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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Sep 13, 2015
Entry By: Wind Dancer Crew



 13 - 21Sep    2015


Air Temperature 85F/28C

Average Water Temperature 80F/27C

Average Visibility 60ft / 20m

Wet suits: 3ml or 5mm



Captain: Mauricio, Chefs: Jairol and Esteban, Engineer: Miguel; Steward: Jorge; Tender Skippers: Anibal and Jeyler; Dive Instructor: Carlos Sanchez.


Guest:Satoshi,Mayumi,Akemi,Yumiko,Naoko,Chiemi,Mari,Tomoko,Takako,Kaoru,Shinnosuke,Takashi,Yuko,Sachie,KaoriMiwa,Meiji,Yasuyuki,Masanari,Shinichi,Hiroaki,Harumi and  Kengo...


Dive Sites : Manuelita- Dirty Rock- Punta María- Alcyone- Ulloa- Viking Rock- Dos Amigos.



We had a lovely group from  Japan ,all of them ,very experienced divers.

This  trip was only 8 days instead of 10, and all our guests became IRON DIVERS( nobody skipped any dive)

Starting  with the check dive in Chatham ,second dive we decided to try one of our favorites, Dirty Rock. It was amazing , we found a huge cleaning station for Hammerheads where we stopped for long time , watching them real close.


Day 2

We went to Manuelita outside this time. Marble rays ,eagle rays ,hammerheads, white tip sharks, tiger shark and Eagle rays, just ton ame some creatures of what we saw.


Day 3 Alcyone

Alcyone is usually one of the top dives of the week due to the schooling hammerheads, but on this one we were welcome by a friendly whale shark that stayed with our group for more that 20 minutes.



Day 4

On this 4th day, we headed to Dos amigos grande and dos amigos pequeña.Always a beautiful dive site on grande with its big arch and marble rays swimming over our heads.

On pequeña on the other side, we got to see and lot of Galapago Sharks, together with our always presents hammerheads.



Day 5

We decided to go for the dives we liked the most, alcyone, dirty rock and manuelita, having the best dives of the week.

Thanks a lot to our friendly group.

Looking forward having you again on board.