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Log Date: Saturday, Sep 12, 2015
Entry By: Carib Crew


Carib Dancer Captains Log

September 12 - 22, 2015


AIR TEMP: 86 - 90 F


VIZ: 75 Ft


GUESTS: Mike H, Mike L, Kelsey, Will, Nancy, Steven, Stewart, Carly, James, John and Rick.



Captain Ernie

2nd Captain Dave

Chef Pat

Instructor Jason

DM Kat



Sunday: lobster no lobster, airplane, crab mountain

Monday: jewfish wall, barracuda shoals, austin smith

Tuesday: split coral, hole in the wall

Wednesday: cobia cage, tunnel rock, jakes hole

Thursday: empress pinnacle, pillar ledge, cave reef

Friday: danger reef, jeep reef, amber jack, parrot fish

Saturday: shark reef, staniel cay, three peaks

Sunday: cracked coral head, blacktip wall, austin smith, pillar wall

Monday: blue hole, periwinkle


Saturday September 12th:

We would like to welcome our guests aboard this special 10 day charter starring photo pro Mike Haber!

After unloading a plethora of cameras and photography equipment, we set up our dive gear and all got to know each other.

After the captains safety briefing, our guests enjoyed a scrumptious salmon dinner with bananas Foster for dessert. Gosh, we can hardly wait to start the engines and begin an exciting learning vacation and 10 days of fun in the Bahamian sea and sun!


Sunday, September 13th:

We awoke at Lobster no Lobster, where we made our first dive and checked out our cameras and photo equipment.  Next, it was off to airplane. We explored the DC-3 and and plenty of photos were taken.  We saw all the usual suspects - resident rays, schools of yellowtail, crabs, banded shrimp, lobster, anemones. You name it, I bet we saw it. Our next splash was at crab mountain. We saw sharks, grouper, turtles and skates.  Our night dive brought us back to the Airplane, where we explored everything by torch light. Its the same site, but it seems completely different at night!  Most of the fish we saw in daylight were sleeping - replaced by a new category of marine life during the night shift.


Monday, September 14th:

What a way to start out a Monday! French toast and eggs made to order for breakfast, then a splash at Jewfish Wall. What a great start to another great week of diving, aggressor/dancer style. Next up was Barracuda Shoals, a great place to explore the crevices in the many coral heads. Sharks anyone? We thought so. The Austin Smith was up next. We brought our scent triangle along - our guests took amazing pictures.


Tuesday, September 15th:

Good morning from Eleuthera.  First dive site was Split Coral. We had a blast swimming with the reef sharks! Our photographers took fabulous pictures of them. Next up was Hole in the Wall, and yes, of course, swim thrus to explore. We stayed here for our night dive as well.


Wednesday, September 16th:

Coffee - check. Breakfast - check. Ok, time to splash at Cobia Cage. As we descend into the deep blue, we begin to see what looks like a UFO. Actually, this crazy shaped contraption was a school science experiment in sustainable fish farming. We photographed a lot of macro critters that we found living on the cage and netting. A curious shark cruised by to check us out. Next dive site was tunnel rock, a patch reef with cracks and crevices to explore. Some of our divers stayed down over an hour. Wow! A short cruise over to Jakes Hole, a shallow, vibrant reef with a tidal blue hole. You may look, but dont go in! If youre into macro photography, this is definitely your dive site.


Thursday, September 17th:

We travelled to Little San Salvador to explore the scarcely visited Empress Pinnacle for our first dive of the day. Spectacular! A very healthy, colorful coral pinnacle teeming with life. We moved over to Pillar Ledge from there - another lovely reef that sees very few dive boats. We explored the edges of the wall and navigated the pillar corals that give this site its name. We really had to dive Cave Reef, especially since we are in the neighborhood. Good decision. We checked out the caves, caverns and holes. We found nudibranchs, crabs, shrimp and blennies. We loved this dive and all the jacks here,


Friday, September 18th:

The Carib Dancer is cruising west on this special 10 day charter. Weve arrived at the Exuma Cays, where we made our first dive of the day at Danger Reef, a fun, 40 foot site with crystal clear water and Caribbean reef sharks. Next up - Jeep Reef, one of my favorite dive sites in the Bahamas. This reef is like swimming through a tropical coral forest filled with colorful fish and photo opps everywhere. The mooring was made in part long ago with an old jeep. The sharper eyed among us can discern the rims and a bit of the fender that remain. From here, we moved over to Amberjack Reef, a fantastic patch reef that is located in the protected Exuma Land and Sea Park. We spotted sharks, barracuda, big fish, jacks and an eel. We headed to Parrotfish for our evening and night dives. Another calm, clear dive site to explore. Nancy found TWO fingerprint cyphomas!! Wow wow wow!


Saturday September 19th:

On our way to Staniel Cay, we stopped at Shark Reef for our morning dive. This site offers the photographers clear blue water and a white, sandy bottom to use as background for their shark pics. After our divers were up and showered, we moved to Big Major Cay, home of the swimming pigs! The friendly family of pigs live freely on the uninhabited island, regularly visited by locals and visitors alike. Pigs have had some treats, our guests had fun. Now lets dive! Next up, Three Peaks. Pick the coral head you like best, and explore. We found grouper, a shark, a school of barracuda, and crabs. There are swim thrus, too. It seems as most of us spent the better part of the dive at one spot. There was that much to see!


Sunday, September 20th:

Its Sunday again! This time were at Cracked CoralHead. This massive coral head is loaded with soft corals and sponges. The big swim thrus make it look like it is cracked. From here we moved to Blacktip Wall. This site is full of surprises.  If it lives in the Caribbean, it has probably made an appearance at this dive site. Guests have seen hammerhead sharks here. Popular demand took us back to the Austin Smith, a wreck that lies in 60 feet of water. We always see sharks and grouper. Sometimes silversides can be found inside the hatches. We splashed at Pillar Wall next. The wall begins shallow, and gently slopes into the deep blue. We explored the many crevices and cracks, and enjoyed the yellow headed jaw fish that make their home in the rubble inside the reef.


Monday, September 21st:

Weve cruised back into the Nassau region, which means we wake up and dive at the Blue Hole. The rim of the hole is situated in 40 feet of water, surrounded by sand, sea grass and small coral heads. The bottom of the hole is over 100 feet deep. We saw a school of Silky sharks, reef sharks, a nurse shark, rays and a huge loggerhead turtle.

Our last dive was at a site called Periwinkle, a shallow patch reef with friendly sergeant majors and bold angelfish. This was a perfect dive to finish up a fantastic charter!


We had a great time with great guests. Thank you Mike Haber for bringing your amazing group of photographers to the Carib Dancer. We had a fun filled 10 days with all of you and we hope to see you again soon.  


Safe Diving...

Carib Dancer Captain and Crew