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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 14, 2015
Entry By: Captain Jay Roberts


Belize Aggressor III - Captains Log Nov 14-21, 2015



Air Temp: 85 fahrenheit / 29 celsius

Water Temp: 85 fahrenheit / 29 celsius

Visibility: 80ft. Avg

Sea State: light chop to choppy



Captain Jay

Captain Chris

Instructor: Kenley

Instructor: Andre

Chef: Yanis

Steward: Randy



Claudette, Annemarie, Annie, Dan, Charlie, Nancy, Stewart, Howard, Ryan, Cari, Gaelle, Jerome, Julie, Nathan, Karen, and Tetty


Dive Sites:

Sunday – Sandy Slope & Amberhead

Monday – Angelfish Wall & Long Caye Wall

Tuesday – The Blue Hole & Silver Caves

Wednesday – Half Moon Caye & Long Caye Ridge

Thursday – Nurse Shark Ridge & Quebrada

Friday – Silver Caves & Julie’s Jungle


Saturday – Nov 14, 2015

At 3pm, our very enthusiastic divers boarded and got settled in for the upcoming charter. At 5:30PM we did our introductions, safety briefing and a “Welcome Aboard” champagne toast before sitting down for an exceptional dinner prepared by Chef Yanis.


Sunday – Nov 15, 2015

Sandy Slope & Amber head

As we pulled up to our first dive site for the week on Turneffe Atoll, we were greeted by a pod of dolphins swimming around the mooring line and the vessel. As soon as we hopped in, we saw 3 Eagle rays cruising along the sandy bottom, and then we saw another at the end of the dive. Between seeing the Eagle Rays, we also saw southern stingrays, several moray eels, lobsters, groupers, schools of mahogany snappers, sargassum triggerfish, and spent about 15 minutes with a hawksbill turtle that was just cruising along and decided to hang out with us.

Later that day, we saw more lobster, decorator crabs, scorpionfish, and a huge loggerhead turtle.


Monday – Nov 16, 2015

Angelfish Wall & Long Caye Wall

Monday was another exceptional day of diving. We started off at Angelfish Wall and finished the day at Long Caye Wall at Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Needless to say, as soon as we hopped in at Angelfish wall, low and behold…there was a pair of Grey Angelfish were swimming below the boat. As we made our way to the wall, we could see a Caribbean Reef shark off in the distance cruising on top of the reef. Soon after, another Caribbean Reef shark came by and swam amongst the divers for a few minutes before leaving us…she would come back later in the dive. Another pretty cool experience on our dives today were our encounters with turtles…first it was a green sea turtle that was feeding on turtle grass (what else?), and let us hang around without taking off; later we saw a hawksbill feeding on sponges on the wall at Long Caye Wall. We also saw schools of tarpon, some permit, African Pompano, and tons of jacks.


Tuesday – Nov 17, 2015

The Great Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye, & Silver Caves

We started our day heading over to the Great Blue Hole to see the massive stalactite formations on this fascinating and unique dive. Next we headed on our island excursion to Half Moon Caye to check out the nesting grounds of the Red-footed booby bird and the Magnificent Frigate bird.

After lunch we went diving at Silver Caves for the rest of the day. We had some great dives at Silver Caves, with sightings of sharks, eels, an Eagle ray, a seahorse, juvenile trunkfish, and tons of schooling Creole wrasse.


Wednesday – Nov 18, 2015

Half Moon Caye Wall & Long Caye Ridge

Wednesday we woke up to a beautiful morning for diving. We headed over to Half Moon Caye Wall, where as soon as we hopped in we could see a plethora of garden eels, several Southern stingrays, and some razor fish scurrying over the sand. As we moved to the wall we saw a school of blue parrotfish grazing, and an Eagle ray cruised by our divers as we started over the drop off. Next up was a Caribbean Reef shark…then another. After hanging out with them for a while we checked out the sandy bottom and grass beds and found some flapping dingbats, elysias, head shield slugs, and crabs.

We did the afternoon and night dives at Long Caye Ridge, where we saw another turtle, green morays, a spotted moray out feeding, 2 tiny octopi (one about the size of a softball, the other about the size of a golf ball), several squid, including a baby one about 1/4” long.


Thursday – Nov 19, 2015

Nurse Shark Ridge & Quebrada

We had another awesome day of diving on Thursday at Nurse Shark Ridge and Quebrada. Though we didn’t see any nurse sharks at Nurse Shark Ridge, we did see 3 at Quebrada. We also saw an adolescent Caribbean Reef shark that was zipping around the place…334 was the number on his tag, that’s how close we got to it! There were also turtles, eels, a school of horse-eye jacks, juvenile flamingo tongue, neck crabs, and lettuce sea slugs.


Friday – Nov 20, 2015

Silver Caves & Julie’s Jungle

To quote our guests…”what a great dive to end a great week of diving!”. We finished the week with 2 exciting dives…sharks, eels, turtles, and rays. We also found some lettuce sea slugs, neck crabs, a juv. trunk fish, several cleaning stations, and just an abundance of fish life on the reef.


Congrats to our Iron Divers – Nancy, Gaelle, Jerome, and Stuart

Congrats to Stuart on achieving his Advanced Open Water certification.



Thank you to our guests for a great week! Hope to see you again soon.