guides: Rob, Niko, Abdul

Head Steward: Ushman

Chef: Totok



Stephen, Tina, Junho, Yoon, Kobus, Connie, Lana, Charlotte, Graeme, Robert, Michal, Mariusz, Yury, Alban, Tommye, Greg


Temperature; Air 33

Water: 23-27


Dive Sites:

Monday: Lahsera, The Alley (1&2), Pusir Putih

Tuesday: Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, Sebayor, Sebayor

Wednesday: The Corner, Rollercoaster, K2, Circus

Thursday: Crystal rock, Lighthouse, GLD Passage, Spanish steps

Friday: Makasaar, Batu Balong, Siaba, Wainilu

Saturday: Tatawa Besaar, Tatawa Kecil

Sunday 6th September

With great excitement we welcomed 16 new guests on board the Komodo Dancer. We have guests from UK, Canada, South Africa, China, New Zealand, Poland, Belarus, France and the USA. Due to late arrivals we were unable to dive today however we enjoyed a great lunch of traditional Indonesian food and began sailing south in the late afternoon.

Monday 7th September

We began our day diving in the south of Komodo Island in a bay known as Lahsera, which is a great place for a check out dive. We enjoyed calm conditions on a reef slope. Highlights included white tip reef sharks, hawksbill turtles and cuttlefish.


We then moved further south to Langkoi where we did our next two dives at The Alley where we hoped to find some mantas. Luck was with us and we were surrounded by many mantas for the entire dive.

We then moved slightly north to Padar Island the location of our night dive. Highlights of which included giant frogfish, solar powered nudibranchs and longfin squid.


Tuesday 8th September

In the very early hours of the morning we began our journey north to the island of Gili Lawa Laut. We began our day diving Castle and Crystal Rock both incredible pinnacle dives full of life. Highlights included large schools of various trevally, sweetlips and surgeon fish as well as napoleon wrasse, white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and spotted eagle rays.

Our third dive of the day was at Sebayor where there were great corals on a reef slope with highlights being leaf scorpion fish, crocodile fish and bump head parrot fish.

Our night dive was at Sebayor Island. Highlights included a variety of crustaceans and nudibranches.

Wednesday 9th September

In the early hours of the morning we headed west to Banta Island, where we began our day diving at The Corner. This dive site included spectacular corals with highlights being fleeting glances of mantas, banded sea snake and mantis shrimp.


We then moved to Rollercoaster our second dive site that gave us all an incredible wall dive with amazing corals. Unfortunately a strong up current caused our dive to end early.


Our third dive was at K2. A great wall and slope combination with focus more on the macro. Highlights included giant frogfish, cow tail rays and nudibranchs.


Our night dive was at Circus an exciting dive full of action. Highlights included snake eels, stargazers, stone fish and many different morays.

Thursday 10th September

We began our day diving at Crystal Rock which was a great pinnacle dive with highlights being bamboo shark, white tip reef sharks, pygmy seahorses and large schools of trevally, surgeon fish and sweet lips.


Our second dive was at Lighthouse Reef. Amazing hard and soft corals on a gentle reef slope. Highlights included white tip reef sharks, hawksbill turtles and nudibranchs. We then moved around to Gili Lawa Darat and dived GLD Passage. Highlights included a spotted eagle ray, many large hawksbill turtles and leaf scorpion fish.


After tea, those with the energy visited GLD and climbed to the top of the hill to enjoy a spectacular view of the KNP.

Our night dive was at Spanish Steps. A reef slope where we often find Spanish Dancers sadly we were not lucky however highlights included a variety of nudibranchs, carrier crabs and decorator crabs.

Friday 11th September

In the early hours we moved south into Current City. Our first dive of the day was at Makasaar reef, where we were hoping to find mantas.


Our second dive of the day was at Batu Balong which is a spectacular pinnacle with schooling anthias, fuseliers and trevally. After lunch we dived Siaba we then moved to the north of Rinja Island to an island known as Wainilu the location of our final night dive of the trip. Highlights included frogfish, spiny devil fish, nudibranches as well as a variety of morays and snake eels out hunting.

Saturday 12th September

Sadly it’s the final day of diving together today. We began diving a site known as Tatawa Besaar and next it was time to dive Tatawa Kecil.


During lunch we traveled back to Wainilu in preparation for our hike on the island in search of dragons. All guests got an opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing reptiles. We also saw deer, monkeys and wild pigs.


It was then time to raise our sails and slowly head back to port. On the way we enjoyed a farewell cocktail party and on docking at the port we had our final dinner together.


IRON DIVER of the trip was only completed by one guest. Congratulations Junho.