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Log Date: Wednesday, Sep 23, 2015
Entry By: Carib Crew


Carib Dancer Captains Log
September 23 - October 3, 2015

AIR TEMP: 86 - 92 F
VIZ: 75 Ft

GUESTS: Curt, Louis, Alexandra, Mark, Tatiana, Alex, Donna, Rich, Jean.

Captain Ernie
2nd Captain Dave
Chef Shea
Instructor Jason
DM Kat

Thursday: barracuda, pillar wall, black tip wall
Friday: crab mountain, up jump the devil, Madison avenue
Saturday: dog rocks, austin smith
Sunday: cave rock, cobia cage, cut n run
Monday: hole in the wall, kracken, split coral
Tuesday: jakes hole, empress pinnacles, cave reef
Wednesday: cracked coral head

Wednesday,  September 23rd:
A big welcome aboard to our new guests and also to some familiar faces. Its great to have you all on board for a special 10 day charter!
After setting up gear, and settling into cabins, its time for the captains safety briefing. A nice dinner, a little wine, and now its time for a good nights sleep. Were getting well rested tonight in preparation for 10 amazing days of eating, sleeping and diving in the Bahamian sea and sun!

Thursday, September 24th:
We made our first dive at Barracuda. Our guests checked out their gear, cameras and all their new equipment! Everything was working great, so we explored the coral heads and observed the many sergeant majors and jacks.  Next up, it was Pillar Wall.  We saw an eagle ray! This site is such a blast. We followed swim thrus that led us out to the edge of the wall and into the deep blue. We saw sharks. On the way back to the boat we peered into crevices and holes with our torches. Our evening and night dives were at Black Tip, where we saw a blacktip shark and some reef sharks too. The night dive was all about the little reef creatures. Crabs, shrimp & small spotted eels. Hot showers, a cup of hot cocoa with some Baileys, and our guests are ready to call it a night.

Friday, September 25th:
Crab Mountain was our first dive of the day. We explored the reef and the wall. We found lobster in almost every cave and crevice. Next dive site was Up Jump the Devil. We loved the swim Thursday - Today we saw a yellow ray, a bold and beautiful queen triggerfish, snapper, jacks and....wait....a SQUAT ANEMONE SHRIMP!
We cruised over to Madison Avenue for our evening and night dives. No shopping here, but we did find a cave teeming with silversides, a skate, a high hat and more lobster than we could imagine. The swim thrus here are fantastic. On the night dive, Louis had a very up close and personal encounter with a big ol barracuda that definitely did not want his picture taken. He got the shot anyway and a great story too. Hilarious!

Saturday, September 26th:
We began our Saturday with a beautiful sunrise and flat calm seas. Our first dive was at a majestic site called Dog Rocks. We stepped off the boat into the blue, and found tunnels, canals and a magnificent cathedral to explore. This site is breathtakingly beautiful. We loved it so much we stayed here for a second dive. A friendly loggerhead turtle interacted with our guests.  Next up: Austin Smith. What a shark show. First, the sharks closely followed Jason and our scent triangle to the wreck. They put on quite the show for our guests. Suddenly, the resident huge black grouper grabbed Jasons pointing stick, and swam away with it. No luck finding it yet. Plenty of pics were taken, and we have a clip of the antics on our video. We also found a web burr fish in the sand nearby, and a large spotted drum. What a great day of scuba in the Bahamas!

Sunday, September 27th:
Hello from Eleuthera. We woke up to crystal blue skies and sea conditions that were like a swimming pool! Our first dive after breakfast was at Cave Rock. We explored the small caves and crevices by the light of day, and we decided we were coming back for the night dive! Next up, Cobia Cage. As we drop down into the deep blue, we begin to see something that resembles a UFO. Actually, this crazy shaped contraption was a school science experiment in sustainable cobia farming. We saw a vast school of Atlantic Spades here - there must have been 400 fish! That was cool. Next dive site was Cut n Run, a dive site named by the actions someone supposedly took years ago. Whoever was moored there years ago had to leave in such a hurry they didnt have time to pull up their mooring line. They just cut it, and made away in a mad rush. Hmmm. Interesting....
There is also debris from a wrecked Cessna airplane in the sand nearby. Ive heard that the wreck can be seen in the movie Jaws.
The different accounts Ive heard certainly make for an interesting dive experience.  

Monday, September 28th:
This is how we do a Monday: Our first dive after breakfast was at Hole in the Wall. We saw rays, schools of mackerel and an indigo hamlet, just to name a few things. A short cruise to our next mooring, and we were at Kracken. This dive was full of swim thrus, canals, caves and tunnels. I came across a small cave filled with tiny silversides.
Next up Split Coral. What a high adrenaline shark show! Talk about exciting. The sharks were everywhere, circling our guests. We stayed put for the night dive, which was tame in comparison to our afternoon dives. We explored the healthy, vibrant wall and saw more Atlantic Spadefish and a midnight parrotfish.

Tuesday, September 29th:
We began our day with a splash at Jakes Hole. We checked out the tidal blue hole and explored the reefs and tunnels surrounding it. We found a drum fish tucked away under one of the arches. Plus, a pair of big Nassau groupers followed us around. Next, we travelled to Little San Salvador to explore the the less frequently visited Empress Pinnacle. A healthy, colorful coral pinnacle teeming with life. We moved over to Cave Reef from there - another lovely reef that sees few dive boats. We explored the edges of the wall and navigated the pillar corals that give this site its name. We checked out the caves, caverns and holes. We found turtles & octopus on our night dive!

Wednesday, September 30th:
Our morning dives were at Cracked Coral Head, where we saw sharks. The dive was fun, especially swimming through the long channels in the coral head. Unfortunately, due to the threat of hurricane Joaquin, which is heading toward the the Bahamas, we felt it was the safest decision to cancel the remainder of our dives today and head back to our home dock in Nassau.  

We had a great time with all of our guests! Thank you so much for coming to the Bahamas and spending your vacation time aboard the Carib Dancer. We had a fun diving with all of you and we look forward to seeing you again soon.  

Safe Diving,
Carib Dancer captain & crew