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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Sunday, Oct 11, 2015
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew





Air Temp: 32c -35c / 89f – 97f

Water Temp: 29c / 84 f

Visibility: 20 – 35 m / 70 – 149 feet

Weather: High temperatures, Clear skies, Calm cool winds with occasional periods of humidity

Itinerary: Fury Shoals , St John’s Reef , Elphinstone





Captain: Abdullah     

Cruise Director: Mahmoud

Instructors/Guides: Rashed & Roberto

Chef(s): Amre              

Steward(s): Mido & Moustafa

Seamen: Emad & Ayoub & Islam&Said


GUESTS: Lucien , Rita , Peter , Andrea , Gabi , Stefan , Oliver , Stefan , Claudia , Sebastian , Richard , Elke , Tom , Sebastian



Sunday – Marsa Shuna. Shaab Abu Dabab

Monday – Shaab Maksur , Sataya Reef

Tuesday – Habili Ali , Habili Ghafer

Wednesday – Small Gota , Paradise and St. John’s Cave

Thursday – Malahi , Shaab Claudia , Abu Galawa Kebir

Friday – Elphinstone


                            Welcome Aboard!


This week we happily & eagerly greeted our new family members from Gerrmany and Switzerland . They arrive from different cities such us Basil and Zurich , Nueremberg and Schwandorf . Most of them are going to spend 2 weeks on board of the Red Sea Aggressor with only 2 persons leaving this week and 5 more joining for the Northern Itinerary the following week. After a welcome drink and being showed to their cabins everyone gathered in the dining area for the general boat briefing and introduction of the crew , while munching on our chefs exquisite mini pizzas and assortment of seasonal fruit . After setting up equipment and finishing some paperwork, they were free to visit the very mystical Port Ghaleb at sunset hours. After our steak dinner it was time for a beer and a glass of local wine & off to bed.


Sunday October 11th


Day 1 started in Port Ghalib . We are all excited to start our diving trip in the deep south of Egypt reaching Fury Shoals , Berenice , the St. John’s Reef and Elphinstone reef. Waking up at 7 am and it is time for a continental breakfast on board . At 8:30 am we left the harbour and at 9 am we are set for our diving day . We plan to stay in the proximity of Marsa Alam spending 4 dives in the bay of Marsa Shoona and the reefs of Shaab Abu Dabab .Those two dive sites offer to our divers the chance to check their equipment and buoyancy in shallow and crystal waters . Spot of the day was a giant green turtle approaching our group of divers in the south corner of Marsa Shoona . We spent a couple of minutes watching her floating and gracefully swim around us , and then Platax , Black snappers , Schools of goat and butterly fishes . After a night dive and the vision of a Spanish Dancer we are ready to leave the coastline of Marsa Alam and sail to the Fury Shoals in the area of Port Berenice.


Monday October 12th

Day 2 started in Shaab Maksur and continued in Sataya Reef . After sailing 10 hours with a smooth wind blowing from the north we feel blessed to be in the exclusive and outstanding reef of Shaab Maksur. This offshore reef offered to us two beautiful dives dedicated to exploring his North and South Plateaus. Marine life is extremely rich. His plateaus are literally the image of an Eden Garden with an abundance of colorful soft corals and with the presence in the South plateau of two magnificent pinnacles. In the afternoon we visit the Dolphin House and we had the chance to spend an hour swimming and snorkeling with the local spinner dolphins. We scored 4 dives .  


Tuesday October 13th

Day 3 started in Habili Ali and continued in Habili Ghafer and Abu Bassala . Wind and sea conditions were calm which allowed us to moored in the reef of Habili Ali . We enjoyed here 2 dives exploring his drop off walls rich in black and soft corals. The top of the reef in the North Side offers an unique scenario with an astonishing marine life and colorful corals. Spot of the day was a huge school of surgeon fishes mating in the blue. After lunch we dove in Habili Ghafer . A tiny offshore reef with drop off walls which gave us again a beautiful and colourful dive . In the late afternoon we reached Abu Bassala and we dove in the Gota with plenty of overhangs , cracks , tunnels and caves all covered in black , soft and fan coral .


Wednesday October 14th

Day 4 started in Small Gota and continued in Paradise St. John and St John Cave . Early in the morning we explored the drop off walls of Small Gota rich in overhangs and black corals but it was the reef of St. John Cave that made the day for our group of divers . A system of cracks and caves all surrounded by soft and fan corals and groups of pinnacles around a white sandy bottom. We spent a night dive in this area with a Spanish dancer gracefully moving around our divers. We scored 5 dives.


Thursday October 15th

Day 5 started in Malahi and continued in Shaab Claudia , Abu Galawa Kebir and the Island of Seal . After 5 hour sailing northern we are back in the area of Berenice . Today’s diving was all about pinnacles , cracks , caves and tunnels . Shaab Claudia was the pearl of the day with his system of tunnels and caves that brought us into cathedrals of light and into an astonishing coral garden . We spent 4 dives today including a dust dive in the late afternoon in the island of Seal. After a rewarding dinner and after greeting our chef we are set to sail back to Marsa Alam and dive the next day in Elphinstone Reef.


Friday October 16th

Day 6 started in Elphinstone reef . After smoothly sailing all night long we woke up facing the reef of Elphinstone . We planned to spend 2 dives visiting first the North Plateau and dive his east and west walls . Zodiac to zodiac dives with a strong current coming from the north and we literally fly his walls . At the end of the dive We hovered in the blue looking for the greetings of the white tip oceanic shark . Exciting and adventurous diving. A perfect way to close up our diving trip. A cocktail party to celebrate it and to congratulate Peter for his 5555 dive and Sebastian for the completion of his Open Water Course certification.





Milestone Diver:

5555 # Dives Peter


24# Of dives done this trip




Thanks and kind regards

Roberto D’Ugo

Red Sea Aggressor