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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Oct 17, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Charter 17-24  Oct 2015
Water Temp: 82-84
Weather: East Winds 10-12
Saturday: The Cayman Aggressor is ready again to welcome 18 divers, most traveling from the states, Two from Canada and one from Germany. Everybody’s flight was on schedule so we were able to depart our dock and motor up to West Bay during which Chef Kingsley impressed everyone with a delicious BBQ dinner, after which we started our safety briefing and introductions. By the time all that was completed most of our guests were ready for a good night sleep.  Welcome back Niki, Gray, Mike & Marsha! For those of which this is your first ever live aboard, welcome to Aggressor Style diving.
Sunday: Doc Poulson was first dive of the day; all were ready to explore the wreck and to check out their equipment. Some went out to the swim through which leads out onto the wall, before cruising over the sand and onto the old Japanese Tugboat, lots of life on this sunken treasure, with lots of Social feather Dusters, and on the wall of the wreck Sea Fans and Button Tunicates. All divers returned happy and were ready for their next dive. The world famous Stingray city was next up and with plenty rays to go around everyone had a lot of fun. These gentle rays worked their magic and won the hearts of all our divers. Deb was our Stingray hickey winner. During lunch we cruised down to Grand Cayman’s premier Site; Babylon, which is on the North side of Old Man Bay.  The pinnacle starts at 90 feet and goes up 60 feet; all around are Tube Sponges, Sea Fans and Black Coral in abundance. Once everyone is back on board we prepared the Vessel for our voyage and motored off to Little Cayman. The crossing to Little Cayman was about as calm as you could expect for October and once we arrived we knew it was going to be a great week.
Monday: First two dives were made at Randy’s Gazebo.  Ideal conditions made for a great couple of dives. A green moray was seen free swimming on the first dive and well hidden in a coral head for the second dive. As always our friendly Grouper were there to escort the divers along the wall. A turtle was seen munching on a sponge for his breakfast, while we had to make do with eggs, bacon and pancakes! It seems as though everyone enjoyed their dives and were looking forward to the next few dives after lunch. We moved the boat down to Meadows for the next dive; unfortunately visibility was not up to normal Cayman standards so after the dive we moved along the island and tied up on Lea Lea’s Lookout. Turtle and lobsters were seen along with hundreds of Creole Wrasse doing their mating display.  For the night dive twelve divers elected to jump in. We were amazed at the amount of life on this site at night, a sleeping turtle, squid, Moray Eel and a juvenile Octopus!!
Tuesday: Sarah’s Set was the dive site of the morning. Two great dives where the divers get the option of deep wall or shallow reef…..and the bit in-between. Although I spotted a nurse shark I thought there was not a lot else around, that is until all the divers arrived back on the boat telling me what a great dive it was and how much stuff they had seen! A Spotted Moray was seen, Sting Ray, the nurse shark again, a few friendly Grouper and lots of small critters up in the shallows.  Back onboard for lunch and a move of the boat along to Mixing Bowl, often peoples favorite dive site. High light of the dive was when Nick found a nice Seahorse, unfortunately most divers had already climbed back onboard so only a lucky few got to see it. Also seen were a couple of Spotted Morays living on the mini wall.  During dinner we took the boat over to Cayman Brac for the night dive on the wreck of the Russian Frigate. Never guaranteed but always the chance, we saw an Octopus out doing what Octopi do at night. Also we caught sight of Oscar, the resident Goliath Grouper.
Wednesday: We woke up to a wonderful sunrise in Cayman Brac. After a brief we all descended onto the Old Russian wreck, as we swam through Havana Alley and out to the ship we were amazed at the amount of fish life on the wreck. We toured through the engine room checking out the old gauges and the main engines, once again our friendly character named Oscar greeted us! During lunch we cruised back to Little Cayman to dive Bus Stop.  What great dives we had, some folk opted to stay shallow and went in search, with success, of The Jaw Fish and the Sail Fin Blennies. Those that went out onto the wall encountered a couple of Caribbean reef sharks. There was a report of another Goliath Grouper up by the mini wall, Oh, and a nurse shark and turtle. For our dusk dive we swam the length of the wall only to find an Octopus sitting right under our boat! He was sky blue at first but then he jumped into action, turning green and dancing around feeding on any small fish he could find!!

Thursday: At the break of dawn we descended onto Nancy’s Cup of Tea, we had a little current so we swam into the current then simply let the current carry us back to the boat. We encountered two Reef Sharks and sleeping right under our mooring a Nurse Shark, what a sight, two different species of shark gliding through the water effortlessly. Breakfast afterwards was a real hit, everyone loving Chef Kinsleys Bacon and eggs!!Next up was The Great Wall of Bloody Bay, which is the home of Freddy, ‘the Real Grouper’. The dive proved to live up to its name and reputation with a set of pipehorse and a school of queen triggerfish spotted. In addition, Mike managed to point out a hidden decorator crab hidden behind an anemone. After the afternoon dives, the hatches are tied down, dingy out of the water and the fins put away for the crossing back to Grand Cayman. Kingsley once again lifts the mood with his famous turkey Thursday which has left many of our guests smiling ear to ear!
Friday: Kittiwake was the first morning dive back here at West Bay, this Submarine Rescue Vessel which was sank in 2010, makes a wonderful artificial reef. For divers that like to explore inside this wreck is perfect. From stem to stern you can swim and explore the belly of the boat. All our divers came back happy and were ready for Devil’s Grotto. This shallow reef is what got Cayman famous, lots of cracks, crevices and canyons. The resident Tarpon were here is large numbers and the reef looked so healthy was we swam back to the boat. That wraps up another great week of diving here in Cayman where we go to dive all three island and enjoyed sunny days and calm seas!!
From all the crew of the Cayman Aggressor
Safe travels and hope to see you all again real soon
Cayman Aggressor IV Crew.