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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 19, 2015
Entry By: Kona Aggressor Crew


Kona Aggressor II


DATES: September 19-26th

GUESTS: Sandy, Michael, John, Margaret, Tim, Michelle, Andrea, Younghee , Cathie, David, Tom

CREW: Captain Cliff, Second Captain Brad, Instructors Phil & Dave, Chef Eric, Steward Mike



SUNDAY: Aquarium, Garden Eel Cove

MONDAY: Turtle Pinnacle, The Dome

TUESDAY: Paradise Pinnacle, The Hive

WEDS: Pele’s Playground, Land Of OZ, Manuka Bay

THURS: Au Au Crater, Amphitheater, Manta Ville

FRIDAY: Shark Fin Rock


Saturday September 19th

Today we welcome guest from across the United States on Kona Aggressor II. After picking up our costumers we traveled out to the mooring to have dinner and discus our weeks dive plans with the group.


Sunday September 20th

We began our journey heading north towards Turtle Pinnacle, for our first dives of the week. Aquarium was the first location we picked for our groups check out dives. Everyone did just fine getting in the water, and had a nice time diving in good visibility and zero current. A few highlights at the dive site were Dragon Wrasse, Day Octopus, and a Spotted Puffer fish. After lunch we made our way towards our second location of the day, Garden Eel Cove. Below the surface divers visited many Garden Eels, Goatfish, and a pod of Spinner Dolphins. During our surface interval we had a Hawaiian Monk Seal also pay us a visit. After dinner we prepared for the night dive, spotting a beautiful Manta Ray and several types of Moray Eels swimming across the sea floor.

Monday September 21st

Today we turned around and to begin our travels south. Our first dive site was Turtle Pinnacle. Below the surface several large Titan Scorpion Fish lay hidden in perfect camouflage between coral heads. Regal Parrot Fish were abundant today. A large sponge crab was also spotted tucked away in a hole on the pinnacle. We then headed towards our next location, The Dome. Here we had great topography across the sea floor. A good home for Day Octopus, Rock Fish and Yellow Margin Eels!

Tuesday September 22nd

Today’s dive site started at Paradise Pinnacle. With great weather and calm seas, our group of divers splashed with ease. Below the surface conditions were just as nice. Highlights were a Gold Laced Nudibranch, Snake Eel, Green Sea Turtle, Wire Coral Gobies, and Black Coral. Our Second dive site was The Hive, where we stayed for our afternoon and night dive. With a great underwater cave and fun archways many creatures were seen throughout the day. Highlights this day were Spiny and Spanish Lobsters, Hawaiian Lion Fish, Hawaiian Conger Eel, and all types of shrimp.

Wednesday September 23rd

This morning we splashed at Pele’s Playground for our first two days of the day. Under the boat a beautiful Hawksbill Turtle was spotted. A few other highlights were Tinkers Butterfly fish and a Red Stripped Pipefish. Our next location was a dive sited titled Land Of OZ. Here divers caught a glimpse of Potters angelfish, white spotted toby, white mouthed morays and cleaner shrimp. Our dusk and night dive for the day was set further south at Manuka Bay. This beautiful and tranquil location was the perfect spot to spend the afternoon and evening. Below the surface divers came across Domino Damsel Fish, Spotted Puffers, Undulated Moray and a Red Spotted Nudibranch.

Thursday September 24rd

Today we splashed for two morning dives at Au Au Crater. Conditions were excellent with light current and great visibility. Below divers spotted two Day Octopus, Nunu Trumpet Fish, Leaf Scorpion Fish and a Red Banded Lobsters. Our Second dive site of the day was Amphitheater. This dive site has a couple really great lava tubes, hiding in the cracks were Giant Puffer fish and Hawaiian Squirrelfish. Our last dive site today was a local favorite titled Manta Ville. Waiting until the after dark, our group made their way into the water to spend the next hour watching half a dozen Manta Rays dancing under the spotlight.

Friday September 25rd

For our last two dives of the week our group got ready to explore Shark Fin Rock. This location was a great nursery for juvenile fish. Highlights were Yellow Tang, Spotted Coral Blenny, Flame Angel Fish and Dwarf Morays. After our dives the group enjoyed a nice celebratory Cocktail party, where we addressed our Iron Divers! Tom, Michelle, Cathie, John, Tim and Younghee were all giving medals for their completion of the 27 dives during our week long adventure. Our guest then made their way inland for dinner in Kailua Kona and a night on the town.

Saturday September 24rd

Today we say goodbye to our divers and wish them safe travels as they make their way back across the United States. We really enjoyed everyone’s company this week and had a great time diving with them as well. A big thank you from the Captains and Crew! We hope to see everyone back on the Kona Aggressor II for another adventure diving with the Kona Agressor II on Big Island Hawaii!