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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 07, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Water Temp: 86 F
Visa: 100 + feet
Weather: Sunny

Crew: Captain Eddy, 2nd Captain Megan, Engineer Simon, First Mate John, Chef Jerry, Assistant Chef Jean, Stewardess Elia, Onboard Assistant Conway

Dive Sites Visited:
Sunday - Julie’s Jungle and Site Y
Monday - Doc Chichas & Long Caye Ridge
Tuesday - Half Moon Caye Wall & Long Caye Wall
Wednesday - The Blue Hole and Silver Cave
Thursday - Tarpon Cave, Half Moon Caye Wall and Long Caye Wall
Friday - Sandy Slope

Guests: Marcia, John, Linda, John, Heidi, Barbara, Kathleen, Carolyn, Don, Jake, Bill, Steve aka The Pup, Rhonda, Lisa, Jeff, Chuck, Jay, Dee, Phil and Bruce

A wonderfully perfect week onboard and at sea in Belize on the Sun Dancer II.  The guests were welcomed onboard and enjoyed the beautiful new sun deck complete with a bar and shade cover to fully appreciate the Belize weather from the best view in town.  After the safety briefing and introductions a delicious meal was served and enjoyed before the Sun Dancer II set out to Lighthouse Reef to enjoy a beautiful week of diving!

Sunday started very joyously at Julie’s Jungle with a great first dive and a lot to see and appreciate along the reef and over the wall.  There were a million creole wrass enjoying a commute between the coral and fans over the reef structure and between the divers.  The afternoon site was Site Y and had a lot of fun lobster to check out a few of them even hanging out in huge sponges which are always fun to look in!  The next day of diving started at Dos Chichas and had a huge moray eel free swimming along the reef.  Also a barracuda was very enjoyable to check out and it was actually cooperative and friendly for the photographers to get some wonderful pictures of.   At Long Caye Ridge for the send dive site the reef was alive with color and action so much to check out and even the macro surprises were discovered with shrimp and crabs, blennies and juvenile cute drums!

Half Moon Caye Wall on Tuesday was amazing with a turtle eating a sponge and all the different kinds of angle fish around eating the scraps as they few out.  A bunch of conch were very fun to see in the sand leaving trails and pathways where they had been traveling.  A midnight parrot fish posed as it got cleaned and a big heard of them passed by another time crop dusting over the sand.  There was a very friendly grouper someone compared to a dog and a bunch of sting rays all over the sand and in the turtle grass.  There was a shark that passed by a couple times and even got close enough to kiss according to one diver even though no attempt was made to kiss from the diver or the shark.  The afternoon dives at Long Caye Wall were very enjoyable and the entire day was considered one of the best diving days ever because of all the creature behavior and amount of diversity on the reef and walls.

Wednesday gave us the opportunity to dive into the Blue Hole a very famous dive site known for the Stalactites that are so huge you can dive behind them and they still go another 20-50 deeper.  After the group dive the option to head to Half Moon Caye Island was presented and the divers took the opportunity to see beautiful white sand beaches, tall palm trees and the local wildlife including birds and hermit crabs.  The afternoon dives were at Silver Cave and there were a lot of amazing sightings including SHARKS and EELS and CRABS!!!  The beautiful site was perfect for the afternoon conditions and we all agreed again that was another perfect day under water and onboard the Sun Dancer in Belize.

Tarpon Cave was our first dive site then it was mentioned that Half Moon Caye Wall is so close why not head back to a favorite dive site for the next few dives so we did and it was amazing.  The sing rays, turtles, a huge sting ray and even a small one.  The garden eels, sand tile fish, cute colorful friends all over the reef really perfect for photos and all the divers agreed there is so much you can keep looking and never stop discovering amazing creatures.  On Friday at Sandy Slope there was a coral head in the sand that had a white spotted eel, a barracuda swimming around the divers keeping an eye on the and a good trigger not to mention the
friendly Ramora under the boat made it a wonderful morning of diving adventures.

On Behalf of ALL the Crew we would like to Thank You for joining us this week and hope to dive with you again in the future.