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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 31, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Charter 31st Oct-Nov 7th 2015                  

Water Temp 82, Wind East 10-12 Kts

Saturday: The weekend is here again which means we are ready again for another charter. 3 o’clock and our guests are ready to board and begin an adventure on the Cayman Aggressor IV. Welcome back Howey & Brug, Steve and his gang from Sea Ventures, the stage is set here for another classic week of diving. After a feast of BBQ from Chef Kingsley we introduced the crew and conducted our safety briefing, after which many of our guests decided to get an early night.

Sunday: First dive of the day was Doc Poulson, a small shipwreck in shallow water, a perfect way to check out our equipment and get diving again. As we swam around the wreck we spotted a lionfish hiding in plain sight, a Hawksbill Turtle feeding on the reef and a curious Mutton Snapper following us around the entire dive. Next up was Stingray City, with at least 10 Rays showing up to get a feast of Grade A squid. Chuck returned with the Largest Hickey, winning our T-shirt Competition. During Lunch we cruised towards Old man Bay to dive Babylon, this is a wonderful dive with a Pinnacle that starts at the edge of the wall and is full of life, barrel sponges, sea whips, sea fans and black coral in abundance. Once everyone was back onboard we prepared the vessel for our Voyage to Little Cayman, with light East winds and swells, we cruised our way there while the entire Yacht watched movies and ate popcorn!

Monday: Our guests awoke this morning to the welcome sites of Little Cayman, welcome. Divers munched down on some scrumptious banana and blueberry pancakes before this morning’s dives at Randy’s Gazebo. Throughout both dives divers were escorted along the gorgeous Bloody Bay Wall by our resident Groupers. During the surface interval those that hung around the back dive deck were greeted by the lovely sight of a turtle coming up for some fresh air. Kingsley served up his famous Mad Mexican Monday lunch of flank steak Fajitas, Chicken in sour cream paprika sauce and a Baja papaya cilantro salad. The crew moved the boat down to the Meadows during the afternoons siesta in preparation for the afternoon and night dives. During the dives we saw some serious shark action with a couple of resident Nassau Groupers facing off against our resident reef sharks over the invasive lionfish hiding in crevices. It was a sight to behold! In the night dives an octopus was spotted by some, whilst a host of macro life was spotted by others, including lettuce lead slugs and Pederson cleaner shrimp. It’s time for our famous hot towels, hot chocolate and hot tub!

Tuesday: An early move of the boat found us now at Lea Lea’s Lookout. This is a fantastic site with always so much on show. On this occasion our divers saw a very large Turtle, Green Moray and a couple of crabs. Between dives we were treated to some Danish pastries. On the second dive things were much the same Turtles, Green Moray but this time instead of crabs we got to see some Lobsters. Back on board in time for our Italian style lunch and a quick move down to Donna’s Delight for the first of our two afternoon dives. Here we saw a huge Turtle, some Sail Fin Blenny’s up in the shallows, a cute Burr fish hiding amongst the soft Corals and some more of our friendly Groupers who were swimming along escorting our guests throughout their dive. A quick move up to Mixing Bowl and everyone was eager to get wet again. Great for video, we saw a couple of Yellow Headed Jaw fish with their eggs in their mouth. Along the mini wall a Spotted Moray was seen, a couple of Nurse Sharks in the sand and on top of the reef as always were schools of Snapper, Chub, School Masters and Grunts. During meal time we moved the Aggressor IV over to Cayman Brac ready for the night dive. At around 19:30 eleven divers took to the water to dive the wreck of the Russian Frigate. A great dive was had by all and we were rewarded when an Octopus made an appearance and stuck around and didn’t seem too bothered that he was being videoed for a good length of time. Also we saw Lobster and a large Channel Crab. A great day was had by all.

Wednesday: As morning broke in Cayman Brac we were ready to see the wreck during again in daylight. As we descended we were amazed at the size of this shipwreck. On the bow a turtle swam along by the guns, then we swam into Havana Alley and all around the superstructure area; the engine room was equally impressive, lots of natural light falling into the area. During lunch we cruise back over to Little Cayman for an afternoon of diving at Bus Stop. This site has it all, sharks, turtles, caverns, canyons and swim thu’s. In the shallows we were able to see Sail Fin Blenny’s and sharks in the same frame. At night this site comes alive. In the sand we saw an Octopus feeding on small fish. What a Super day of diving.

Thursday: Following the boat move after yesterday’s dusk dive our early bird divers awoke to find themselves at Nancy’s Cup of Tea. Every diver bar one opted to wake up early and be in the water for 6 a.m. apparently it was worth getting up for as everyone came back raving about it. It’s good to jump in and witness the reef and creatures waking up. As always our resident sharks were around, always checking us out. As the current was picking up we opted to move the boat for the next morning dives and went back to Mixing Bowl. On two great dives we saw a large free swimming Green Moray, a large Turtle chowing down on a sponge and a couple of Stingrays down in the sand .During lunch we moved yet again along to Great Wall where we offered the guests the choice of two dives OR a single extended dive. Whichever option they opted for it seemed as though everyone loved it. What a magnificent wall and an awesome shallow reef, another great ending to our visit at Little Cayman. Now it’s time to get the boat ready for the crossing back to Grand Cayman

Friday: As morning broke we are back at 7 mile beach at the site of USS Kittiwake. Sank in 2011 this is a most excellent dive. We had the entire wreck to ourselves; this wreck is perfect for training, lots of areas to practice using reels and to navigate. On the wreck itself there is an abundance of marine life, Schooling fish galore and upon closer inspection plenty of macro life. All our divers returned very happy. Next up was Devil’s Grotto, which is a dive site that made Cayman famous, lots of nice caves and caverns with plenty of life, up to 60 Tarpon live in this area, visibility was fantastic and a special way to complete a classic week of Cayman diving, Congratulations to Brug and Breezy for completing 100 dives and to Jonas for completing his Master Scuba Diver Rating. To all the gang from Sea Ventures thanks to Steve for leading the group, for all those first ever live aboard divers, welcome to the Aggressor/ Dancer way of diving.

Have a safe flight home and hope to see you again soon.

Cayman Aggressor IV Crew.