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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Nov 01, 2015
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor II Boat Report

Nov. 1-8, 2015



Capt. Scott

2nd Capt.: Casey

Instructor/Video Pro. Dan

Chef.: Ronnie

Engineer/Divemaster: Hector

Stewardess. Herence

Divemaster/Skiff Driver. Joe

Divemaster: Ernan


The crew was welcome the group of 18 guest from the US. Captain Scott check everybody in and followed by room briefing before they set up their equipment at the dive deck, then followed by the first power point presentation about the vessel orientation then dinner at 6:30 prepared by the very own Chef Ronnie.


We leave the dock at 5:30 in the morning to start the day of diving at Teshu Maru, This wreck located at the west side of Malakal harbor. It sit in a coral at an angle to it’s left, we start the dive at the mid ship where the mooring line attached and it was beautiful dive with great visibility of 80 feet. We saw lots of nice nudibranchs and flatworm, goby’s and shrimp in the wire coral and couple of artifact located in the forward hold. Next dive was The Iro, great visibility but haft down was the get cloudy because of the tide change, we saw the giant clam and dusk anemone at the top of the stern king post also lot’s of small stuff such as goby’s and blenny. The next dive in the afternoon was Fern’s wall, the dive start at wall in the left with relatively slow current. We saw lots of different fish varieties, soft coral, sea fan, and gorgonians. Also the school of pyramid butterfly fish, shark’s and couple of turtles passing by the wall. And last dive of the day was German channel. We saw four manta rays slowly passing, current was a bit slack haft way of the dive and it pick up the outgoing current in the very end of the dive.


Tuesday, first dive at the Famous Blue Corner and the dive start at the outgoing side. We saw schooling fusiliers, pyramid butterfly fish, red tooth trigger fish and sharks swimming back and forth. At the plato we saw schooling barracuda, white tip reef shark resting in the sandy patches and also the napoleon wrasse. Second dive at Turtle Cove and the start at the chimney hole down to the cavern, beautiful ambient light came from the hole, soft coral and sea fan along the wall also we saw the square spot anthias along the first cut. As we go along we reach the corner where more soft coral and schooling fish are seen around, couple of reef shark’s and turtles passing by. 3rd dive at New drop off where the current was start from the outgoing side, we saw lots of shark’s and schooling fusiliers , barracuda and reef trevally. We get to the hook in area but not enough current to hang on for us to slowly exploring the top of the reef and by the time we reach the other side of the corner then the current start to switch. 4th dive at Barnum’s wall where we start the dive by the coral garden, we saw lots of fish varieties in the beginning then beautiful soft coral, sea fan and gorgonian’s formation along the wall. Also couple of turtle and few reef shark’s passing by the blue water, the wall was interesting because of the big cut and over hang were small critters like nudibranchs are found, we saw couple of notodoris and flabelina. Night dive at Turtle cove were the dive start at the wall with relatively slow current in the beginning, we saw lots of shrimp and crabs, feeding basket star and tubastrea. The current pick up at the corner were the dive become more fun and exciting.


Wednesday at the Pelelliu camp beck and 1st dive at Pelelliu corner, the dive start at the Cut and the current was slow every body hook in for a while. We saw reef sharks, schooling horse eye jacks, blue spine unicorn fish and lots of red tooth triggerfish glide along the current. We unhook and drift al the way to the corner were we saw lots of bigger fish like marble grouper, bump head parrotfish, giant sweetlips and barracuda. Back to the big boat for the land tour at 9am, 2nd dive at West wall, the dive start wall on the right with mild current. Beautiful wall with lots of soft coral and giant sea fan also schooling fish are everywhere such as red snappers, butterfly fish, soldier fish and thousands of anthias along the wall edge. Sharks cruising along the blue water and couple of leaf scorpion fish hiding the crevices. 3rd dive at Orange beach, current toward east but fairly mild, we saw lots of WWII artifacts such as ammunition, mortar shells and tank. We also seen so many green and hawksbill turtles, fish are everywhere and very active doing their different activity and we also found a crocodile fish in the middle of the dive. It was a excellent dive to end with. We start to pull out at camp beck to have the 4th dive at the Barracks point, the dive was start at the east side and the current was perfect to slowly drift the group on top of the coral garden reef, we saw lots of turtles from the start until the end of the dive, also we saw the residence giant clams that around 4 feet in length and spotted eagle ray. Another crocodile fish spotted by one of the guest and everyone enjoy the dive. Night dive at Big drop off were the dive start at the mooring area and have the wall to the right, Big drop is one of the best wall that Palau has to offer because of the soft coral and sea fan formation, also an opportunity for most photographer to look for nudibranchs, flatworm and scorpion fish.


