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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Sep 20, 2015
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter September 20-27, 2015

Water Temp: 79-84 deg F

Air Temp: 78-86 deg F

Crew: Zach, Matt, Ronnie, Ernan, Hector, Jay and Joe


This week we welcomed 17 guests aboard the Palau Aggressor II. After setting up their gear they settled down in their rooms. After unpacking Captain Zach gave them a safety briefing and a vessel orientation, just before dinning on a mouth watering buffet spread out by Chef Ronnie and Chef Matt.


First thing Monday morning after the dive deck briefing was given to the guests, we headed out for our first dive of the week called the Haf Adai’ wreck. This old communications boat proved to be a great check out dive for our guests. Schools of juvenile fish were spotted throughout the dive site as well as a few solitary Lionfish. Our second dive of the day was on the famous Helmet Wreck. The Wreck kept our group busy as they spent the majority of their time moving around the wreck taking photos of the numerous WWII artifacts that are lying around. A few cool critters were spotted such as a crocodile fish and a few saw blade shrimps. Our third dive brought us to Saint Cardinal Reef where the guests enjoyed a nice relaxing swim around a beautiful reef filled with pristine hard corals. For our final dive we headed to chandelier caves for a dusk dive. They entered the caves to view the unique formations of the stalactite and stalagmites, after they came out to spot the colorful mandarin fish doing their stuff. The Big boat stayed in the Malakal harbor for the night due to weather conditions.


Tuesday morning we started the day with our first dive at The Chuyo Maru. This wreck is 380’ long and covered in hard and soft corals. There we managed to spot a lot of cool things such as a crocodile fish camouflaged to fit in perfectly with the wreck, an octopus and surprisingly a small Hawks bill turtle chewing down all the coral on the wreck. The second dive of the day was in Lighthouse Channel. As we jumped in a cuttle fish greeted us with its beautiful colors before the incoming current took us along the sloping walls. An old boat, the ‘Buoy 6 wreck’ lies on its side in the channel and always has marine life swarming on it. This dive was also the first dive where we were able to see a shark. After the dive Captain Zach drove the big boat out the east side toward Wonder channel where we would spend the rest of the day. The third dive of the day was Neco wall where we spotted some cool nudis and some small critters. For our fourth dive we dove Wonder channel itself then again for the night dive.


On Wednesday the weather was starting to improve so we then decided to head south to the German channel area. Our first dive was at a beautiful wall named Big drop off, this vertical wall presented us with massive sea fans, sharks and some turtles cruised by as well. The following dive was at the famous German channel. Once on site we crossed our fingers in hopes of seeing a manta ray , unfortunately not everyone saw a manta only a few were lucky enough to spot a huge one as they drifted down the channel. But the dive was still amazing due to a ton of sharks and schooling fish. The third dive was Barnum’s wall where we cruised down with a gentle current. For our fourth dive we then dove Ngemelis wall where we spotted some more turtles and sharks.

On Thursday we again stayed around the German channel area due to the weather but the diving was still amazing, for our first dive we dove ferns wall. A magnificent wall with huge sea fans and lots and lots of turtles. For our second we attempted German channel again in hopes that everyone could get a chance to see a manta, unfortunately they weren’t around. The third dive brought us to a site with the most beautiful soft coral called Turtle cove. On site we jumped in and immediately spotted an eagle ray down below us just cruising. Our fourth dive was German wall which produced some sharks, an octopus and a lot of pyramid butterfly fish. German coral garden was the destination for our night dive. On site we saw some moray eels, octopus, lionfish and a scorpion fish.


Early Friday morning the weather had calmed down enough for us to get around Ngemelis to Blue corner. It was a bit of a rough ride there but it was totally worth it. The divers jumped in and were amazed at the 200 foot visibility and more sharks than they could count. Also there to greet them on the plateau was our friendly napoleon wrasse and Big schools of barracuda and snappers. To our disappointment the weather began to get a bit worse for safety so we then decided to do another wall dive in the protected area. The dive was big drop off. For round three we headed Back to German channel just to try our luck again, although no mantas were spotted the channel was enjoyable for all as the channel itself is covered with beautiful coral heads. The last dive of the week we headed towards Wonder channel for a dusk dive at clam city. The dive was shallow and full of hunters, such as a cuttle fish and an octopus hunting for their next meal.



On Saturday morning we went to Jellyfish Lake where we swam with the millions of mesmerizing stingless jellies plus checked out the predacious anemones along the shoreline. After a relaxing hour in the tranquil lake, we boarded the skiff and did a spectacular tour of the Rock Island courtesy of Nabil. . A movie premier was prepared by Ernan and included all of the sights from this week’s trip which we watched at the cocktail party that evening, after which the guests enjoyed dinner in one of the restaurants in Koror. Later that evening most of our guests departed the boat so we said our goodbyes and Farwell and hope to see them again soon.