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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 24, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Sun Dancer II
Oct 24-31

Water Temp: 86 F
Visa: 100 + feet
Weather: Sunny

Crew: Captain Eddy, 2nd Captain Megan, Engineer Simon, Divemaster William, Chef Carlos, Assistant Chef Carlos, Stewardess Jean

Dive Sites Visited:
Sunday - Black Beauty and Julie’s Jungle
Monday - Half Moon Caye Wall and Painted Wall
Tuesday - East Cut and Elk Horn Forest
Wednesday - Long Caye Wall and Long Caye Ridge
Thursday - The Blue Hole and Silver Cave
Friday - Sandy Slope

Divers: Josh, Jill, Steve, Jack, Karen, Bob, Nancy, Roger, Terry, Deb, Rick, Lisa, Mike, Ramona, Mike, Scott, Joe, Mark, John, and Brand!

What a Wonderful Week!  The adventure started on Saturday when a fantastic group joined us onboard and immediately we could tell they were a bunch of fun people ready to enjoy themselves onboard and underwater.  The divers got unpacked in their staterooms before heading out to the dive deck to get situated.  After getting drinks and snacks the briefing was held in the salon followed by a delicious meal prepared by award winning Chef Jerry!  The rest of the evening was the perfect time for the divers to rest up to get ready for the week of under sea and top side adventures.

The first dives on Sunday started at Turneffe Island at a dive site called Black Beauty.  This sight is named after the black coral that is all over the reef and  of course the friendly sea creatures were out to welcome the divers to the beautiful waters of Belize.  After the first dive we headed over to Lighthouse reef to do our first afternoon dive at Julie’s Jungle where the first Spotted Eagle Ray was seen for the week!  On the night dive Joe had a fun time doing a new ‘squid whispering’ trick he learned and had one mesmerized by his dive light for a long time.  There were a few Octopus sightings which also made it a very enjoyable dive.

The next day at Half Moon Caye Wall proved to be so fantastic that everyone decided to stay for a third dive at this magical spot.  There were sharks, turtles, friendly groupers, spotted eagle rays, sting rays, garden eels in the sand and a few surprises for those looking into the little spots.  Sail fin blennies are on the mooring block and someone remarked that there must have been thousands of fish on the site!  A true underwater paradise.  The second afternoon dive was at Painted Wall and had a remarkable amount of friendly and colorful fish all swimming and enjoying the shallow reef beside the entertained divers.  There were eels and shrimps, flamingo tongues and parrot fish, a heard of sergeant majors and a bunch of chubs and jacks under the boat.  The tarpon were also out waiting for the night dive when they get active and start picking up the pace.  The night dive had a nurse shark sighting and an octopus that turned a beautiful color green.  There were the tarpon (as predicted) and a big crab that was actually eating flamingo tongues, literally ripping them off the soft coral, very exciting footage recorded by Karen!  

Tuesday was the site East Cut in the morning with sharks and amazing colors.  The white sand of the Half Moon Caye area leads up to the grass which turns into coral and reef structure with sandy pathways to follow over to the wall.  The afternoon at Elk Horn Forest had a super cute drum fish, two turtles (one small and one big) a shark!  Eels a HUGE massive sting ray that Roger called ‘the king of the jungle’ and said it was the biggest he had ever seen, probably about 6-8 feet wing span!  The night dive had cool creature sightings as well with a sting ray along the sand, a large eyed toad fish and some squid up near the surface.  

Wednesday we had the opportunity to dive the beautiful Long Caye Wall.  A black decorator crab was discovered and admired along with a spotted eagle ray and Jack even proclaimed it ‘the best I’ve ever had!”  The second dive site for the day was at Long Caye Ridge and had a very photogenic puffer fish, a file fish and pipe fish as well!  The entire day had many wondrous wonders and on the night dive that evening a squid was discovered as well as a reef shark and a little bashful eel!  

Thursday was the day we got to drive up north a ways to enter the world famous Blue Hole!  The entire group of divers enjoyed getting to see the Sun Dancer II enter into the thousand foot diameter area that was a deep blue with the reef making a perfect circle around.  The dive down to the stalactites was enjoyed followed by a walk around Half Moon Caye Island to make an extended surface interval entertaining and adventurous.  The afternoon dives and dusk dive were at Silver Cave which has a million different options for amazement from the reef to the sea life everything is beautiful and colorful.  There were two sharks seen that at one point were on either side of a diver, an eel free swimming and of course the ever present tarpon!  

The final morning dives for the week were enjoyed at Sandy Slope where a variety of fun discoveries were made.  There was a free swimming eel that took a few divers on a 10 minute journey over the reef and a super adorable crab that was both photogenic and a wonderful ambassador for the reef.  Everyone enjoyed the diving and onboard service this week and on behalf of the entire crew we would like to Thank You for joining us and we look forward to having the opportunity to dive with you in the future!

Thank You!