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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 14, 2015
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II
Captain’s Log
14 November – 21 November 2015
Air temperature:  85° - 89° F
Water temperature:  83° - 84° F
Visibility:  50 – 80 feet

Instructor: GRANT PATTEN

Janis, John, Steve F, Sue, Martin, Debby, Steve B, Jeb, Evelyn, Tessa, Steve R, Mike, Ian, Lesley & Jim.
Sunday – Eel Garden, Stairway, Amphitheatre – NWPT
Monday – The Dome – NWPT, White Face – West Caicos
Tuesday – Brandy Wine, Magic Mushroom- West Caicos
Wednesday – Gullies, Boat Cove, West Caicos
Thursday – Elephant Ear – West Caicos, Stairway – NWPT
Friday – Pinnacles – Grace Bay

As we gather upon the sun deck ready for a new adventure, the sun glistens off of the turquoise sea on the South side of the island, our guests raise a glass to the upcoming excitement, for some a first time experience others veterans of Aggressor diving. After a few drinks admiring the sunset, Our Chef Matt provides the first of a series of culinary delights, tonight’s offering; Espresso Pork Loin with baby potatoes and broccoli. After dinner, drinks are served and we advise our guests we will be leaving the boatyard at 11pm to be ready moored at the first site Eel Garden for diving in the morning.

With dawn the appetizing smell of bacon and fresh coffee greet us for a spectacular day of diving, Energized and ready to go the dive bell thunders across the deck gathering all for the 1st dive of the charter, we set to checking our gear making sure everything is in place, then after the briefing we gear up and enter the water, time to check everything out making sure we are all set for the rest of the week. A good 1st dive, everyone is now happy with their setup, even the garden eels nodded their approval as we were checked out by the stingrays. Check dive completed satisfactorily, time to move to the next site, Stairway a beautiful site that steps down to the abyss, a good selection of Moray Eels and crabs to be found in the wall and coral heads. Then it’s time to move to one of the highlights of NWP the Amphitheatre, A fantastic site that always delivers something fun and interesting, today being no exception, massive green Moray Eels with dancing Red Banded shrimp on their backs, Reef sharks, Spotted Morays, A huge Hawksbill Turtle having lunch just below the Amphitheatre, a selection of Yellow headed Jaw fish and an Octopus, just a few of the critters playing on the beautiful reef. Sustaining us through the days diving a selection of treats a masterful entrée created by our chef Matt. After the night dive is completed our guests settle in the saloon for some post dive drinks and a laughter filled recount of the day, then time for bed ready for the next day. Again we awaken to the wonderful smells of coffee and breakfast cooking away, this morning we move the boat to a new site, The Dome, the remains of a 1980’s game show, an interesting dive with some nice swim through areas for those more confidant.  With the great skills of our guests and suitable conditions we also combine another site into these morning dives, The Chimney a good vertical swim through on the wall. After the morning dives we made a quick crossing over to West Caicos, whilst eating a wonderful Mexican Buffet.

Completing lunch we are at Driveway a popular site on the West Caicos wall, named so for the sand channel leading over the wall.  A good first dive is had at West Caicos with some friendly not so shy Porcupinefish, a number of invasive Lionfish on the deeper part of the dive and an inquisitive Caribbean Reef Shark hanging with the divers under the boat. We have some great shark interaction on the evening dive with the visibility slowly waning as we enter the night.

Tuesday morning, we start with a continental breakfast whilst moving down to Brandywine another highly colorful  site with beautiful walls at West Caicos for a 7am dive, We surface to the sizzle of sausages and the aroma of fresh coffee then enough time is given to digest before the 2nd dive. Then it’s time to move to a new site, The Anchor, this site is defined by a Spanish Anchor imbedded in the wall at the end of a swim through cleft in the wall, the view away into the abyss as you clear the anchor is impressive and gives you a feel for the true size of the wall here in TCI. Lots of great creatures are out on display, the resident Sharks, A big Hawksbill Turtle, a number of Moray Eels some Barracuda and loads of snapper and coming over to see what all the fun is about a couple of Spotted Eagle Ray’s came over to check us all out . After the dive we settle in for another evening of great food, drink and wonderful company, laughter abounds as the evening moves to a close, ready for the next day of adventure.

We start Wednesday with a Continental breakfast while moving to Gullies an outstanding site along West Caicos, once settled we set off on the morning dive, as soon as we enter we are greeted by 3 5-6 ft Reef sharks, that are circling the main Gully and soon swimming in and out of the group saying Hi to us all. We dive down through the swim through and heads off along wall checking all the critters along the way we have some Chanel Clinging Crabs, Lobsters, A variety of Shrimp, some beautiful Anemone’s, Green and Spotted Morey Eels, Peacock Flounder, the normal abundance of Garden Eels and uncommonly a large school of French Angelfish and a swim by a massive pod of Dolphins. Time then to relax with a fantastic lunch and then move on to the next site. For the rest of the day’s dives we moved down to Magic Mushroom, A fantastic site with countless coral heads for critters large and small to hide in and a spectacular section of wall to investigate, for the first dives we had an inquisitive young reef shark that swam in and out of the group checking each of us out.

Thursday, a quick skip along the reef to Elephant Ear Canyon, a great spot for the first 2 dives of the day, we leave the boat with the rising of the sun to be greeted below by a 7’ Reef Shark doing her rounds, we check along the wall finding the usual suspects, various lobsters and Crabs some Moray Eels, a few porcupinefish come out to greet us and the morning as we glide by. Checking out the shallower top of the wall we find a meadow of Garden Eels, a few stingrays, lots of Pederson and spotted Cleaner Shrimp with some snapping shrimp along the way, then whilst checking a particularly ample coral head we find an eye peering out of a hole with tentacles attached, an Octopus resting up.
Friday arrives with a quick breakfast and a couple of dives (with a cooked breakfast in-between) at Rock Garden, A central site with lots to see, Our Guests head off to investigate the site and are not disappointed when to local undersea crowd come out to wish everyone a bon voyage.
Then we head back to Turtle Cove Marina on Providencials, where we have a cheese and wine party to wish our guests a bon voyage and thank them for joining us for a very special week.