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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015
Entry By: Wind Dancer Crew



14 – 24 October Wind Dancer

Water temperature                  +25 Celsius

Visibility                                         > 25 meters , 70-80 feet


Guests arrived to Wind Dancer, some very tired from a long trip, but looking forward the beautiful Cocos island diving.

First, after the luggage was taken by crew on each guests cabin, the general briefing with the safety procedures was explained just before our sailing started. At the same time a little cocktail was also offered.

The sailing this time, was a bit jumpy due to a little storm, but the will to arrive and dive was stronger than anything else, so finally it was not that bad.

Once in Cocos, we dove our first dive, Chatham. This is usually our check dive as its near the vessel and water its calm and has crystal clear visibility, specially for those guests that have not been diving for a long time and need to check their weights and buoyancy, its just the perfect place, and not only that, but meanwhile sharks, rays, and school of snappers were around our divers for the whole time.

Then, on the first day, 8 am we started diving Dirty Rock and Punta Maria .As usual, schools of hammerheads, silky sharks and Galápago sharks , were surrounding us the whole time, but here is when a hige Tiger Shark came along!! Eagle rays, white tips and marbe rays, were also a part of the beautiful show.

On the second day , pretty much the same exciting marine life , but this time with a little more current, that never stopped our guests from having a beautiful dive,

Viking rock and pajara island on the other hand were peaceful and shallow dives to end the day.

On the third day, sea conditions were a bit tough due to a tropical storm so we decided to change our plan and go back to punta maria and dirty rock, again, totally stunning dives.

Alcyone, always one of the highlights of the trip was incredible , name any shark or pelagic marine life and there it was

Night dive with white tips huting was also one of the highlights of the trip as this dive is consider, one of the best night dive in the world.

Thanks to our guests

Shase, Shannon, Shane, Kaitlin, Andrés, Luis D, Gabriela, Oscar R, Marianela, Kevin C, Christian, Joaquín, Efraín, Iván, Álvaro, Oscar B, Karim, Vincent, Manuel, Kevin K, Jean, Luis C

Looking forward diving with you all again soon,