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Log Date: Saturday, Oct 31, 2015
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log
31 October- 7 November 2015
South Andaman Sea

*Air Temp.  30c
*Water Temp. 29c
* Visibility 20m

Captain: Tui
Cruise Director: Gabriel
Assistant Cruise Director: Clive
Engineer: Bao
Second Captain: Rong
Deck hand: Nin
Chef: Phorn
Chef: Phorn
Video / Photo Pro: Deaw
Steward: Anny

Guests –  Suzanne, Steven, Christopher, Dianne, James, Mayumi, Min Lee and Kyung Hee,
Olga ,Kim


Sunday – Talu,Talu, Stonehenge, Talang East, Talang east..
Monday –  Stonehenge,8 Mile Rock x2 Sawang
Tuesday –  Hin Muang ,Hin Daeng, Koh Haa Rock,Koh Haa Lagoon x2.
Wednesday –  King Cruiser,Shark point,Anenome Reef, Hin Bida
Thursday –  Koh Haa Chimney, Koh Haa Yai,Hin Muang, Hin Daeng x2
Friday –  Hin Muang x 2

Saturday 31st October 2015
All our guests arrived in the afternoon so we escorted guests to their cabins and then set up equipment. After this we had our boat safety briefing and a lovely Salmon dinner, our guests headed to bed early with great expectations for the week.

Sunday 01st November 2015
We did our check dive at Talu a nice easy start, there was a bit of surface current so we headed to the bottom we had a bit of current at the beginning but this soon slacked off and we ended up drifting the whole outer ridge we found the large school of yellow snapper and a big sea snake. Our second dive we just dived the ridge and saw a Blue spotted stingray and our resident Tigertailed sea horse. Our 3rd dive we headed to one of our favorites Stonehenge the coral here is fantastic with huge barrel sponges and large Gorgonian sea fans. For our fourth dive we did Talang west and found a couple of coral cat sharks sleeping under a rock. We did our night dive at this location and saw a large free swimming morays and a school of squid swimming above our lights..

Monday 02nd November 2015
We began our day at Stonehenge the visibility was good and we saw a school of Barracuda and a huge school of yellow snapper. Our second and third dives we headed to 8 mile rock the current had picked up a little bit but we saw a big school of Batfish, also seen was a small group of about 10 golden Trevally, For our fourth and final dive we headed to the Island called Sawang  this was a great drift dive in the channel there are some huge Gorgonian sea fans and some very large Barrel sponges.

Tuesday 03rd November 2015
We begun our day at Hin Muang we had great visibility and many Trevally and Rainbow runners  still feeding on the thousands of Glass fish. Our next dive was close by at Hin Daeng  there was a large school of Batfish and some schooling Barracuda. We headed to Koh Haa for our  third dive the visibility was still great  and we saw some blue spotted stingrays in the sand also we found a very nice Zebra Moray out hunting. The soft corals at this site are beautiful and with the sunlight penetration we saw some fantastic colors. On our fourth dive we headed for Koh Haa lagoon we had a nice dive and two of our guests finished off the navigation dive for the advanced certification. Our night dive we conducted at the Lagoon also. We enjoyed the dive and saw morays free swimming and found a stingray feeding in the sand…

Wednesday 04th November 2015
We upped anchor early and headed to our most northern dive sites of our southern safari, our day started at The King Cruiser wreck the current was minimal and we had a very enjoyable dive with many species of nudibranchs and a lot of Rainbow Runners feeding on the thousands of Glass fish. For our second dive we decided on Shark point and saw many small stingrays in the sand and also lots of partner Gobies building and cleaning their homes also at this site we found many Dart gobies. Our Third dive was at Anemone reef this is the reef the King Cruiser struck and sank our resident Seahorse was present and there were many Parrot fish and Unicorn fish congregating prior to mating. Our  fourth dive we headed back south towards Phi Phi island to a dive site called Bida  Nok , The fish life was amazing and we saw so many reef fish including Puffer fish and many different species of Angel fish.

Thursday 05th November 2015.
We woke up at Koh Haa and decided to dive the chimney the visibility was great and the sun penetrated  down the chimney it was full Sweepers that made great photography .  We also found some free Swimming morays. On our second dive we headed for the caverns of Koh Haa yai  they were full of yellow Snapper in their hundreds we also found a couple of very nice pipefish in the sand, Our third dive of today we headed back to Hin Daeng and saw many Blue fin trevally and a school of Rainbow Runners. We decided to dive  Hin Daeng for our final day dive as our dinghy driver had seen a Manta Ray from the surface, we saw a school of Barracuda and some very nice Nudibranch but sadly no Manta ray. On our night dive we followed a Giant  moray for ages while it was hunting then it pounced on an unsuspecting goat fish and swam off into the depths..

Friday 06th November 2015
Only 2 dives today, so we decided to dive at Hin Muang we dived a little bit later in the hope of seeing Manta Rays , sadly no mantas on this dive but we had a great  dive none the less, we saw lots of Blue fin Trevally still hunting Glassfish also a big Malabar Grouper  swam past our group. For our second dive we headed for the north of Hin Muang and saw a very active Octopus  this kept our group of avid photographers occupied for a good while it was changing color and moving about the reef looking for food. We upped anchor and headed for our port for the last time in the south Andaman, We had a wonderful farewell BBQ and Video of the week to keep us entertained.

Saturday 07th November 2015
All our guests were up early for breakfast. We got all bags on the Minibus and said our farewells with many new friends and acquaintances made, We had a good week with many fun loving guests……