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Log Date: Saturday, Oct 17, 2015
Entry By: Carib Crew


Carib Dancer Captain’s Log 17-24 October 2015


Air Temp. 75-80+ F

Water Temp. 80-84F

Visibility 75-90+ft



Captain Dennis

2nd Captain David

Instructor Jason

Dive Master Ramon

Chef Shea



John, Ruth, Issac, Joe, Lynn, Megan, Paul, Jean-Christophe, Tania, Russell, Hans and Christine



Sunday – Periwinkle Reef, Blue Hole, Crab Mountain

Monday – Cut-N-Run, Tunnel Rock

Tuesday – Monolith, Knucklehead, Split Coral Head

Wednesday – Cut Thru City, Krackin, Cave Rock

Thursday – Primo Wall, Washing Machine, Barracuda Shoals

Friday – Lobster No Lobster


Saturday October 17th

Due to some very late flight arrivals the Carib Dancer and her guest enjoyed a quite night on the dock.


Sunday October 18th

The winds and seas were calm and the sky still dark when the Carib Dancer slowly departed her home dock Elizabeth On Bay. Our first stop of the week as the sun was rising was located just off Rose Island, called Periwinkle Reef. When diving Periwinkle Reef it like diving inside an aquarium. We had several different types of schooling fish swim inches away from guest. Also we swam near Roughtail Stingrays, Porcupinefish and a bright Indigo Hamlet. Next stop was a place we always enjoy, the Blue Hole. We encountered small and large and a variety of Marine Life. A few of the Marine Life encountered were Spotted Moray Eels, Southern, Roughtail and Yellow Stingrays, Mackerel, Nurse and Caribbean Reef Sharks and a Huge Loggerhead Turtle. After a long dive on the Blue Hole, guest enjoyed a wonderful lunch while making way to the Exuma Islands. Crab Mountain was were we seen Schools of Atlantic Spadefish, Caribbean Spiny Lobsters, Channel Clinging Crabs and Caribbean Reef Sharks.


Monday October 19th

The Carib Dancer and her guest woke up ready to dive just off the Island of Eleuthera. Cut-N-Run was our first dive site. Divers swam along a very colorful wall, found an anchor encrusted with coral and sponges. Just off the wall in a sandy area a small plane wreck. Some of the Marine Life we saw while exploring this dive site was Snappers, Groupers, Angelfish, Jawfish, Filefish, large Barracuda’s and Spotted Scorpionfish. Our afternoon and night was spent on Tunnel Rock. Tunnel Rock was covered with creatures and fish. Some of what we encountered were Rays, Ocean and Queen Triggerfish, Fire Clams, Moray Eels, Lettuce Sea Slugs, Brown and Indigo Hamlets, Groupers and Banded Coral Shrimp. This was a very nice site to end an excellent day of diving!


Tuesday October 20th

We started the day on a Big Colorful Wall called Monolith. For such a large wall we saw lots of small creatures like Painted Tunicate, Juvenile Magnificent Urchin and White Encrusting Zoanthid. Some of the fish like Mackerel, Jacks, Snappers and Groupers would found near the top of the wall. Next stop was Knucklehead Reef, which are several shallow coral heads that come close together creating a few canyons and the larger coral heads have swim thru’s. We encountered lots of Rock-Boring Urchins, Porcupinefish and school of Spadefish. For the afternoon the dive site was Split Coral Head. This was a busy site we could have stayed all day and night exploring the wall and large coral head. We enjoyed the Lettuce Slugs, Arrow Crabs, Huge Blue Parrotfish and about 10-12 Caribbean Reef Sharks that swam close to divers, sometimes as close as a few inches. It was a wonderful feeling having Sharks that close and feeling okay about it, not worrying. We headed back to Knucklehead for the night dive and swam with Large Channeling Clinging Crabs, Spotted Lobsters, Spotted Drums and Spotted Eels. It was an excellent night to be underwater.


Wednesday October 21st

Swimming in and out of all the Canyons and Swim Thru Cut Thru City has to offer is how we spent our Wednesday morning. While enjoying Cut Thru City we saw Goldspot Gobies, Twospot Cardinalfish, Hundreds of Juvenile Yellowhead Wrasse, Rose Lace Coral, Golfball Coral and Lettuce Coral. The Krackin was our after lunch dive. It’s also where we saw Lettuce Sea Slugs, Knobby Scallops and Flat Tree-Oysters. Cave Rock was our late afternoon and night dive. Here’s just some of the Marine Life we saw diving around Cave Rock. We saw Beaded Anemone, Finger Coral, Rock Beauties, Spotfin Butterflyfish, Black Jacks, Yellowtail Snappers, Barracudas, Stingrays and Octopus. Our last full day diving off Eleuthera was fun!


Thursday October 22nd

Before leaving The Island of Eleuthera the Carib Dancer made one more stop at a dive site call Primo Wall. It was a pre-breakfast dive so we were able to watch the wall and the reef on top of the wall wake up. Lots of small creatures were seen like Sponge Brittle Stars, Rough Fileclam, Atlantic Pearl-Oysters and Lettuce Sea Slug. Also swimming near us was Mackerel, Black, Nassau and Tiger Groupers of varies sizes and a Blacktip Shark. After enjoying a following sea back to the Exuma Islands we enjoy the Washing Machine. The Washing Machine dive is a drift dive the takes place between Highborne Cay and Oyster Cay while the tide is rising. On one area as we drift through the cut we got spun around like being in a spin cycle of a washing machine. After getting through the cut we slowly drifted over basket Star Reef where we saw Lobsters, Rays, Turtles and a couple of Sharks as well as Colorful Corals. We finish the day on Barracuda Shoals. We enjoyed bight colored corals, Queen Triggerfish, Porcupinefish, Caribbean Spiny and Spanish Lobsters, Rays, Turtles, Sharks and Octopus.


Friday October 23rd

Lobster No Lobster was the dive to finish an excellent week of diving. Lobster No Lobster is an area of shallow corals heads with a plethora of Marine Life to shoot pictures and video as our subjects. Creatures like Caribbean Spiny Lobsters, Neck Crabs, Long-Spine Urchins and Golden Crinoid. Other subjects swimming near were Barracudas, Orange Filefish, Smooth Trunkfish, Masked/Glass Goby and lots of Groupers. After being the last diver out of the water our guest John said it the best, “I just didn’t want to leave”.


The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!


Hope To See Everyone Again Soon… Come Join The Adventure!!


Best Fishes,


Carib Dancer Crew