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Log Date: Saturday, Sep 19, 2015
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log
19 Sept-26 Sept. 2015.
South Trip Koh Lipe

*Air Temp. 30c
*Water Temp. 28c
* Visibility 20m

Captain: Toy
Cruise Director: Gabriel
Assistant Cruise Director: Clive
Dive master: Yusuf
Engineer: Bao
Deck hand: Rong
Chef: Papa Phorn
Chef: Phorn
Steward: Anny

Guests – Shiori, Jacqueline, Michael, Dennis, Carol, James, Sven, Michael G, Prem


Sunday – 20th September 2015 Talang North, Talu,Talu, Talang West,Talang
Monday – 21st September 2015 8 Mile rock x4, Talang north
Tuesday – 22nd September 2015 Stonehenge x2 .Pattaya Corner Koh Kra, Koh Kra.
Wednesday – 23rd September 2015 Koh Lancha, Talu, Bitsi island Bitsi reef.
Thursday – 24th Sept 2015 Stonehenge , Talang east, Stonehenge, Koh Usen, Talang South
Friday- 25th Sept 2015 Koh Talu, Koh Khai.

Saturday 19th September 2015

Our new guests arrived around 17:30 so we got all equipment sorted out and settled down with our briefing and headed for an early night ready for tomorrows days diving,
Sunday 20th September 2015
Our diving started at Talang North a great place for a check dive, a couple of our divers had not dived for a couple of years so we had a quick orientation dive and got all buoyancy issues sorted, on the dive we saw a very nice juvenile Batfish also lots of schooling snappers, for our second and third dive we headed for Koh Talu. Another couple of interesting dive were had and we found our resident Tigertailed sea horse and also a couple of very nice nudibranchs including the Blue dragon. For the afternoons diving we started back at Talu and dived on the south side where we saw the school of Yellow Snapper and some Blue spotted Stingrays. Our 4th dive was around Talang west where we found our resident Bamboo Sharks. For the night dive we stayed at Talang and saw lots of Shrimps and a cuttlefish hiding in the sand.

Monday 21st September 2015

We set off early today for a pinnacle 8 miles from Koh Lipe. The current and visibility were very kind to us and we had some great dives, on our first dive we found a huge Giant Moray also another couple of smaller Yellow margin Morays. Our resident school of Batfish were hanging around the mooring line, We decided to do the next 3 dives as the conditions were favorable and on our second dive we were treated to a Manta ray cruising around the dive site we also found some small critters including Banded boxer shrimp and also a couple of Nudibranchs. On our 3rd dive we saw a large school of Barracuda and of course the batfish still hanging around the line. On the night dive we headed for a group of rocks near Talang island there was no current so was a very relaxed dive we found a beautiful decorator crab and were stalked for a while by a Barracuda.

Tuesday 22nd September 2015

Our day started at Stonehenge we planned 2 dives here and on both dives we saw a very incouple of our dive inquisitive Titan trigger fish that must have been nesting it was very territorial and charged a couple of our divemasters. Also sighted were a big stonefish along with many Scorpion fish some of our guests saw a school of passing Barracuda and we saw a couple of nice Nudibranchs that were creeping across the sand. After this we headed to Pattaya corner and saw lots of Parrotfish and schools of Banner fish I think it is mating time as they were all gathered tightly in a single group. At our 4th dive site we went hunting for the group of bent stick pipefish we found a couple of trips ago, amazingly they were in the same spot they proved very popular with our photographers. We decided to return here for our night dive and saw a couple of Kuhls Stingrays laying in the sand. Also sighted was a nice flounder feeding in the sand we also saw a couple of banded boxer shrimps and some Durban dancing shrimps..

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Today we begun to head to the north of Turatao National park, we dived at Koh Lancha and we had some great visibility also had a couple of great finds including 4 Porcelain crabs that proved very popular with our photographers. Also we had really great luck one of our guides found a very large Tigertailed sea horse. There were also lots of sea cucumbers swaying in the current. After breakfast we headed back to Koh Talu and the visibility was awesome we saw huge schools of Yellow Snapper and a few Juvenile Batfish, our second dive today we headed back to Koh Talu and found another Seahorse and some Durban dancing shrimps, The visibility seems to be very good today so we decided to dive at Bitsi Island its not uncommon to see eagle rays here in good visibility but all we found were Stingrays in the sand. Our night dive we planned to do at Stonehenge if the current permits and we lucked out it was slack tide and we had a great dive with Cuttlefish and lots of shrimps there were a couple of morays out hunting and lots of puffer fish asleep for the night…

Thursday 24th September 2015

Great visibility again today. The sun was a bit hidden by some low level clouds but we had some great diving ahead today and the forecast says sun later. On our first dive during the descent a school of juvenile bat fish greeted us on the line and we saw a small school of Barracuda along with a couple of giant morays. On our second dive we headed out on the sand in the hunt for nudibranchs and found a couple of Blue Dragons there were also a couple of stingrays sleeping very well camouflaged with just their eyes showing. As predicted the sun came out in its full force and brightened up the whole sea the visibility was amazing for our third dive we saw huge schools of snapper being followed by a school of Barracuda then many nudibranchs appeared in the sand, for our fourth dive we headed for the island Koh Usen where we found a spearing mantis shrimp and also a very nice peacock flounder that was very well hidden in the sand. On our night dive we found a free swimming Moray and lots of Durban dancing shrimps the moray was out hunting and one of our guests saw it chomp up a small snapper.

Friday 25th September 2015

Our day started at Koh Bitsis it was a great drift dive and we saw 3 turtles all feeding on seagrass we also saw some very nice Nudibranchs that were creeping across the sand. For our second dive we headed to Koh Khai island and did a drift dive along the long sloping reef that surrounds this island. We found some Garden eels in the sand and also a couple of Blue spotted stingrays asleep in the sand. Sadly this was our last dive of the trip and we decided to spend the afternoon on the beach relaxing….

Saturday 26th September 2015

It’s a great group of people these week and we hope to see you all soon again.
Bon Voyage……