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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 17, 2015
Entry By: Belize Crew


Belize Aggressor III

Captain’s Log October 17-23, 2015



Avg. Air temp – 78F

Avg Water temp – 82F

Sea State - choppy to rough

Avg Visibility – 80ft



Capt. Chris

Chef Yanis

Engineer – Fermin

Steward – Randy

Instructors – Jerome & Ken


This week’s guests were a group out of California! Welcome aboard Tessie, Ken, Patty, Paul, Diana, Susan, Bruce, Richard, Daneen, Azita, Doug, Julius, Michelle, Karen, Kathy, Cindy, David, and Griffon.


Sat Oct 17, 2015

WELCOME ABOARD!!! Guest boarded at 3PM. Safety briefing at 5:30PM, then dinner.


Sun Oct 18, 2015

Dive Site - Julie’s Jungle

Our week of diving started over on Lighthouse Reef Atoll at a dive site called Julie’s Jungle. Amongst the abundance of massive barrel sponges on this site there are lots of reef fish scurrying about. One of the first things we saw was a huge free swimming moray eel. We were then approached by a pair of tarpon, saw a group of lobsters, several neck crabs, and a school of Creole Wrasse swimming in what seemed like a never ending stream of fish.


Mon Oct 19, 2015

Dive Sites – Painted Wall & South East Cut

After hopping in for our 2nd day of diving, we descending into schools of creole wrasse, mullet, bar jacks, and rainbow runners . Below that was a very colourful reef teeming with marine life. We also saw a very big barracuda, neck crabs, green moray, spotted moray, a pair of Eagle Rays, very friendly Nassau groupers, Caribbean Reef sharks, and the highlight of the dive had to be the pod of 8 dolphins that swam through past the divers.


Tues Oct 20, 2015

Dive Sites – Dos Cocos & Long Caye Ridge

Tuesday’s dives started off with phenomenal visibility. We were greeted by a very persistent remora, saw a big green moray and lots of great sponge life on the dive. On the way back, we ran into a school of tarpon, a school of bar and horse-eye jacks hanging out under the boat. There were also several permit, jawfish, and a very healthy looking lobster was out walking along on the reef.


Wednesday Oct 21, 2015

Dive Sites – Blue Hole & Half Moon Caye Wall

Today we visited the Great Blue Hole for our first dive of the day. We dropped down to the depths below to look at the massive stalactites that formed tens of thousands of years ago.

After our dive we motored over for a quick island excursion on Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, where we climbed the bird tower to observe the nesting grounds for the Red Footed Booby bird and magnificent Frigate birds.

After lunch we spent the afternoon diving at Half Moon Caye Wall. This dive site is always a crowd favorite with the dramatic wall drop off, swim thru’s, and diversity of marine life. We saw sharks and Eagle Rays off the wall, a small green turtle taking a breath of air at the surface, several stingrays gliding across the sandy bottom, and several very friendly Nassau groupers tagging along on the dive. We also saw a lot of critters in the grass beds, such as flapping dingbats and head shield slugs, a roughback shrimp, and several other crabs and other crustaceans. We found some sailfin blennies around the mooring block. As the evening set in, schools of silversides, tarpon, bar jacks, mullet, and rainbow runners cruised in.


Thursday, Oct 22, 2015

Dive Sites - Silver cave, Front Porch, & Black Beauty

The day started out with amazing visibility. As we cruised the wall we saw a juvenile black tip reef shark (about a foot and a half long). We also saw several green moray eels, lots of creole wrasse, a seahorse, black groupers, and several turtles. One of the hawksbill turtles we came across was feeding on the reef. We also saw the elusive white spotted toadfish.


Friday, Oct 23, 2015

Dive Site – Sandy Slope

The week ended with 2 dives at Sandy Slope on Turneffe Atoll. It was a great send off after a great week of diving. We were blessed with flat calm seas and just fantastic weather.


Congrats to Richard on getting his 100th dive.

Congrats to Daneen and Michelle on completing their Nitrox class.

Congrats to our IRON DIVERS, doing all dives this week: Kathie, Cindi, Richard, Griffon, and David


Thank you all for a great week!