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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 24, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Charter 24-31 Oct 2015

Water Temp: 82-84

Weather: East Winds 10-12


Saturday: The Cayman Aggressor IV is ready for another action packed week of eating, sleeping & diving. At 3 o’clock we boarded our guests. We learned that some of our guests, Gerry, Pat and Dave have been diving for over 150 years!!! Combined years that is. Once all arrived we cruised away from the dock and voyaged up to our first site. On the way our guest got to know each other over a feast of Ribs and Jerk Chicken, Chef Kinsley was winning hearts on the first meal as always. Once we conducted our safety briefing and introduced the crew it was time for a good night’s sleep.

Sunday: We awoke to flat calm seas and clear water. First up was our old favorite, Doc Poulson, a mix of wall and wreck, shallow enough to check out of equipment, and enjoy the marine life. The visibility was amazing, the life on the wreck was pristine and our divers returned with tales of joy and happiness. Next up was Stingray City, the most fun to be had in 12 feet of water. The Rays were hungry this morning, with at least 10-12 getting up close and personal. The yellow tale Snappers were hungry also with a few divers returning with nip marks on their fingers. Our Stingray City Hickey winner this week was Patrik. During lunch we cruised down to Old Man Bay to our usual spot Babylon. This is by far the most talked about site on Grand Cayman. The pinnacle starts at 90 ft. and goes up to 60ft with sponges, black coral, sea whips, sea fans and all types of critters hiding in the area. Once our divers returned we prepared for our crossing to Little Cayman. After 7 hours of seas that were calm for our standards we arrived to Randy’s Gazebo.

Monday: With light east winds we woke up to lake like conditions. Randy’s Gazebo was looking so healthy, many of our divers saw up to 4 turtles and groupers to go around for everyone. Our resident grouper that hangs out by the Gazebo was there as usual ready to point out Lion fish to anyone that would look!! After 2 dives we moved to Bus Stop where you can find sharks out in the blue and Sail Fin blenny’s in the sand. We enjoyed this amazing swim through leading out to the wall; the color on the reef was teaming with life. At night this reef comes to life with all the nocturnal creatures ready for the night shift. As soon as we descended we found Octopus hunting on the sand, as we toured the area the amount of f fish that were sleeping on the reef was outstanding. At the end of the dive we were lucky to see two Juvenile Squid dancing in the moonlight!!

Tuesday: Divers awoke this morning to a beautifully alit moon from a gorgeous pink sunrise. After having either their eggs benedict or Florentine it was time to hit Lea Leas lookout for two morning dives. There were turtles galore spotted including one surfacing right next to the boat, in addition our friendly groupers were on the hunt for a good pat or cuddle from whoever would provide one first. With Kingsley sensing the hunger in the divers he served up a beautiful Italian feast of Blackened Red snapper, a Caesar salad with a side of Penne Pasta. Wow everyone is so full its time for a siesta! Awakening after a quick afternoon sleep we’ve moved down the wall to ‘the Meadows’. Divers were impressed with the big stuff including Spotted Eagle Rays and Caribbean Reef Sharks through to the macro world of Sail fin blennies and yellow headed jaw fish! Dinner tonight is Surf and Turf night whilst the boat is moved to the Russian Destroyer for our night dive. After some squirrel fish and an octopus on the wreck it’s time for hot towels, Hot Chocolate and Hot tub!

Wednesday: Everyone was looking forward to the famous wreck dive over in the Brac and as soon as briefing was complete the divers jumped in and either followed on a guided tour or did their own thing. There was no sign of our resident Goliath Grouper but we did get to see a Turtle and a Porcupine Puffer. Not really known for its abundance of fish the wreck does offer an excellent exploration dive and is well coated in soft corals, making it a very colorful dive as the greyness of the ship is brighten up by all the different corals. After the second dive and over an amazing lunch we took the boat back over to Little Cayman for the p.m. and night dives on Mixing Bowl. This turned out to be the “Best dive” so far, everyone loved it. What did we see? A Reef shark made a brief appearance, Squid up in the shallows, a Turtle, Yellow Spotted Ray and a host of other interesting creatures and critters.

Thursday: First dive this morning was at Nancy’s Cup of Tea, this early morning dive is a favorite among our guests. The site was looking impressive as we descended towards the Tea Cup and as we swam around the Black Coral, off out the distance we saw 2 Reef Sharks. Along we swam until just over the wall an Eagle Ray glided over the top of the reef for all to enjoy! All this and it was only 8 minutes into our dive. We cruised up over the wall to check out the old anchors which date back to the 15 century! For those that skipped the first dive they were able to enjoy later. Next was Sara Set, nestled in the center of Jackson Wall. Two walls on one dive with life everywhere you look. During lunch we moved down to Great Wall for our final two dives on Bloody Bay. Freddy was there as usual to remind all how wonderful Bloody bay is and to say farewell to us. The Voyage back to Grand was calm with a following sea and light chop. Our custom Thanks Giving dinner was enjoyed by all thanks to Chef Kingsley.

Friday: The Kittiwake was the first dive of the day; this Shipwreck makes a fine choice, with plenty of areas to explore this old Submarine rescue Vessel, the amount of fish life on this seems to be multiplying weekly, schools of Horse Eye Jacks, territorial Sargent Majors and resident Groupers. The Chambers are always the most talked about every week. Next up was Devil’s Grotto which is a favorite, lots of swim through and plenty of Tarpon to see. Our guests returned with tales of joy and glee! Another picture perfect week here in Cayman. Thanks to Bob & Cathy, Mike & Tammy for celebrating their Anniversary’s with us.

From all the crew here we enjoyed the charter as much as our guests, Safe travels to all going stateside and a special thanks to Patrik and Olivier for travelling from Switzerland, Hope to see you on here again real soon

Cayman Aggressor Crew.