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Raja Ampat Aggressor :


Log Date: Friday, Nov 13, 2015
Entry By: Raja Ampat Aggressor Crew


“Raja Ampat Aggressor” Captain’s log *13 – 22 Nov.2015

*Air Temp. 90 F

*Water Temp. 28 C/ 84 F

* Visibility 70ft



Captain: Burhan

Cruise Director: Michal

Chief Officer: Niko

Main Engineer: Yuly

2nd Engineer: Olan

Oil man: Rahmad

Chef: Ivan

Chef Assistant: Jemly

Stewardess: Linda

Divemaster: Dinche

Divemaster: Herry

Divemaster: Jamie

Tender Driver: Ody

Tender Driver: Carli

Deck Hand: Jasman



Sa: Junkyard Wreck, Junkyard Wreck

Su: Cross Wreck, Jetti, Night dive – Jetti.

Mo: Coral reef and slope, White sand beach

Tu: Auri Island, Silver lining.

We: Whale Shark Bay x 3

Th: no diving

Fr: no diving

Sa: Cape Kri, Blue Magic


GUESTS: Karen, Pat, Jim Robert, Sally, Jim, Lindsay, Maciek, Kasia, Jonathan, Anand, Robert, Tim, Amin, Ron.


Friday November 13th

We picked up our guests in the morning from airport. Some of our guests arrived the day before and stayed in Swiss bell hotel in Sorong. In the early afternoon we had all our guests on board. We accommodated everybody in their staterooms and showed the boat. Weather all day was sunny with temperature reaching 40 degrees of Celsius. After lunch we helped our guests to set the gear on dive deck. In the late afternoon we were sailing to our first destination – Amsterdam island. We had good sea conditions with calm sea. In the evening we had our first served dinner with tasty beef steaks. After dinner we had safety briefing and we introduced our crew to the guests.

Saturday November 14 th

We had continental breakfast and check dive at Junkyard Wreck. At the beginning of the dive we saw wreck of a ship which sunk more than 60 years ago forming nice artificial reef All around the wreck we saw reef fish and some schools of fish, school of yellow stripes snappers, silver snappers and emperors. After hot breakfast we had a break before our second dive at the same spot. We saw many schools of fish and also wobbegong shark. After the dive we started our 20 hours long relocation to Manokwari harbour.

Sunday November 15th

We arrived in the morning to Manokwari. Before our 1st dive we had to report to local authorities and get permission for diving in this area. After we got it, we went for our 1st dive at cross wreck. It is wreck of small ship around 15m./50ft long resting on a sandy bottom of Manokwari Bay. We spotted some macro life and coral reef fish. Second dive was after our hot breakfast, we did at small jetti and coral reef slope with white sandy bottom. We spotted some macro creatures like eel garden, nudibranch and ornate pipe fish and coral reef fish.

Monday November 16th

We went for our first dive at the coral reef opposite the beach. The reef was mostly hard corals with some sea fans and anemone corals from time to time. We spotted spade fish, sweet lips fish and trumpet fish. Second dive we went to the other side of the island and dove at white sand reef opposite the beach. We spotted juvenile bat fish, dancer shrimps, commensal shrimp and many damsel fish. Both dives had good visibility reaching 25 m./82 ft. and no current.

Tuesday November 17th

We had a long relocation and we arrived to place called tanjung ayami. We had our first dive at Auri Island. We started our dive at a long ridge visible from the surface at the low tide. We started to swim southeast between large blocks of rocks encrusted with hard and soft corals. We spotted some group of fusiliers, napoleon wrasse and small group of shy bumphead parrotfish. Visibility was reaching 15m./50ft and there was slow current. We moved aggressor to the next dive site Silver Lining, south from Tanjung Ayami. We started our dive after lunch. We jumped in the point when flat bottom goes into slope with ridge of rocks and boomies covered in colourful sea fans and soft corals. We spotted a couple of nudibranch, endemic yellow fin red snapper and many other small reef fish. It was so far the best dive with visibility reaching 20m./66 ft.

Before dinner we did our night dive at the same spot. Our divers saw many shrimps, crabs, fish hiding in the corals and yellow pygmy squid. After the dinner we started relocatio to Whale Shark Bay.

Wednesday November 18th

In the early morning we went to the fishing boat (Bagan) where fisherman’s started to put small fish in the water to attract whale sharks. At the beginning we spotted 3 big 8m./25ft. whale sharks. Eventually after 10 min. more came. We had good visibility 20m./66 ft. and no current. Diving with whale sharks is just unbelievable. During the day we had 3 dives and snorkelling for those who wanted to stay longer with the sharks. During the 2nd and 3rd dive there was around 10-11 whale sharks you could spot at the same time!!! Diving with whale sharks is happening at a shallow water reaching 1 to 10m./3 to 33 ft. but deeper around 20 m./66 ft. we spotted bull sharks. There were around 5 bull sharks below probably attracted with the feast. We had unforgettable experience and all our guest said that they have never experienced something like this before.

Thursday and Friday November 19th and 20th

Sailing, sailing and sailing. Estimated time of arrival to Raja Ampat is the night of the 20th. We have been having a lot of tasty meals in between eating we were learning fish and creatures names we found during our dives in cendrawasih. We also watched videos and had a presentation about pig my sea horses and Raja Ampat.

Saturday November 21st

We couldn’t wait for our last day of diving after long sailing. We dove at Raja Ampat favourite sites.

In the morning we dove at Cape Kri. We went deep into the slope and found wobbegong shark and big school of sweet lips fish. During our dive we also saw black tip, grey reef and white tip sharks, groups of snappers, barracudas and jackfish. It was a great diving. We also spotted black tip shark hunting and catching cuttle fish. Our 2nd and last dive was at Blue Magic. As usually we finish our raja ampat trips with that dive spot and it not a mistake. Our divers saw couple of wobbegong sharks, oceanic mantas, sharks, cuttle fish and much more. All our guests wish to stay longer and dive more but it is time to go back and finish our great trip.

In the evening we had our last dinner on board, watched a slideshow and started farewell party. We prepared awards for Lindsay and Jim as a best dive team and for Amin milestone as he finished 200 dives with Raja Ampat Aggressor.

Sunday November 22nd

In the morning we said our farewells to our guests and send them to hotels and airport. During this trip we made new friends and had a very good time. We hope to see you again!