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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 10, 2015
Entry By: Belize Crew


Belize Aggressor III - Captains Log October 10-17, 2015


 Air Temp: 85F / 29C

 Water Temp: 85F / 29C

 Visibility: 60-80ft

 Sea State: Flat to choppy


 Captain: Chris

 Instructor: Kenley

 Instructor: Andre

 Engineer: Fermin

 Chef: Analisa

 Stewardess: Vanessa


Mary, Ray, Tracy, Bob, Dan, Tom, Jesse, Stephanie, Annie, Randy, Rick,
Brandy, Jay, Bill, Bragg, Jim, Mary

Dive Sites:

 Sunday - Sandy Slope and  Zipline

 Monday - Front Porch and  Julies Jungle

 Tuesday - Blue Hole, Long Caye Wall and  SE Cut

 Wednesday - Half Moon Caye Wall and  Long Caye Ridge

 Thursday - Silver Caves and  Quebrada

 Friday - Dos Cocos

17 excited guests boarding the vessel at 3:00PM. At 5:30PM, we did our
safety briefing and a Welcome Aboard champagne toast before a great dinner
prepared by Chef Yanis. Then it was an early night in anticipation of our
first dive in the morning.

The week started with exceptional weather! We spent the first day and a half
diving around Turneffe Atoll at Sandy Slope, Zipline, and Front Porch. On
the dives at Turneffe we were introduced to some of the amazing marine life
and beautiful coral reefs of Belize. The vast diversity of species of marine
life is on display like a massive aquarium.

We saw lots of lobsters, and various species of shrimp and crabs. As we
looked around, there were reef fish everywhere. You could see several
species of parrotfish, Angelfish, hamlets, chromis, snappers, basslets,
damselfish, jacks, grouper, wrasses, basslets, triggerfish, and filesfish.
With a little closer look, the blennies and gobies became more apparent.

There were also groups of schooling tangs, Creole wrasse, Jacks, and
Sergeant Majors. Across the sandy bottom we saw garden eels, Jawfish, razor
fish and sand tilefish moving about, and some animals hiding in plain sight,
such as pipefish, pipe horses, and flounders. We also saw several Southern
stingrays and a couple yellow stingrays in the sand, while on the reef we
got to see a couple green morays out hunting, and trumpetfish stalking their

We got visited by a hawksbill turtle and saw and Eagle Ray off in the
distance. We also had a couple rare finds, the white spotted toadfish and a
red tipped sea goddess.

After starting off at Turneffe, we motored over to Lighthouse Reef for the
remainder of the week. The great diving continued with lots of macro diving
and great encounters with pelagic.

On every dive, there are little macro critters that inhabit our reefs. We
found tons of decorator crabs, skeleton shrimp, wire coral shrimp, lettuce
sea slugs, long horn nudibranch, a hammers tritonia, lots of flamingo
tongues, and several slender filefish. Lighthouse Reef also boasts reefs
with and abundance of very colourful fish and reefs. There were also more
encounters with eels and turtles, including several hawksbills, and 2
loggerheads, and countless tarpon. We saw more Eagle Rays, and had some up
close and personal encounters with Caribbean Reef sharks. Some divers had
fun with the swim thrus, while others just sat back and watched the reef
come alive with fish activity.

On the night dives we saw octopus, squid, lobsters, slipper lobsters,
nudibranch, shrimps, crabs, tarpon, sharp tail eels, more morays, and the
nocturnal fish out and about.

This week we also were able to visit 2 World Heritage Sites.the Great Blue
Hole and Half Moon Caye Natural Monument.


Iron Divers - Bob, Dan, Mary, Jesse, Stephanie, and Ray

Milestone Divers - Ray 200, Bragg 200, and Bob 100

Saturday October 17th

Guests and Crew said their goodbyes as our new friends departed the vessel
at 8:00AM. Thank you for visiting us aboard the Belize Aggressor III. See
you again soon!