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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Sep 26, 2015
Entry By: Crew of the Wind Dancer


Captains Log Wind Dancer  Cocos island                                            26/9/15  -   06/10/2015
Average Temperature  76F
Visibility 60f

At 10:00 am ,  the adventure began, our transfer picked up the guests in the Holiday Inn Escazu and Indigo. After a short drive to the coast we arrived to Puntarenas. Everyone was very excited and curious about the boat, the crew and the rest of the passengers who will stay on the Wind Dancer for the next few days.

In the dock at Puntarenas the crew offered a drink before and they presented the boat and the guest cabins. As we left the dock we saw 2 Humpback whales very close to our boat. And from time to time a school of dolphins joined us on the way to Cocos.
The sea conditions were very good so that we arrived safe in Cocos after 37  hours.

The diving was just awesome. From the check dive in Chatham Bay until the last dive we observed hammerheads, rays, galapagos shark, tiger sharks, silky’s, black tips and white tips. In Alcyone we were lucky and saw also a whale shark and 3 dolphins hunting early in the morning. The conditions were easy to dive and the guests enjoyed every minute of diving.

The park ranger gave us the permit for 3 night dives for each panga. In Chatham Bay we saw plenty of white tips feeding and in Manuelita garden we were lucky to meet a Galapagos shark during the night dive.
We had the chance to visit the island and became more informed about the work of the national park and learned how they try to protect the unique marine site in the middle of the Pacific.

The food was always outstanding and the chef performed magic works in his small kitchen. Every menu had a big choice of salad, vegetables, pasta, rice, meat and a delicious dessert.

It was definitely a great week of diving, we got to see whale sharks, dolphins, 6 types of sharks, schools of jacks, and great action of hunting white tips on our night dive.

The crew was very happy with the cruise and said a big thank you to:
Deborah, John, Christopher S., Christopher B., Karen, Sandra, Jeff, Carlos, Marco, Victor, Reto, Rainer, Alex, Andrei, Gwyn, Huw, Ian, Melanie and Aeding.