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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Wednesday, Sep 16, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


10 Day Charter 16-26 Sept 2015
31C/85F Water
Shortie or boardies and a rash guard is all you need!

Wednesday 16th.  A mid week start to a ten day charter.  With most folks on island, all divers were aboard and settled in by 6pm.  The most distance covered today was by Yuji who  flew all the way from Japan!  It is great to see a few familiar faces back on board, with Chuck and Nancy, Ken and Diane, and Greg Piper.  A BBQ dinner, a briefing and for most an early night to catch up on sleep before the action starts tomorrow.  

Thursday 17th.  Kicking it all off this week is the Doc Poulson.  An easy dive and gorgeous wreck right under the boat in 50ft!   A great site to shake off any cobwebs and focus in on some macro critters.  Greg showed us all a pipe horse, a mantis shrimp, we had gorgonian hydroids and head shields slugs all over the place.  A couple of dives on the wreck and wall then it was off the Neptunes Wall.  Turtles!  Groupers, curious Snapper were out and about.  Nancy found a cute Peppermint Shrimp too.  A reasonably deep dive with  the wall not dropping off until 90ft, so only one dive here then we head to shallower waters for the late afternoon and first night dive of the week.   The Or o Verde.   Lobsters here, there and everywhere!  Jawfish, a large green moray eel, a baby turtle captured the hearts and go pro attention of a few divers.  A baby lion fish- an opaque butterfly so beautiful!  Tracey had a peacock flounder.  It seemed everywhere we turned there was something amazing.  The night dive was entertaining for those above and below water.  Yes an octopus was discovered, as well as giant crabs, lobster and parrotfish -  most divers learnt not to follow guest Mark.. as they missed the wreck we were tied to. .. Meanwhile those of us topside were wondering what on earth their lights were doing miles away from the boat!   

Friday 18th.  Round Rock and Trinity Caves was our morning destination, clear water and lots of swim throughs to explore.  Schools of snapper, a decorator crab, a spotted moray eel and turtle just moseying along.  With two dive sites in one we were kept fairly busy.  Nancy had a personal photo shoot with a turtle too.  The afternoon was spent on the wreck of the Kittiwake and Caribbean Club Sand Chutes.  Everyone had a blast exploring the ins and outs of the wreck.  Most divers had dived this wreck before so enjoyed seeing how she was progressing as a reef.   Half of the gang jumped in for the night dive, some checked out the wreck, others the reef.  Large crabs, and a slipper lobster were seen, lots of blood worms were about so we had a great time feeding the corals and basket stars.

Saturday 19th.  An eventful day starting out at Big Tunnels on the NW point.  A favorite dive site.  Deep archways and windows to swim through.  Stacks of black sea fans and corals reaching out to catch what nutrients drift past.  Tarpon, another turtle happily feeding and posing for Mark.  Schools of Barracuda hanging under the boat, such a great dive we have to stay for two!  Ready to roll, time for a change of scenery, we headed North.   Getting ready to Dive on Hammerhead Hill when one of our number presented symptoms of Decompression Illness.  Crank those engines and the O2 we motored back to the west side.  While divers had a couple more dives on the west side our patient was treated and discharged, a mild case due to Dehydration!  A lesson for everyone.  Once everyone was back on board we headed off on our journey to Little Cayman.

Sunday 20th.  Waking up on Bloody Bay Wall, Randys Gazebo was up first.  Crystal clear water and a Hawksbill Turtle feeding on a sponge welcomed us in, two chimneys, the archway, shear wall and super friendly groupers escorted everyone around the site.  A  great way to start our morning.  The Meadows was our afternoon and night dive site.  You name it we saw it and photographed it too!  We encountered  Sharks, turtles,  lots of groupers, schooling Jacks, Barracuda, Stingrays feeding and a Goliath Grouper right under the boat!  The night dive produced all the usuals including, Giant Channel Crabs,  sleeping turtles,  lobsters and one shy octopus.    What a great day!

