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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 03, 2015
Entry By: Belize Crew


Belize Aggressor III - Captains Log October 3 to 10, 2015



Air Temp: 85 fahrenheit / 29 celsius

Water Temp: 85 fahrenheit / 29 celsius

Visibility: 60-80ft



Captain: Jay

Instructor: Kenley

Instructor: Andre

Instructor: Jerome

Chef: Analisa

Stewardess: Vanessa



…Gil, Tirso, James, Wendy, Deanna, Stephen, Anne, Jim, David, Gail, Daniel, Sarah, Kimberly, Mike, Ashley, Bret, Lisa


Dive Sites:

Sunday - Black Beauty & Front Porch

Monday - Grand Bogue & Long Caye Wall

Tuesday - Half Moon Caye Wall & SE Cut

Wednesday - Chain Wall, Lighthouse Wall & Pained Wall

Thursday - Island, Blue Hole & Silver Caves

Friday - Sandy Slope


Saturday October 3rd

…17 divers from the USA and Canada joined us aboard the beautiful Belize Aggressor III. Guests began the boarding process around 3:00PM. Scuba equipment was setup and each guest shown to their cabins. We had our welcome aboard briefing and champagne toast at 5:00PM.


Sunday October 4th

…We began the week on Turneffe Islands there was a slightly overcast day and flat calm seas. A checkout dive was made to ensure adequate weighting and correct buoyancy was achieved. Animal encounters included moray eels, hawks bill turtles, southern stingrays, lots of creole wrasse, and a few white spotted toadfish.


Monday October 5th

…We motored a few miles North on Turneffe to make two dives on Grand Bogue, then traveled over to Lighthouse Reef Atoll. We finished off the day of diving on Long Caye Wall. Beautiful wall - said to be one of Jacques Cousteau’s favorite sites in Belize. Lush soft corals, swim-thrus, vertical walls, and always something cruising by. Encounters included caribbean reef sharks, spotted eagle rays, lettuce sea slugs, yellow headed jawfish, and a great night dive too!


Tuesday October 6th

…Sail-fin blennies on the block, was just one encounter enjoyed by the divers. Southern stingrays, friendly nassau groupers, blue parrot fish, goat fish, and of course sharks were seen on all the dives. The night dive was exciting as well, with octopus, squid, sharp tail eels, and tarpon feeding under the BAIII.


Wednesday October 7th

…Another beautiful day of weather and fantastic diving. There was plenty of activity on all the dives. Bermuda chubs, schools of sergeant majors, scorpion fish hiding in plain sight, free swimming green moray eel, big old logger head turtle and much more in just 25 feet of water.


Thursday October 8th

…Weather still on our side, we motored near the Island of Half Moon Caye. Guests enjoyed a walk around the island to check out the red footed boobie birds, lizards, and coconuts. Before having lunch we made a deep dive at the Great Blue Hole then headed back for more diving at Silver Caves. We had great dives including a big Orange seahorse, a few turtles, trunkfish, two sea goddess nudibranchs, barracuda, and many grouper cleaning stations.


Friday October 9th

…We finished off the week with two dives at Sandy Slope. Once the diving was done, we made the journey back to Belize City. A few guests went Cave Tubing. Others stayed on the yacht and enjoyed a cold drink and relaxed. Our cocktail party began around 6:00PM.


…Congratulations to the following divers:


Iron Divers - James, Wendy, Dave, Mike, Gil

PADI EAN40 Divers - Tirso & Mike

Milestone Diver - Wendy (50)



Saturday October 10th

…8:00AM the crew said their good byes as the guests departed the vessel.


…Well, that’s the week folks. On behalf of the crew - keep smiling and keep diving. And remember with Aggressor you always EAT, SLEEP, & DIVE!


Captain Jay Roberts