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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 14, 2015
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Red Sea Aggressor

Captain’s Log Nov 14 – 21


Air Temp: 32c -35c / 89f – 97f

Water Temp: 26c - 27c / 76 - 79 f

Visibility: 20 – 35 m / 70 – 149 feet

Weather: High temperatures, Clear and occasionally cloudy skies, moderate winds

Itinerary: Daedalus , St. John’s & Sataya Reef , Elphinstone





Captain: Abdullah     

Cruise Director: Mahmoud

Instructors/Guides:Roberto & Angela

Chef(s): Amre & Abdallah        

Steward(s): Mido

Seamen: Emad & Ayoub & Said


GUESTS: Wu , Li , Yang , Zhang , Wu , Cao , Liu , Jiang , Wang , Guan , Li , Zhou , Xiao , Huang , Fan , Li , yang , Tsui , Xia




Sunday – Marsa Shoona , Shaab Abu Dabab

Monday – Daedalus Reef

Tuesday – Gota Soraya , St John’s Cave

Wednesday – Sataya , Shaab Claudia , Island of Seal

Thursday – Shaab Sharm , Gota Marsa Alam

Friday – Elphinstone


                            Welcome Aboard!


This week we happily & eagerly greeted our new family members from Chinas.. They arrive from different cities of the country such as Beijing and Shangai. After a welcome drink and being showed to their cabins everyone gathered in the dining area for the general boat briefing and introduction of the crew , while munching on our chefs exquisite mini pizzas and assortment of seasonal fruit . After setting up equipment and finishing some paperwork, they were free to visit the very mystical Port Ghaleb at sunset hours. After our steak dinner it was time for a beer and a glass of local wine & off to bed.


Sunday November 15th


Day 1 started in Port Ghaleb and continued in Marsa Shoona and Shaab Abu Dabab. Wake up at 7 am . Breakfast and we are set to leave the Harbour and start our diving trip reaching Daedalus Reef , St John’s and Sataya reefs. At 9 am we moored in Marsa Shoona , our dedicated bay for the check dive . Blue spotted sting rays and lion fishes , goat and surgeon fishes and we enjoyed a colorful and easy dive and make our guest at their ease for the next days coming . Early in the afternoon we sailed to Shaab Abu dabab reef and dive the local coral garden rich in mountain and dome corals. We scored 3 dives today including a night dive .


Monday November 16th

Day 2 started in Daedalus reef . We sailed all night to reach the famous reef of Daedalus with his large rounded shape and stunning light house. A school of hammerhead dominates the deep water of the north plateau and we are here to spot them and dive his beautiful drop off walls. The first 2 dives of the day were located in the north side . Descent close to the reef and then hovering in the blue . A large school of barracudas and surprisingly a white tip oceanic shark make their appearance while we were reaching the reef. Black, soft and leather corals. No trace of the school of hammerheads . Early in the afternoon we dove the anemone city and our last dive is again set in the north Plateau . Our last attempt to spot the school of Hammerhead and we succeed for the excitement and contentment of our guests which counts 20 of those wild creatures swimming at a close distance below and around them while a Longimanus approached them with his elegant moves at the end of the dive. Such a dive to remember . We scored 4 dives


Tuesday November 17h

Day 3 started in Gota Soraya and continued in St John’s Cave. Wake up at 6 am and we are set to dive the beautiful and colorful reef of Gota Soraya . We spent 2 dives here drifting along his walls and hoverhangs . Soft and black corals are brightened with the soft light of the morning rays . Simply beautiful and magical atmosphere all around us . A couple of giant moray eels , school of black snappers and fusiliers in the crystal blue water. Early in the afternoon we reached the St. John’s cave reef and dive through his system of breakthroughs and caves with their walls all covered in soft corals. The local napoleon wrasse makes his appeareance with elegant moves and close approaches . We scored 5 dives including a night dive.


Wednesday November 18th

Day 4 started in Sataya reef and continued in Dolphin House and Shaab Claudia. The ring bells at 6 am. Continental breakfast and dive briefing and we are set to visit the drop off wall and coral garden of the Sataya reef . A boat to boat dive with an easy descent exploring the depth of the dropping wall and then abscending into the large and richful coral garden with huge mountain and dome corals . Clear visibility and the soft light of the early morning rays and we enjoyed school of goat fishes and snappers hovering around the healthy coral formations and butterfly fishes and puffer fishes . Such a beautiful and peaceful dive . Later in the morning we visit the Dolphin house and with the support of our zodiacs we snorkel with the white stripes dolphins close to the lagoon area. We feel blessed for such a close encounter with those beautiful creatures. In the early afternoon we reached Shaab Claudia reef and dive trough his system of caves and breakthroughs which turns cathedral of lights. Simply beautiful . We scored 4 dives including a night dive.


Thursday November 19th

Day 5 started in Shaab Sharm and continued in Gota Marsa Alam .

We woke up this morning in the Shaab Sharm reef and we are excited to dive his drop off walls and south plateau. The early morning dive is a zodiac to boat dive. Easy descent and we are set to drift along the walls enjoying the colours and shapoes of the soft corals and gorgonias and gently landing into the depth of his large plateau with a school of barracudas hovering in the blue. We spent here 2 dives and after lunch we sailed to Gota Marsa Alam and dive his coral garden. We scored 4 dives including a night dive . A Spanish dancer makes her appeareance for the flashes of our underwater photographers.

Friday November 20th

Day 6 started in Elphinstone Reef . We are all excited to be in Elphinstone , the legendary reef of Marsa Alam . We planned 2 dives here both of them boat to boat dive . Our intention is to dive the depth of the beautiful and colourful south plateau , drift his east and west wall with colorful fan and soft corals and spot the local white tip oceanic sharks that usually swim under the yachts. Well we succeed . We had 2 wonderful dives and the Longimanus impressed our guest with his close approaches and wild moves. Such a great way to end our diving trip . At 3 pm we are back in Port Ghaleb and at 6 pm we celebrated our Iron and Milestone divers.






Milestone Diver:

                                     50 # Dives Li Janli

                                    50 # Dives Zhou Yaofang

                                     50 # Dives Yang Yiming

                                    100 # Dives Wang Fen

                                   150 # Dives Guan Jingyu



                                       Iron Divers

Wu, Li, Yang , Cao , Liu , Jiang , Wang , Guan , Li, Zhou , ,Li , Xia


                                 21# Of dives done this trip






Thanks and kind regards

Roberto D’Ugo

Red Sea Aggressor