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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 12, 2015
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II

CAPTAINS LOG: September 12-19th

Entry: Captain Brad

Air Temp. 82-89f

Water Temp. 79-82f


GUESTS: David, Judy, Wendy, Mike, Cindy, Jamie, Mike, Amy, Chris, Wendy, Mary.

CREW: Captain Cliff, Second Captain Brad, Chef Eric, Stu Mike, Instructors Dave & Phil.


Sunday: Aquarium, Garden Eel Cove

Monday: Turtle Pinnacle, Driftwood, The Dome

Tuesday: Paradise Pinnacle, The Hive

Wednesday: Pele’s Playground, Catacomb, The Hive

Thursday: Lion’s Den, Amphitheater, Pelagic Magic

Friday: Turtle Pinnacle


Saturday September 12th

This week we welcomed aboard divers from Canada and across the United States on the Kona Aggressor II. We arrived at the Kona Pier early evening to pick up our group of divers and headed out to the mooring for dinner and boat briefing.


Sunday September 13th

The Kona Aggressor II headed north towards our first dive site, Aquarium, for the first two dives of the week. The group of photographers did great on their check out dives. Highlights on camera were Leaf Scorpion Fish, Gold Laced Nudibranch and a White Tip Reef Shark. Our seconded destination of the day was farther north at Garden Eel Cove, where we tied up for our Manta Night Dive! Before sunset our group was able to get a few more dives in. Below the surface divers were greeted by a friendly Hawaiian Monk Seal and a congregation of Goat Fish and Garden Eels. After sunset the show began for the much anticipated Manta Night Dive, which did not disappoint! With over 20 Manta Rays dancing and feeding inches above our heads for more than an hour, it was a great way to start off the week!





Monday September 14th

After sunrise the crew prepared our voyage south towards Turtle Pinnacle. Here we had opportunity to see many Ornate Wrasse, Phyllida Nudibranchs and a feeding Triton Trumpet Conch. Our next dive destination was a site named Driftwood. Our last dive site of the day was a great dive location named The Dome. Below divers noticed several Dwarf Morays, Spanish Dancer Eggs, along with Snowflake and White Mouth Morays Eels.


Tuesday September 15th

Today we continue our journey south to dive Paradise Pinnacle. Below divers spotted a juvenile White Mouth Moray sharing space with a Dwarf Moray. A few other highlights were groups of Long Nosed Butterfly fish, Hawaiian Conger Eel, and a few large Regal Parrotfish. After lunch we made our way to a dive site titled The Hive. Here our group was guided under a beautiful archway which enters a large cavern. Here we spotted many Banded Coral Shrimp, Slipper Lobsters and Red Reef Lobsters. With so much activity under the water we stayed moored up for the night dive, getting the chance to see Red Striped Pipefish, a Yellowhead Moray and Tiger Moray.


Wednesday September 16th

In the morning we made our way to Pele’s Pinnacle, an awesome dive site with great topography. Hiding under ledges our group noticed Red stripe Pipe fish, Red Lobsters, Cornet Fish, and a Leopard Blenny. Our second stop was Catacombs. Highlights were Cow fish, Spotted Box fish, and a Zebra Moray. For our last dive site of the day divers prepared for a dusk and night dive at The Hive. Below the surface we had Hiatt’s Hinge Beak Shrimp, Conger Eels, Sponge Crab, Dragon Moray and two very large Spanish Dancers!


Thursday September 17th  

This morning we made our way to Lion’s Den. The name reflects the many Hawaiian Lion Fish and Decoy Scorpion fish found all around the dive site. Our second location for the day was a site called Amphitheater, where we found a Leaf Scorpion fish, Red Banded Lobster, and Devil Scorpion Fish. For our night adventure we headed out to sea for a much anticipated Pelagic Magic Black Water dive! Suspended below the boat in thousands of feet of water, divers had the chance to see several types of jelly fish, larval fish and a beautiful red Seahorse.


Friday September 18th

For our final diver the group decided to head back to Turtle Pinnacle in hopes to spot those elusive Tiger Sharks. Though one was said to be seen in the distance, the group was still happy with the great visibility and non existing current that morning. Having few more encounters with Spanish Dancer Nudibranchs, Worm fish, and a feeding Tridents Trumpet, everyone return in smiles. Later that afternoon we celebrated our wonderful week of diving with a cocktail party on the sun deck, while enjoying a beautiful sunset. That night our guest went ashore for sushi and a night in town!



Saturday September 19th

We dropped our guests off at the pier in Kona and said our farewells to our new friends from Canada and USA. We had a wonderful week diving with so many Liveaboard veterans. Thank you again for the awesome week of diving! We had a lot of fun with you aboard the Kona Aggressor ll. Looking forward to our next adventure!



Captain Brad & Crew