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Log Date: Saturday, Oct 24, 2015
Entry By: Fiji Crew


Island Dancer II Captains Log Oct 23rd to 30th 2015

Water Temp-78f                              Weather- Warm & Sunny                              Visibility- 100+ ft

Ni sa Bula Vinaka from the Fiji Islands, we hope you’ll had a wonderful week as we did. Our guests all arrived early on Saturday which gave us an early departure from the port of Suva for our night’s anchorage at Gau Island. On board this week we had Mike Mesgleski from the Jim Church school of photography, in his group were Chris & Cindy, Bob & Kathy, Jenny & Chris, Michael & Stoo.

Day 1-Gau Island.

Our check out dive was a drift through Nigali Shark passage which was pretty exciting for our very experienced divers/photographers. Next up was the shark feed that had 25 grey reef sharks attacking the tuna heads that D/M Moses tied to the rock, the photographers couldn’t stay put, they were out there in the middle of the sharks trying to get their best shots in. We then cruised to Nairai Island for the afternoon and night dives. Nairai Island is a new dive area that we have started diving. Jimmy and Murrays reef have very large gorgonion sea fans and a variety of critters.  

Day 2-Wakaya & Makogai Islands.

Early morning cruise to Wakaya with light winds and slight seas brought us to Manta Rock(manta cleaning station). We did 2 dives here with a manta hovering above the pinnacle getting cleaned and did not mind the divers snapping away with their cameras. During lunch we headed further north to Makogai for the remainder of the day diving Half pipe and Ricks rock.

Day 3- Namena Island

A beautiful sunny Tuesday morning started with dives at Magic Mountain and Mushrooms. Soft coral in full bloom feeding on the incoming tide, schools of red, orange and blue anthias teaming the top of the pinnacles, sea fans with hawk fish, shrimps and small crabs, leaf scorpion fish, frog fish, large coral trout kept the photographers busy. The afternoon dives were at Grand Central Station and Kansas where the large and little congregate, from grey reef sharks, schooling Barracuda and jacks to the pigmy sea horse in the sand, orangutan grab on the bubble coral and much more.

Day 4- Namena Island

We awoke to another beautiful sunny morning and headed off to dive Chimneys for our first 2 dives. The guest asked to stay for more dives at this site coz there was so much to see and photograph, trying to decide whether to go with Macro or wide angle was a tough decision in itself. Pigmy sea horses, leaf scorpion fish, various types of nudibrach, blennies, gobbies and different colored soft coral, sea fans, anthias are just a few to mention. When asked how the dive was, the only two responses that came back was……WOW……UNDESCRIBABLE. The other dives were at Black Forest and Kansas finishing off the day with a night dive at Mid Patch.

Day 5- Makogai Island.

We departed Namena Island early Thursday morning cruising to Makogai as the sun rose, Chris our guest managed to hook up a Mahimahi on the trolling line for lunch. The 3 dive site for the day was Beckys, Pinball and Christines, the excellent diving conditions in Makagai Lagoon was enjoyed by everyone, especially with the water temperature warming up to 79f, bright sunshine and calm seas. The rest of the afternoon was spent touring the ruins of the old Lepper colony, turtle nursery, tridacna clam farm, Dinner being cooked in the earth oven(lovo), Chiefly Kava Ceremony and Island songs and dance entertainment.

Day 6- Wakaya Island

Our last dive of the trip was at Wakaya wall before making our 8hr cruise back to the port of Suva. During the cruise home, Michael Lamb landed a Spanish mackerel for our evening cocktail hors d’oeuvres.


Till next trip, Safe diving.