Monday 21st.   We kicked off another full day of diving with Lea Leas Lookout.  Here we get to enjoy the crevice that runs from the 20ft shallows out to the wall at 100ft! Today we had incredible visibility.  Large Lobsters and a huge Channel Crab were seen while making a fuss of the Nassau Grouper who greeted all divers at the end of the crevice.  A Nurse Shark, 2 spotted drums, and cleaning stations galore!  3 fathom Wall was the afternoon site, wow!  Schooling fish, the biggest Green Moray you have seen, Yellow Headed Jawfish with eggs, Sailfin Blennies.  A Dinner Cruise along the coast of Little Cayman over to the Brac, for our Night Dive on the Wreck of the Keith Tibbets 356!  Everyone took their time exploring the wreck, spooky at night hunting for our resident octopus, crabs and eels.  Octopus Rock delivered with a large Caribbean Octopus going out his business!   A hot shower, hot chocolate, hot towel and some Hot Tub Action, a great way to end the day.

Tuesday 22nd.   In the morning we jumped back in to explore the Russian Frigate by day.   Everyone enjoyed investigating the ins and outs of this wreck. The vis was excellent and plenty of pics were taken around the bridge and stern gun Of course the guys enjoyed going inside the wreck and exploring the engine rooms.  A hawksbill turtle came through the middle of the group with Mark hot on its tail!  Back to Bloody Bay Wall and a quick stop in at Donnas Delight with a swim down to Marilyns Cut.  Beautiful dive, turtles, lobsters and a pet grouper to follow us all. Bus Stop was the afternoon and dusk dive site. Believed to be one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean!  Golden Coneys. Queen Angel fish, sleeping stingrays, lobsters,  Nassau groupers, plenty more reef sharks, and very special to see the Sail Fin Blennie jumping out of his hole and showing off.  An action packed dusk dive, very active sharks with a few close encounters.   

Wednesday 23rd.   Once again we had a great turn out for the pre breakfast dive, the only way to wake up!  Who needs coffee!  The Meadows was absolutely magic this morning.  The sunrise visible through the flat calm waters, the reef was waking up as were the divers and it was a great way to start the day and breakfast always tastes sooo much better after a dive.  A quick stop in at Marilyns Cut to complete the list of dives on Bloody Bay.   Then world famous Great Wall was our final site in LC .  The immense shear drop off and meeting Freddy and his band of friendly groupers!  A large turtle so focused on what he was doing and eating he didnt mind the cameras and faces peering at him.   A perfect dive, one of those where you just dont want to get out of the water!  A great way so say goodbye to Little Cayman, until next time….

Thursday 24th.  A great crossing and movie night back to Grand Cayman, a good nights sleep and ready to dive on Babylon!  A Great example of North Wall Diving, with a pinnacle out off the wall to corkscrew and wind our way around.  Lots of formations, corals and color to explore along the edge of the wall, a nice surprise of a huge Loggerhead Turtle who came by and landed on the sand.  He let divers come close to photograph him and also participated in Selfies!!   Just unreal!  A Cayman must do, Sting Ray City was next, the vis was a little reduced but we had a great time interacting with half a dozen large rays.  Yuji got a lasting souvenir, and Jenn was a Natural Ray Wrangler!  Hammerhead Hill was our next destination.   Perfect time in the late afternoon to spot the namesake shark.   There was an Eagle Ray out in the blue, a knarly wall and seemingly unending blue was the backdrop for a vast array of soft and hard corals, giant snapper and a few bold lion fish!   Back on board for Turkey dinner, with the weekly video and slideshow to top off a fun charter.

Friday.  Zipping around the corner to a magic site, Bonnies Arch.  A beautiful natural arch, with very healthy corals, fish life and resident Croc!  A feeding turtle, a couple of drum fish and a small current made for great visibility.   Devils Grotto was our last dive of the week and is always a favorite. Swim thrus, caves, cracks and crevices were there for the exploring.   What a great way to end an awesome week of diving, awesome weather, awesome guests.   All thats left to do is wash our gear and get ready for a cold drink or two at the farewell party.   Well done to Tracey who clocked her 200th dive this week, also to Susan and Tracey for completing their Nitrox Certs.  Congrats go out to all for making this another wonderful week and a half of Aggressor diving in the Cayman Islands

Until next time……
Cayman  Aggressor IV crew.