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Log Date: Saturday, Nov 07, 2015
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    7 - 14 November 2015
South Andaman Sea

*Air Temp.  30c
*Water Temp. 29c
* Visibility 20m

Captain: Tui
Cruise Director: Gabriel
Assistant Cruise Director: Clive
Engineer: Bao
Second Captain: Rong
Deck hand: Nin
Chef: Phorn
Chef: Phorn
Video / Photo Pro: Deaw
Dive instructor: Nu
Steward: Anny

Guests: Rita, Wolfgang, Jay, Suzanne, Robert, Stella, Stephen, Michelle and Chris


Sunday – Talang, Talu, Stonehenge x 3
Monday –  8 Mile Rock x 2, Talang, Bitsi rock
Tuesday –  Hin Muang x 2 ,Hin Daeng x 3
Wednesday – Koh Haa Neau, Koh Haa Rock, Koh Haa Yai, Koh Haa Lagoon x 2
Thursday  - King Cruiser wreck, Anemone reef, Shark point, Koh Doc Mai x 2
Friday – Racha Noy Bay, South Tip  

Saturday 07th November 2015
Our guests arrived at around 17:00, we showed them to their cabins, set the gear up and enjoy the chef’s lovely meal.

Sunday 08th November 2015
What a great start of the week we had. Our check dive was at Talang where we saw Indian walk man, many nudis, blue spotted sting rays, a couple of sea moth and a large school of yellow snappers. The day carried on with some much more, including beautiful soft and hard corals, sea fans, barrel sponges and many fish. Macro life was everywhere and there were so many snappers they made the reef dark. We ended the day with a double rainbow,  blowing everyone’s mind away.

Monday 09th November 2015
The tides were perfect for 8 mile rock so he did our 2 first dives there. Slight to medium currents and 20 meters visibility, topped by beautiful soft corals and many fish. A school of around 50 bat fish kept following us, morays, nudis and three 50 kilo groupers shyly approached us. We then dived Talang and Bitsi rock where we saw sea horse, many cuttlefish, 9 bamboo sharks, flounders, blue spotted sting rays and much more. Time to sail to Hin daeng and Hin Muang, one of our favorite locations.

Tuesday 10th November 2015
We have arrived at Lanta National Park and it was just like we expected. There are 2 amazing dive sites, Hin Daeng (Red Rock) and Hin Muang (Purple Rock) where soft corals and sea fans cover the whole reef. Great pinnacles with a lot of marine life action where thousands of glass fish, fusiliers and snappers run for their lives while dg tooth tunas, giant trevallies, blue fin jacks and rainbow runners franticly look for  bite to eat. There were also many moray eels including giant, white eye and fimbriated. What a great day.

Wednesday 11th November 2015
Still at Lanta National Park, somewhere 18 miles north of Hin Daeng / Muang is Koh Haa, a group of five beautiful islands and a rock sticking out of the water. What a wonderful day we had here with so much soft corals, chimneys, swim trough, caverns and caves. We came across many different species of nudibranchs, banded sea krait, moray eels, barracudas, jacks and snappers of all kinds. Despite of having a few other boats around, we managed to have all dive sites to ourselves.

Thursday 12th November 2015.
We are now at Phuket area and although we had some strong winds, we had the dive sites just for ourselves. Current were strong at King Cruiser wrecks but we managed to get a lot of shelter and saw many schooling snappers / barracudas and any beautiful nudibranchs. At Anemone reef, described by some of the best dives of the week, there were schooling squids, blue spotted sting rays, nudis, sea horse and thousands of yellow snappers. The day ended with the beautiful sea fan and soft corals of Shark Point and Koh Doc Mai, the Island of flowers.

Friday 13th November 2015
What a wonderful last day we had. We made our way to Racha Noi where visibility was above 30 metres. Our first dive was at Racha Noi Bay with very large granite boulders, many blue spotted sting rays, a peacock mantis shrimp posed for us for more than five minutes and we cannot forget the two beautiful leopard sharks laying in the sand, allowing us to take many pictures and videos. Second dive was at South tip with the whole pinnacle covered with soft corals, large schools of fusiliers running away from many giant trevallies and dog tooth tunas. What a way to finish the day.   

Saturday 14th November 2015
We had an amazing week and we are sad to say good bye, hoping to see everyone back again. We will have Michelle and Chris coming back next week, makes us super happy.