Thursday 1st dive at the famous Blue holes and the dive start from the chimney hole down to the big cavern with the beautiful light rays from 4 holes. We saw the disco clam and the residence pigmy seahorse down the exit door at 90 feet. We start to swim along the wall and haft of the group made to blue corner but the other haft decided to stay along the wall and enjoy it, their was a current towards the corner and most of the group made to hook in and it pick up quite strong and after couple of minute we decided to leaved the hook in area to drift at the plato and finish the dive. The shark’s , barracuda, jacks and napoleon wrasse are present but not mush time to hangout because the current get stronger. 2nd dive at German Channel, we start at the Koror side right at the beginning of the dive we couple of hawksbill turtle crunching coral without bothering the divers around him, we slowly make our way to the manta cleaning station and wait although no manta that show but sharks and schooling fish are still present. We slowly drift inside the channel were the beautiful coral garden and also we spot a spearing mantis shrimp, giant clam and tons of different small fish. 3rd dive at Blue corner again were this time no current at all, we start at the incoming side we saw the usual stuff like schooling jacks and barracuda, red tooth trigger fish and pyramid butterfly fish, sharks and couple of tuna cruising along the blue water and the friendly napoleon wrasse. 4th dive at Canyons were we start at the wall on the right towards the canyons itself, we swam around to the swim through and check some of the over hang reef around fish are pretty active some are being clean by cleaner wrasse also different kind of angel and butterfly. And as we moving along we saw a big hawks bill turtle swimming towards the blue water, schooling of parrot fish feeding along the coral ground. And we end up to another wall with beautiful soft coral and couple of nudibranch, it’s another awesome dive with beautiful sunset in the end, Back to the mother boat for another great dinner prepared by chef Ronnie with Dan trivia of the night. Night dive German coral garden and we start at the Pelelliu side were we saw 3 crocodile fish, sea cucumber look like medusa worm, nudibrach and flatworm, the hairy like urangutang crab and white tip reef shark at the end of the dive.


Friday morning we pull up the mooring to head out in Ulong Island, we start the dive at Siaes tunnel and we drop down the wall at 90 feet then swim through the tunnel. The visibility was clear and lots of jacks and snappers at the entrance, giant sea fan and black coral in the window exit and the high light is the rare decorated dart fish. We start to swim out and have the wall on the right the wall was beautiful covered of hard and soft coral also couple of grey reef sharks along the wall cruising by. 2nd dive at the world famous Ulong channel were the is just start to coming in, the dive start the wall down to the mouth of the channel and few sharks passing by jacks and fusiliers along. We start to pull out of the mouth then drift inside the channel itself then we saw the big patch of lettuce coral, lots of grouper, and the giant clam in the end of the dive. Back to the big boat and have lunch, 3rd dive at Siaes corner and the dive start at the wall in the outgoing side, the wall are covered by different soft coral, sea fan and gorgonians then we hook in at the corner with lots of shark swimming back and fort also saw the residence baby eagle ray, schooling barracuda, napoleon wrasse and octopus. last dive at Sandy paradise with clear visibility and almost no current to start with, we saw scorpion leaf fish, mantis shrimp, schooling glassy eye crescent tail soldier fish, yellow fin barracuda, reef trevally and couple of white tip and grey reef shark also octopus in the very end of the dive.


Saturday went to the Jellyfish lake and every body have fun and enjoy the magical experience lake surrounded by million of stingless jellyfish, also around the lake we saw the yellow and red sponges that grow around the mangrove root system. After the lake Joe took us to the famous rock island before we came back to the mother boat and last but not the list is diving at Chandelier cave, another great experience diving in the close environment with 3 breathable air chamber and lots of stalactite hanging around each room and after that we continue the dive outside the cave to see the mandarin fish, pajama cardinal fish and crab eye goby.

Another great experience to the rest of the group what Palau has to offer particularly in diving and hope to see you again in your next Palau Aggressor II visit.