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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Thursday, Oct 15, 2015
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor 2 charter Oct 15-25, 2015

Water and Air temperature: 28°c, 86°f

Crew: Zach, Dan, Ronnie, June, Hector, Ernan, Jay, Joe



On Thursday the Palau aggressor crew welcomed 17 guests from different parts of the world. Once onboard they were offered some refreshing drinks before setting up their gear and introduced to their rooms. After when everyone was settled the captain gave them a safety briefing and vessel orientation just before dinning on a delicious meal spread out by chef Ronnie. Afterwards it was off to bed to get some rest for an exciting 10 days of diving.

                        Early Friday morning everyone woke up and was greeted by Chef Ronnie for some hot breakfast. Then the guests were given a dive deck briefing just before heading out to the 1st dive. The “Helmet wreck” also known as the Depth charge wreck was a sub chaser that was sunk during WW2. This 280’ wreck is sitting upright at the bottom of a 110’ lagoon, the divers’ descended down a mooring line to find the stern of the ship at about 45’ then continued to explore the cargo hold and found some cool ww2 artifacts. The second dive was a small reef inside the lagoon named saint cardinals reef. The dive presented some good findings and was shallow enough for everyone to take it easy and get comfortable. The 3rd dive was another victim of war named the Chuyo maru.

                        Saturday morning we headed out for our first dive at the IRO, this wreck is one of the largest wrecks here in Palau. Our guests descended down the line to find the stern deck of the ship at 50’. The center deck to the bow of the ship then gently slopes down to 90’, the guests were full of excitement as they explored this 472 foot wreck and found some cool critters. The next dive was a bit smaller wreck and in a totally different positions the Bishu Maru. This dive did not have the best visibility as did the others but it was still a great dive. Meanwhile the big boat had made its way towards the German channel area, so when the guest got onto the skiff we played a little catch up then had lunch as the big boat made it all the way to German channel. The 3rd dive was the first dive outside the lagoon on the outer reef called German wall. This dive was a beautiful wall that produced a couple of turtles and some sharks. Our 4th dive was the famous German channel itself.

On Sunday morning we decided to try our luck again and go back to German channel because it was so good the first time. Once there the guests jumped in and yet again there were two mantas there to greet us so we took our photos and then drifted down the channel. The 2nd dive brought us to new drop off. This dive was where that reef hook briefing came in handy because it was our first hook in dive. For the 3rd dive we did a beautiful wall dive called Big drop off, on site we saw a spotted eagle ray immediately as we descended. The 4th dive brought us to a site called turtle cove. There we saw, yup you guessed it, turtles on every corner, some sharks and another eagle ray.

                        Early Monday morning at around 7:15 we headed out to the most talked about dive site in Palau, BLUE CORNER! The boat ride was a bit bumpy but a few broken bones were worth it. lol. We jumped in the incoming side of the corner and immediately sharks and marine life were surrounding us all the way to the hook in spot. Everyone was so amazed at how the marine life were so close and comfortable around them especially one particular species. The napoleon wrasse was very hospitable and greeted everyone into its home; it even let them take photos up close and personal. For our 2nd dive we headed back to blue corner but to a site much different called Blue holes. On this dive you enter one of four holes on top of the reef into a massive cavern like cave with sun beams shinning down the holes makes spectacular wallpaper photos. On the 3rd dive we made our way to Barnum’s wall where we cruised along a beautiful sloping wall of hard corals. For our 4th dive we dove Alexi’s coral garden where we saw a few more turtles and some cool nudibranches.

                        Tuesday morning our guests woke up and found themselves at the beautiful Ulong Island where survivor was shot. Our 1st dive was the famous Ulong channel itself. Ulong channel is one of the dives in Palau that has the most variety of corals in just one site. The dive started with an awesome wall dive then we hooked in the mouth of the channel to enjoy the company of about 20 sharks, after we unhooked we drifted down the channel and saw a huge patch of lettuce coral and immediately after the lettuce coral we stopped by and gazed upon two old, massive giant clams. The 2nd dive we headed over to sandy paradise to dive a spectacular sloping coral Garden with so many highlights. Such as massive schools of fish and four resident leaf fish. The 3rd dive we went to Siaes tunnel to explore a beautiful tunnel at 87’ and take some pictures of some very rare fish like the Decorated and Helsfrich Dart fish. Our 4th and last dive for the day was Ulong coral garden. We explored the large variety of pristine corals and the marine life that reside in them.

                        On Wednesday morning we skiffed over to Siaes Corner for our first dive, as we approached the site we spotted some spinner dolphins nearby, so we slowed the skiff down just enough to where they could play in the wake of the boat while the guests took photos. On site we drifted with a nice current towards the corner and sighted a few silver tips cruising by, and saw a baby eagle ray along the way. For our 2nd dive everyone had requested we go back to Ulong channel because it was just that good. After the dive we headed back to the big boat for some lunch….Meanwhile during lunch the big boat traveled back down south to German Channel area because of the journey to Peleliu the next day. While at German channel we dove two more sites such as Ferns wall and Canyons, both were good sites that produced some great marine life photography.

                        Early Thursday morning we began the smooth journey towards Peleliu, as we made our way there we were greeted by an enormous school of spinner dolphins that came to play in the bow wake of the big boat. Our 1st dive was Barrack’s point where we dropped down to an endless Garden of Hard corals and countless turtles. Straight after the dive, 12 of our 17 guests embarked on a land tour to learn more of Peleliu’s history and what happened during WW2. While the others were land touring the rest couldn’t get enough diving so we dove a site named West wall. When everything was said and done we all came back to the big boat to have lunch and rest before leaving for the next dive. Peleliu corner was our next destination, onsite the current was outgoing so we jumped in the Peleliu Cut where we saw some big groupers, a few sharks, and a zebra eel. For the last two dives we dove Orange beach and saw some more WW2 artifacts and a few interesting critters.

Friday Early morning the big boat disembarked on a journey back up north to the German channel area for more awesome diving. The first dive was back to Blue corner for some more shark and marine action. Afterwards we headed over to Dexter’s Wall and spotted more than a few turtles and some sharks. We then came back to the big boat for some lunch and some RNR before heading to German channel in hopes for more manta sightings. The dive was spectacular as always and we spotted one baby manta with its mother cruising the channel. For the 4th and final dive outside the reef we made our way to Ngedebus corner and enjoyed a nice breeze of current that pushed us gently down the wall filled with giant sea fans sea life. That night after dinner one of the crew had prepared a video of the week and presented it to the guests to share some laughter and memories to bring back home.

On Saturday at around 7:15 we got onto the skiff and floated skillfully through the rock islands to Jellyfish Lake. We then did a small hike up to the marine lake and jumped in with millions if mesmerizing golden jellies. The guests swam with the jellies for about an hour before making their way back to the skiff and heading out for a joyride through the rock islands. Afterwards we went over to chandelier caves to explore the stalactites and stalagmites before going outside the caves to find the very colorful and skittish mandarin fish. We then came back to the big boat for some lunch and something the guest had very little of this week….Free time! At around 6 pm the guest and the crew gathered around the saloon to share a few drinks and some stories of the week before they headed out to dinner on island. That evening at around 10pm some guest were planned to depart the boat for their 12am flight, so the crew helped them with their luggage and said their goodbyes.

Sunday morning the remaining guests had continental breakfast before departing the boat at 8:00am. The crew helped them with their transfers and luggage before saying goodbye and hopes to see them again soon, for it was again another wonderful and exciting trip onboard the Palau Aggressor 2.