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Log Date: Saturday, Nov 21, 2015
Entry By: Carib Dancer Team


Carib Dancer Captain’s Log 21-28 Nov 2015


Air Temp. 71-75+ F

Water Temp. 79-83 F

Visibility 75-90+ft



Captain Dennis

Instructor Jason

Instructor Gabi

Dive Master Ramon

Chef Sea



Joanna, Marcin, Weronika, Lukasz, Magdelena, Mariusz, Mary, Steven, Claire, Kay, Alex and Ahmed



Sunday – Plane Wreck, Flat Rock Reef, Lobster No Lobster

Monday – Pillar Wall, The Krackin

Tuesday – Hole In The Wall, Primo Wall, Knucklehead

Wednesday – Monolith, Split Coral Head, Cave Rock

Thursday – Cut Thru City, Cut & Run, Flat Rock Reef

Friday – Barracuda Shoals


Saturday November 21st

After guest boarded the Carib Dancer departed her home dock of Elizabeth on Bay and made her way out toward Rose Island. We dropped anchor near Rose Island and enjoyed a wonderful evening under the clear Bahamas Sky.


Sunday November 22nd

In the early hours we raised the anchor and headed for the Exuma Islands and our first dive site the Plane Wreck off Ship’s Channel Cay. Sitting in only about 20 feet of water the Plane Wreck was an excellent place to check weight and camera equipment. Just some of the Marine Life that guests were able to see and take pictures of was Yellow and Southern Stingrays, Bright Red Cushion Sea Stars, Giant Anemone and small Porcupinefish. Next was Flat Rock Reef swimming with Schools of Schoolmaster, Grunts, Snappers, and a small Balloonfish plus a variety of Gorgonians.  We finish the afternoon and night on Lobster No Lobster. It was a wonderful way to finish the first day of diving, swimming around very colorful coral head, an array of tropical fish, a small Green Turtle and a Big Loggerhead Turtle and of course Lobsters.


Monday November 23rd

Pillar Wall is one of my favorite dive sites to enjoy. While diving Pillar Wall we can swim through Canyons, Swim Thru’s around large Pillars covered with Sponges, Sea Whips and Black Coral. And then there is also Arrow Blenny’s, Tiger Groupers, Spotfin Butterflyfish, Mackerel, Lobsters and a couple of Caribbean Reef Sharks. After Pillar Wall the Carib Dancer headed East to the island of Eleuthera and the dive site called The Krackin. While enjoying all the small canyons and swim thru’s we encountered Lettuce Sea Slugs, Channel Clinging Crabs, Caribbean Spiny Lobsters and one of the smallest Goldentail Eels we have ever seen in the area.


Tuesday November 24th

Hole in The Wall was dive one. After swimming through a long swim thru that starts on the top of the wall and comes out around 90 feet we made a slow accent along a very colorful wall. Black Coral, Barrel Sponges, Brain and Star Corals as well as Mackerel, Queen Angelfish and several Nassau and Tiger Groupers are just some of the Marine Life we saw while diving Hole In The Wall. Primo Wall was next taking pictures of Giant Hermit Crabs, Spotted Moray Eels, Yellow and Southern Stingrays, Jawfish and a few Caribbean Reef Sharks. Knucklehead was the dive site we enjoyed for the afternoon and night. While diving Knucklehead we saw Flamingo Tongues, Reticulated Sea Slug, Big Channel Clinging Crabs, Lobsters, Squid and Octopus.


Wednesday November 25th

Monolith Wall, which is a huge wall dropping almost straight down, was our first dive today. One of our guests Kay was face-to-face less then a foot with a small Nassau Grouper. A staring contest, which Kay won, the small Nassau Grouper just couldn’t stay in one place long enough. Our guest Steven enjoyed a large school of Atlantic Spadefish as well as seeing several Ocean Triggerfish. It was time for some Sharks and the best dive site in Eleuthera for that is Split Coral Head. We enjoyed a wonderful wall and a very large coral head that’s split down the middle. It didn’t matter if we were enjoying the Marine Life along the wall or around the shallow coral head there were Sharks all around. We experienced 9 Caribbean Reef Sharks swimming sometimes just a few inches away while diving Split Coral Head. It was an amazing experience for everyone to enjoy. Our afternoon and night dive was on Cave Rock. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad dive on Cave Rock, especially in the afternoon and night. We saw Rays, Groupers, Squid, Turtle, a few Sharks and Spotted Moray Eels.


Thursday November 26th

Happy Thanksgiving!!! The best way to start a holiday is to go diving! Cut Thru City, which is one of my personal favorite dive site to dive. There are many swim thru’s to enjoy and I think we swam through just about everyone of them. We saw Lettuce Sea Slugs, Bearded Fireworm, Medusa Worm, Mackerel, Reef Urchins and a Spotted Moray Eel just lying along the edge of the coral out in the open. Before leaving Eleuthera and making our way back to the Exuma islands we stopped at Cut and Run. We saw by a large Anchor Encrusted with Corals and Sponges. Had pictures taken of us near a small plane and enjoy a variety of Marine Life that kept us busy for two dives. After heading back to the Exuma Islands we stop at Flat Rock Reef. We saw lots of Schooling fish, Spotted Moray Eel, Angelfish, Trumpetfish, and Small Grouper all over the reef. Our guest Kay said it best when coming out of the water, “that the most variety of fish and stuff that I’ve seen in one area all week”. Flat rock Reef is always a good time underwater.


Friday November 27th

Barracuda Shoals was our last dive site of the week. While diving Barracuda Shoals we encountered Blue Chromis, Longfin Damselfish, Goldspot Goby, Spotted Moray Eel, Hawksbill Turtle, Caribbean Spiny Lobsters, Bertha The Barracuda and three Caribbean Reef Sharks swim by for a close encounter. Diving barracuda Shoals was an Excellent Site to finish our week in the Bahamas.


The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!


Hope To See Everyone Again Soon…


Best Fishes,


Carib Dancer Crew