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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 07, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Captains Log
07-14 Nov 2015
Water temp: 82-83
Winds NE 10-12
Saturday: Another busy Saturday in the life of the Cayman Aggressor, as always 3 o’clock comes around quickly and again we are ready for another fulfilled week of eating, sleeping and diving. We have guests from Australia, Norway, Russia & USA this week. Once again Chef Kingsley won hearts with award winning Ribs and Jerk Chicken. Once we introduced our guests and crew, conducted our safety briefing it was time to call it a day.

Sunday: We cranked our engines at first light and motored up to the Doc Poulson, this small tug boat is a photographer’s dream, lots of sponges and sea fans living on the wreck. For the second dive we explored the canyon leading out to the wall, schooling wrasse and creole wrasse. As we toured towards the shallow reef we were pleased to see a hawksbill turtle feeding on a sponge along with a French angel fish feeding on what the turtle missed. Next up was Stingray City, this weekly encounter is a joy among guests and crew, this week conditions were perfect and enough stingrays to go around for everyone. These majestic rays were gliding and bumping into our divers in the hope of getting a free lunch. Wendy won the free T-shirt for the largest hickey!! Once we packed up our vessel and prepared for our journey over to Little Cayman, the crossing this week was a little bumpy but most of our guest enjoyed a movie while we were making way.

Monday: Welcome to Little Cayman! This morning everyone awoke to the beautiful sights of Randy’s Gazebo and after some banana and blue berry pancakes everyone was ready to get diving. The first dives proved why we come here! There were multiple turtles, groupers galore, free swimming morays, abundant amounts of macro including cleaning stations and lettuce leaf slugs. Post dive the dive deck was abuzz with what everyone saw. Kingsley served up his famous mad Mexican Monday with flank steak fajitas, chicken tostadas, a green chili seafood mix and a Baja papaya cilantro salad. During our siesta the boat was moved down to the world famous ‘Meadows’. The afternoon dives saw some serious shark action going around with our three friendly brothers Fric, Frac and Fro the reef sharks who were clearly keen for a good photo shoot.

Tuesday: Now at Lea Lea’s Lookout for the first two dives of the day, always a great site with plenty to see. On this occasion we were treated to sightings of Turtle, Lobster, Carb, Green Moray, Spotted Drum, thousands of Creole Wrasse but the highlight of the dive has to go down to the finding of a cute orange Seahorse, well done to Melissa and Steve for finding it, getting video of it and also photos. An Italian themed lunch was enjoyed by all as we moved the boat along the wall to Mixing Bowl, ready for the afternoon dives. The two p.m. dives were awesome, more Lobsters and Crabs along with a Reef Shark swimming deep into the blue, an Eagle Ray that stayed around for a while and believe it or not……..another orange Sea Horse!!!! This one found by our sharp eyed guest Ingeborg. Defiantly worth staying here for the night dive and fourteen guests must have thought the same as they all came back with tales of their sightings which included an Octopus. Another great day of diving comes to an end.

Wednesday: The best way to start the day is to dive! We had a superb Dawn dive at Nancy’s Cup of Tea. As we swam along the wall we had spotted two Reef Sharks that proceeded to stay with us the entire dive. Sleeping in a crevice was a goliath grouper, on a sponge a Neck crab and having an early morning meal a Stone crab. As the day broke and light started wake up the reef we could make out the century old anchors that are nestled in the reef. After a hearty breakfast it was time to do it all again. Next up was our old favorite Great wall, with Freddy the main attraction it was another epic dive, so much life in such a shallow depth.

Thursday:   Arriving back at Grand Cayman after a very smooth and peaceful crossing we awoke to find ourselves on the wreck of the USS Kittiwake, this decommissioned US Navy submarine rescue vessel has become a must see for all divers that visit the Cayman Islands. The lines and contours of the vessel are still very clear and combined with visibility of over 100ft, abundant marine and diver friendly depths; the wreck truly does have something for everyone. We did 2 dives here so we had ample time to explore the entire wreck and also the reef that sits nearby. After a scrumptious chicken curry lunch we took the short journey to Jax Dax, also known as Governors Reef which is named because it sits directly out from the official residence of the Queens Emissary to the Cayman Islands. We did 1 dive here and a very good dive it was, we saw spotted drum, 3 turtles, a nurse shark and a very photogenic and very camouflaged yellow stingray. For a late afternoon and night dive we made the short trip to the wreck of the Oro Verde, which proved to be a big hit with the group. The night dive presented us with several sleeping parrot fish, a free swimming moral eel along and a choice of nudibranchs and as the dive came to a close we got the highlight of any night dive, a very cool octopus out hunting and it gave us a fantastic display of colors. Dinner was planned for after the night dive so we ended the day with the customary thanksgiving Thursday meal and as always Chef Kingsley served up a fare fit for royalty.

Friday: A dawn dive at the wreck of the Oro Verde was a great way to start the day; the brave that got up early to part take came back with smiles and tales of a perfect way to wake up. Next up was Round rock Trinity caves which was breathtaking, the amount of life on here is outstanding, and along the crevice it was a joy to see the amount of sponge life growing there. A turtle cruised up to check us out, all in all it was a dive to remember. Next up was Devil’s grotto, which often is the favorite dive among many of our guests. This vast and expansive cavern and crevice is an exploration for even the experienced diver, another great week of diving here in Cayman. Thanks to Fred for returning yet again, and to Amy and Hailey. Congratulations to Anne for completing 200 dives , to Katie for doing her Nitrox Course, Megan & Chris for completing their wreck course and for finishing off their Advance course. For Steve and Melissa for taking what is what we are calling Photo of the year, a tiger grouper eating another grouper! To Steve, Hal & Jeff for being good sports and Bland and Wendy for joining us and being great guests.

From all the Crew here in Cayman, safe Travels, Happy Holidays and we all look forward to seeing you back here again.
Cayman Aggressor IV Crew