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Log Date: Tuesday, Nov 03, 2015
Entry By: Komodo Crew


Komodo Dancer, Alor Trip 3rd November-13th November



Captain: Kasim

Cruise Director: Rob

Guides: Rob, Gede, Niko

Head Steward: Rizal

Chef: Totok



Lee, Kathy, Joerg, Toni, Chris, Mike, Valou, John, Byron



Air: 35

Water: 24-28



Wednesday: Pengabatang, The Crack, Pomana Wall

Thursday: Bachatan Ledge, Bachatan Wall

Friday: Crocodile Caves,Babylon, Mucky Mosque, Mucky Mosque

Saturday: Pak Yan’s Village, The Dream, Mini Wall, Mini Wall

Sunday: School’s Out, Red Wall, The Corner, Signal Point

Monday: The Boardroom, French Window, Crocodile Rock, Night Delight

Tuesday: Beangabang Bay x4

Wednesday: Beangabang Bay x 4

Thursday: Clown Fish Valley, Pak Yan’s Reef

Tuesday 3rd November

Today is arrival day on board the Komodo Dancer. We have guests from China, Germany, USA, France and Canada. Unfortunately two of our guests missed their flight so they will arrive tomorrow. However we didn’t let that dampen our spirits and we had a wonderful celebratory dinner together.

Wednesday 4th November

In the early hours of the morning we moved to Pengabatang the location of our check out dive a reef slope with good corals. Highlights included white tip reef shark, juvenile spade fish and ribbon eels. We then moved to Babi Island and dived The Crack, a great wall dive. Highlights included hawksbill turtle, octopus, cuttlefish and nudis.

Thursday 5th November

In the early hours we arrived at Kawula Island. We began our day diving Bachatan Ledge. We experienced another wall dive with highlights being Napoleon wrasse, black and white tip reef sharks, spotted eagle ray, pygmy seahorses and cuttlefish. Our second dive was at Bachatan wall another great dive with highlights being candy crab, white tip reef sharks and giant trevally. We then headed for Komba Volcano a highlight of this cruise, an active volcano which erupts every 30-40 minutes. We arrived just before sunset and then enjoyed dinner whilst watching one of natures greatest firework displays.

Friday 6th November

We travelled all night arriving at Buaya Island in time to dive a site known as Crocodile Caves. A fabulous wall with highlights being giant frogfish, banded sea snake and mantis shrimp.

We then moved to Ternate Island to a site known as Babylon, another great wall. Highlights included amazing corals and an abundance of reef fish. We then moved to Kalabahi Bay where we dived Mucky Mosque, a muck diving site with highlights being nudibranchs, free swimming white eyed morays, ornate ghostpipe fish and a hawksbill turtle. Our night dive was also at Mucky Mosque. Highlights included bobtail squid, big fin squid, carrier and decorator crabs.

Saturday 7th November

We began our day diving at Pura Island. A site known as Pak Yan’s Village. An incredible wall and slope combination full of life. Highlights included banded sea snake, mandarin fish and nudi’s. We then dived The Dream a seamount with an incredible amount of life as well as some current. Highlights included Modula rays, Napoleon wrasse, massive groupers, giant trevally and grey reef shark. We then returned to Kalabahi to a site known as Mini Wall. Highlights included mushroom coral pipefish, mandarin fish, comet fish, electric clam and nudibranchs.

Our night dive was also on Mini Wall. Highlights included bobtail squid, carrier crabs, cuttlefish and nudi’s.

Sunday 8th November

We began our day diving a site known as School’s out. Highlights included barracuda, grouper, banded sea snakes and some large Hawksbill turtles. We then moved to Pantar Island and dived a site known as Red Wall. Highlights included a large school of Bumphead parrot fish, massive schools of anthias as well as a banded sea snake. We then moved back to Pura island to dive The Corner. Highlights included warty frogfish, robust ghostpipe fish as well as large schools of fusiliers and unicorn fish. We then returned to Kalabahi Bay. Our night dive was at Signal Point. Highlights included Spanish Dancers, carrier crabs, nudibranchs and many dwarf cuttlefish.

Monday 9th November

We began our day back at Pura Island diving a site known as the Boardroom. Once again incredible corals with highlights being warty frogfish, spotted eagle rays, barracuda and large school of Batfish. It was then time to dive French Window. Highlights included nudis, orangutan crab and a variety of reef fish. We then moved to Buaya Island and dived Crocodile Rock. Highlights included leaf scorpion fish, nudis and an assortment of reef fish. Our night dive was at Night Delight. Highlights included painted lobsters, leaf scorpionfish, hawksbill turtle and nudis.

Tuesday 10th November

In the early hours of the morning we headed south to Beangabang. Where we spent the day muck diving. Highlights included a wide variety of frogfish, ornate and robust ghostpipe fish, Wunderpus, coconut octopus, Matoti, long arm octopus, mimic octopus, Pegasus, nudibranchs, big fin reef squid, cuttlefish, blue swimming crab, tiger mantis, lisa’s mantis, peacock mantis, thorny seahorse, painted stingfish, whiteface waspfish and bandtail waspfish.

Wednesday 11th November

We remained at Beangabang and began our day diving on the outer reef. Good coral growth on a reef slope absolutely full of nudis. We then returned to muck diving and were as successful as we were the previous day. Our afternoon dive was on Rainbow Reef highlights included nudis, giant frogfish, juvenile painted lobsters and ribbon eels. Our night dive was back in the bay and once again it was incredible. Highlights included robust ghost pipe fish, big fin reef squid, coconut octopus, white v octopus, Wunderpus and a variety of frogfish.

Thursday 12th November

We began our final day of diving together at Clown fish Valley. A truly unique site literally covered in anemones. Highlights also included a variety of nudibranchs and ribbon eels.

Our final dive of the trip was at Pak Yan’s Reef. An incredible wall and slope combination. Highlights included banded sea snakes, wart frogfish and large schools of fuseliers, anthias, spade fish and unicorn fish. After lunch it was time to get some well deserved rest before our farewell cocktail party followed by our final dinner together.


The iron divers of our trip were Chris, Joerg, Toni, Valou, John and Byron.