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Log Date: Saturday, Oct 03, 2015
Entry By: Carib Dancer Team


Carib Dancer Captain’s Log 3-10 October 2015


Air Temp. 75-80+ F

Water Temp. 83-85 F

Visibility 25-50+ft



Captain Dennis

2nd Captain David

Instructor Jason

Dive Master Ramon

Chef Shea



Marcus, Juan Pablo, Larry, Michael, Lou Ann, Greg, Silvi, Justin, Mary and Charles



Sunday – Crab Reef, Jewfish Wall, Pillar Wall

Monday – Crab Mountain, Dog Rocks

Tuesday – Whales Tail

Wednesday – Blacktip Wall, Madison Avenue

Thursday – Up Jump The Devil, Austin Smith, Washing Machine,

Friday – Jewfish Wall, Blue Hole


Saturday October 3rd

After boarding and settling in the guest of the Carib Dancer enjoyed a wonderful evening in Nassau.


Sunday October 4th

In the early morning hour the Carib Dancer departed our home dock at Elizabeth On Bay and made way to the Exuma Islands. Our first dive site was Crab Reef.  Named because of the variety of Crabs we find while diving these low to medium profile Coral Head. While swimming around checking our weights, buoyancy and camera equipment we saw Groupers, Snappers, Beaugregory’s and Yellowline Arrow Crabs. Next on the list was Jew fish Wall where we enjoyed Gorgonians such as Spiny Sea Fans, Giant Slit-Pore Sea Rods, Pitted Sponges and Lumpy Overgrowing Sponges, plus a variety of small tropical fish. To finish the day we enjoyed Pillar Wall. Because of one of many Pillars just off the wall that’s covered with Tropical Fish, Colorful Sponges and Corals and growing next to everything there is Black Coral, this dive site has become one of my favorites.


Monday October 5th

The Wall on Crab Mountain is where we started our Monday morning. Swimming with Atlantic Spade fish, Rainbow Wrasses, Rosy Blennies, Schools of Schoolmasters and a couple of Sharks. Carb Mountain was a very good way to start a Monday morning. Next is one of the crew’s favorite called Dog Rocks. Dog Rocks is our most Northern Dive Site and has more swim thru’s and canyons then any other site we visit. While exploring all these swim thru’s and canyons we see Colorful Elephant Ear Sponges, Huge Basket Sponges, Long Whip Corals, Black Coral Fans, schools of Snappers, Grunts, Horse-Eye Jacks, Mackerel and Lobsters.


Tuesday October 6th

Tuesday we headed south to Whales Tail Wall. Whales Tail Wall has one of the longest swim thru’s/canyons in all of the northern Exuma’s.   It was fun swimming through the canyons and tunnels, near schools of fish, corals and a Huge Lobsters.


Wednesday October 7th

When local Captain’s talk about Black tip Wall one of the things we always say is we never know what we will see while diving Black tip. We enjoyed Swim Thru’s, a Garden of Soft Corals and Several Schools of Fish, alone with a couple of small Sharks. Making our way north we stopped for some afternoon and night diving on Madison Avenue. I started to swim into a swim thru, but it wasn’t a swim thru while is fine because the inside part of this hole in the reef was filled with Silver sides. Along the bottom of the reef where it meets sand we found lots of Jaw fish and small Yellow Rays.


Thursday October 9th

Up Jump The Devil was our first dive on this Thursday morning. The Carib Dancer guest explored Big Canyons, Lots of Swim Thru’s, a Colorful Wall and a Shallow Sea Garden just under the vessel. After enjoying this wonderful dive site we made way to The Wreck of The Austin Smith and Swam with Sharks! The deck of The Austin Smith sits in about 35 feet of water and the bottom near the bow about 70 feet. While diving the wreck we had Nassau Groupers, Tiger Groupers, Angelfish and even a very large Black Grouper let divers get very close or some excellent pictures and video. However the highlight was having 11 Caribbean Reef Sharks of varies sizes swim sometimes inches from divers. Later we came back to the Austin Smith for a night dive seeing several types of Crabs, Lobster and Rays. But before the night dive we went for a ride in the Washing Machine. The Washing Machine Drift Dive is an exciting and relaxing. The exciting part is being spun around like being on a spin cycle and the relaxing part is a slow drift over very colorful Basket Star Reef.


Friday October 10th

For the last day of diving we did a pre-breakfast (Sunrise) dive on Jew fish Wall. We enjoyed long swim thru’s, small but long canyons taking pictures of Spot fin Butterfly fish, Rosy Blenny and White spotted File fish in its Orange Phase. The best part of getting in early and watching the reef wake up was my dive buddies and seeing a Beautiful Small Hawks bill Turtle relaxing in a sandy area between coral heads. Our last stop was the Blue Hole, where we encountered several schooling fish, Stingrays, Angelfish, Small Crabs, Shrimps and Sharks. And just like clock work a Huge Loggerhead Turtle. Diving the Blue Hole was an Excellent Way to finish a Wonderful on the Carib Dancer


The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!


Hope To See Everyone Again Soon…


Best Fishes,


Carib Dancer Crew