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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 21, 2015
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II

Captain’s Log

21 November – 28 November 2015


Air temperature: 85° - 89° F

Water temperature: 83° - 84° F

Visibility: 50 – 80 feet





Instructor: GRANT PATTEN





John, Angela, Aaron, Deana, David, Sarah, Count, Wilarda, Phillip, Rene, Edie, Patricia, Christian, Rachel, David, Kellie, Mia, Olivia



Sunday – Amphitheatre – NWPT, Driveway – West Caicos

Monday – Half Mile Reef - French Cay, West Sand Spit

Tuesday – Rock and Roll, G-spot– French Cay

Wednesday – Half Mile Reef, Rock and Roll – French Cay

Thursday – Gullies, Boat Cove – West Caicos

Friday – Boat Cove– West Caicos


We Greet our Guests with refreshments and a warm island welcome, after getting to know each other and ensuring everyone is settled, we head off to our 1st site, Amphitheatre at North West Point to moor up for the night. Dinner is served on the journey and everyone is extremely happy and now filled with anticipation of the culinary delights awaiting them over the next week. With everyone satisfied the boat beds down ready for the next day’s adventure.


After breakfast we gather on the deck for the 1st dive of the week, we are at Amphitheatre, a highlight of North West Point, named for the scoop out of the wall it is a fantastic dive site, with a myriad of marine life, Sharks, Turtles, lots of Eels, some Octopus, many varieties of Shrimp and it is always worth keeping an eye out to the deep here, you never know what is looking back. We have a check out dive to ensure all of our gear is correct and explore the site, then once our surface interval is complete and gear adjusted we go for another great dive here.

Once we have completed exploring it is time to move on, with everyone checked back on board the boat we head over to West Caicos to the site Driveway, named for the sandy gap that drops through the wall, we stay on this highly interesting for the next 3 dives including the night dive, this site has much to offer, Sharks, Stingrays (southern and rough tail), turtles, a multitude of parrotfish, filefish, triggerfish as well as the Yellowtail Snapper and Jacks by the boat. Down in the coral heads there are Green and Spotted Moray Eels, Various types of crab, predominantly Channel Clinging, Lobsters, Brittle Stars and lots of Shrimp. After the exciting night dive where we got to observe several stingrays, it’s time to move again, at this time conditions are just right so we make a move to French Cay to get an early morning mooring giving us the pick of the sites.


Monday morning, we have moored up at half mile reef, inventively named for being half a mile off French Cay but don’t let the name fool you, this is a fascinating site often with large pelagic sightings. This dive is no exception, we find a large Reef Shark under the boat that follows along the wall with us, there are a number of Spotted Eels along the wall with some lobsters and a small number of the invasive Lionfish. On top of the wall we see a large Turtle eating breakfast that takes an interest in the group and swims with us most of the way back to the boat, nearing the boat we have a huge Spotted Eagle Ray swim through the middle of the group, a thrilling dive.

Conditions being key, today is a great opportunity to West Sand Spit, a site that normally you can only visit by liveaboard due to the remote location, as such the reef is in pristine condition, we take a couple of dives here afternoon and evening both outstanding, the stark natural beauty of the reef wall is breathtaking the coral heads abound with life and the sand spit is covered with Conch, Stingrays, hermit crabs and all the small critters.

Ready for the evening night dive we move back to French Cay to Rock and Roll, One of our favorite for night dives when conditions are right, we fire up the lights and enter the dark, The Black Jacks converge upon us, using our lights to hunt closely followed by the numerous Nurse Sharks and a huge Cubera Snapper near the boat.


Tuesday Morning, We get a good breakfast and then have a couple of dives at Rock and Roll where we stayed last night. We find some of the nurse sharks from last night sleeping off their activity, a fun little turtle checks us out and the underwater scenery is crystal clear with the very calm waters. After another wonderful lunch we move along to the next mooring G-Spot for the afternoon and night dives, the weather picks up slightly but this had no effect on the diving, the conditions remain fabulous under the waves. We have a beautiful section of the wall to explore here, Lobsters, Channel Clinging Crabs, Moray Eels, Trunk fish dotting the coral heads, a few Reef Sharks patrolling, a stunning array of sponges and fans across the seabed, a quad of Grey Angelfish playing follow the leader, huge schools of Grunts and Snappers highlighting the brilliant contrast in colour across the reef. We complete 3 dives at G-Spot, the Evening and night dive separated by a lauded meal provided by our Chef with local Mahi Mahi as the Entrée. Then for the hardy souls the carry out the night dive they are greeted back to the boat with a warm towel and a steaming cup of coco with a healthy dash of rum cream. After everyone is settled in the saloon, we select a movie for the big screen, break out the popcorn and settle in for a relaxing evening in great company.

Wednesday morning, over night the winds and swells have grown, we decide to stay here at French Cay and move back to Half Mile Reef for the morning dive

Where the boat retains the greatest shelter. Breakfast is had and then the morning dive commences, the conditions below are great, good visibility and a very mild current, we drop to the edge of the wall and a large female Reef shark cruises by we observe as she carries along her route and then commence along the wall checking nooks and crannies finding the critters looking back out at us, looking up along the wall we are treated to a close encounter with a big Spotted Eagle Ray that glides right past us, after this treat we move along and up over the edge to check out the top of the wall, heading back we find a number of sea cucumbers, a few porcupinefish, some Spotted Moray eels and hiding away in a large coral head a huge Spotted Drum, then we are escorted back to the boat by a Reef Shark. Whilst we eat another scrumptious banquet we move along to Rock and Roll where we have some great dives, A massive Spotted Eagle Ray is under the boat as we enter the water and moves from group to group, also we have some Reef Sharks, plenty of Eels in the rocks, a free swimming Spotted Moray joins us for a spot and a massive Nurse Shark cruising the top of the wall. At night the rest of the nurse sharks come out looking into every gap they can find hunting all over with the Black Jacks, we are careful with our lights so as not to expose those safely ensconced away from the predatory pack.


We move to West Caicos first thing Thursday morning to be ready for the morning Dive at Gullies, there is a resident Female Reef Shark that resides near this site and most dives you will find her here, normally with her entourage of several suitors, we were not disappointed this time, she was there with half a dozen others, also we had a big school of Atlantic Spadefish, lobsters, Garden Eels and Stingrays and despite the weather elsewhere ideal diving conditions.

Having the pick of dive sites being the only boat at West Caicos, we move to Boat Cove, a fantastic site with everything to offer, the conditions under the surface remain ideal with great visibility and next to no current or surge leaving us free to explore the site as we desire, the dives are great, with stingrays, Reef and Nurse Sharks, Turtles, crabs (many kinds, channel, arrowline, slipper, neck), lobsters and shrimp in amongst these are Eels and a Scorpionfish, with the beautiful wall and multitude of coral and sponges an outstanding series of dives, we are so impressed that we decide to stay here for the morning dive too.


Friday starts with a dawn dive and so a number of happy divers, then whilst breakfast is served we head off back to Providencials Southside, Lunch is served and then we dock, our guests avail themselves of our facilities until our cheese and wine party where the weeks awards are handed out and then we are off to a local restaurant to end the day where details for new friends and photos are exchanged.