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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 31, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Sun Dancer II
Oct 31 - Nov 7

Water Temp: 86 F
Visa: 100 + feet
Weather: Sunny

Crew: Captain Eddy, 2nd Captain Megan, Engineer Simon, Divemaster William, Chef Carlos, Assistant Chef Carlos, Stewardess Barbara

Dive Sites Visited:
Sunday - Julie’s Jungle and Long Caye Ridge
Monday - Half Moon Caye Wall and Doc Chichas
Tuesday - East Cut and Long Caye Wall
Wednesday - The Blue Hole and Silver Cave
Thursday - Lighthouse Wall and Elkhorn Forest
Friday - Black Beauty

Divers: Jack, Alexis, Anna, JP, Alfons, Don, JoAnne, Lori, Jasper, Paul, Steve, Jerry, Eric, Dave, Dennis, Bruce, Allen, Craig and Andrew!

Another incredible week onboard and underwater in Belize!  The Sun Dancer II and all her crew were happy to welcome on the divers including Lori and Jasper who were back to visit again!  Everyone was happy to see their staterooms and make themselves comfortable and organized on the dive deck.  Upstairs the drinks and snacks began and the vacation was officially kicked off with a toast after the safety and accommodations briefing. After dinner and dessert the Sun Dancer II set out for Lighthouse Reef and began the weeks diving at the beautiful dive site Julie’s Jungle the next morning.

For the first afternoon dive site Long Caye Ridge was enjoyed and the first shark of the week was seen and one of the highlights was a mating pair of gray angle fish that were seen spawning after a really intricate dance around the reef.  There were also indigo hamlets in the mood and really set the stage for an interesting creature behavior week!   

The next morning started at Half Moon Caye Wall and had 4 different shark sightings, a variety of sting rays in the sand feeding, spotted eagle rays off the wall in the blue, 2 turtles, super friendly groupers and the garden of eels coming out of the sand are always a favorite on this site.  The afternoon at Dos Chichas had eels, one wild free swimming all over and another shark and huge barracuda made for a really cool afternoon variety.  On the night dive there were two octopus that stole the show and really entertained the divers.

Tuesday at East Cut we encountered a HUGE crab off the wall on the reef.  The sharks that enjoy this area showed up and a few cool sting rays were seen gliding along the top of the reef as well.  There was a very photogenic barracuda that actually posed for some pictures and the small stuff that was fun to discover included a lettus leaf sea slug that JoAnne with her eagle eyes can take credit for finding.  The afternoon at Long Caye Wall was amazing with more turtles and spotted eagle rays and an absolutely incredible night dive that had the coolest goat fish ever (imagine one and then picture this one bigger, redder and with those cool chin horns out going crazy all around putting on a spectacular show right next to a crab that was equally amazing.)  There was the best octopus ever because it never got shy and kept moving over the reef going up and down over fans and coral, changing colors and shapes while it hunted and danced.  There was a school of squid, tarpon and urchins so much to check out it was truly one of the best night dives ever.

Wednesday was the GREAT BLUE HOLE and a wonderful dive it was.  Some divers went down to the maximum recreational limit of 130 feet while others stayed around the edge and enjoyed the sea life while some went down just enough to see and check out the stalactites and take a few really awesome pictures.  Everyone appreciated the group dive and had a good experience at the world class dive site.  After the deep dive opportunity the divers were given the chance to explore Half Moon Caye Island to check out the natural paradise!  After lunch the most amazing dives took place at Silver Cave with the SEA HORSE discovered and admired, horse eyed jacks and bermuda chubs all  around under the boat, a nurse shark, reef shark, free swimming eel, lobsters in sponges, creole wrasse everywhere swimming in streams over the coral formation and a super cool golden bandid shrimp!  The night dive also had a reef shark sighting, squids, octopus and other super fun night dive creatures were out and about.

The first dives of the day were back at the Half Moon Caye area called Lighthouse Wall.  The beautiful reef wall and sand were picture perfect and along the deep blue was a really big spotted eagle ray that was able to fill the frame of your camera even from a distance.  There was also a turtle and other beautiful fish formations like the silver sides in the caves and other bright and wonderful lighting in the sand to admire the hog fish and other fish friends.  The afternoon and night dives at Elkhorn Forest were wonderful as well and after a super delicious feast the Sun Dancer II headed to the night mooring to rest before setting out to Turneffe for the morning dives at Black Beauty next to the famous dive site The Elbow.

The glassy ocean had a very slight roll as the crossing from Lighthouse to Turneffe was enjoyed by everyone.  The most amazing dawn dive took place with a huge pod of dolphins swimming past the divers underwater some people counting over two dozen amazing creatures.  Simon the divemaster leading the dive said he felt the echo location of the dolphins all thru his body and was giddy and talking about it for the rest of the day.  There was an octopus on the same dive, 4 different green moray eels, 5 channel cleaning crabs, 3 spotted eagle rays in formation, a toad fish and another pair of spotted eagle rays that made several passes at the divers and one went right up to one for a close encounter.  The morning was so magical and incredible all the divers felt wonderful and appreciative of the perfect weather and impressive creature sightings.  

On behalf of all the crew of the Sun Dancer II we would like to thank you for joining us this week and look forward to diving with you again!

Thank You!!!