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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 28, 2015
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II
Captain’s Log
28 November –5 December 2015
Air temperature:  85° - 89° F
Water temperature:  82° - 84° F
Visibility:  40 – 70 feet
Instructor: GRANT PATTEN
Michaela, Dariush, Cesar, Carlos, Corey, Victoria, Curt, Shauna, Lois, Julie, Matt, MC, Richard, Kathy, Andrew, Matthew, Domingo and David.
Sunday     – Half Mile Reef, G-Spot - French Cay,
Monday     – Rock and Roll – French Cay, Brandywine – West Caicos
Tuesday    – Boat Cove, White Face – West Caicos
Wednesday    – Gullies, Magic Mushroom, West Caicos
Thursday     – The Dome, The Chimney, Amphitheatre - North West Point
Friday     – Eel Garden – North West Point

There is an excited air in the Saloon, the room is full and everyone is enjoying themselves getting to know each other in the relaxed environment. Dinner is served and everyone settles down for the night.  We leave South side Boatyard at 11pm and head off to Half Mile Reef at French Cay to moor up for the night.
Coffee and breakfast are served and we gather on the dive deck to familiarize everyone with the layout and procedures, then its time for the 1st dive of the charter. We check our gear over and enter the water to the waiting Reef Sharks, we were also are joined by a couple of turtles and an Eagle Ray. A truly auspicious first dive! We stay for another great dive at Half Mile Reef and then move onto G-Spot named for the navigation point on the wall. We have 3 dives here including the 1st night dive of the week with a good attendance for the night dive spilt in 2 groups, one white light the other black.

Monday morning, we jump over to the famous Rock and Roll the 3rd site at French Cay. After our made to order breakfast we gear up and rejoin the sharks on the reef, the water is nice and warm a negligible current leaves us free to explore at will. Swimming through the beautiful coral heads on the reef we find lobsters, shrimp, anemones, a number of porcupinefish, French Angelfish,  plenty of Jacks under the boat, a large number of very large Lionfish all amongst the vivid sponges, fans and coral. We then enjoy another wonderful buffet lunch while heading over to West Caicos where we moored at Brandywine. We have a couple of afternoon dives here a night dive after dinner.  That afternoon we had a great time exploring the hidden delights of Brandywine with loads of crustaceans living in the reef amongst the vibrant formations. That night an exciting array was to be found along the reef, Scorpionfish, Reef Shark, Channel Clinging Crab, Lobsters, Ocellate Swimming Crab, Burr Fish, Red Banded Lobster, snapping Shrimp, various kinds of Brittle Star, everywhere we looked something new.

In the morning we moved on to Boat Cove where we had some very close encounters with a couple of curious Reef Sharks, Porcupinefish were seen freely moving around the reef unconcerned by us swimming near them as is the same for most creatures on the reef here. After a couple of beautiful dives we skipped down the West Caicos wall to White Face, An amazing dive site with an old Spanish Anchor lodged in the deep end wall of a gully, after exploring the gully we check out the reef both way, with an assortment of puffer fish, some Atlantic Spadefish, Garden Eels and Morays along with Sting rays and the Guardian Sharks patrolling,  a fantastic  set of dives are had with the Crabs, lobsters and Shrimp coming out at night, the breathtaking Black Light dive comes into its own at this site, a must for those brave enough. After the Rum laced hot chocolate an evening of photo sorting whilst watching a film with drinks and snacks is in order.

Wednesday Morning we moved up to The Gullies another great dive site at West Caicos, named for, well, the Gullies at the site, the major Gully is a deceptive swim through with a gradient to catch the unwary, along this site is a large Female Reef Shark with an entourage of males, these guys are very curious Reef Sharks coming within touching distance (not that anyone would), the exhilaration of being eye to eye with a wild Shark at less than12 inches is intense, The sharks interact with the group for both dives waiting around whilst we do our surface interval. After Lunch we moved again to Magic Mushroom a dive with loads to find in the shallows, Moray Eels, Juvenile Spotted Drum, Pederson and Snapping Shrimp, Brittle Stars, Scorpionfish, a large group of lobsters in residence at Lobster Hotel. With the night dive the Sharks are in evidence again as are the Black Jacks scouring the reef. After we finish the night dive we move on to The Dome at North West Point to have a good start in the morning.

We woke up to a sizzling breakfast and prepared for the morning dives. This site the remnants of a French game show also incorporates another within easy reach The Chimney, a two for one dive site. Checking The Chimney first, we encounter a fame hungry Turtle that seems incapable of stopping posing for multiple camera shots, then after swimming up The Chimney we head over to The Dome where we explore the wreck of the dome. This is a fun site with lots of marine life and an easy penetration opportunity. After thoroughly exploring we return to the boat for lunch and head over to Amphitheatre, this is an awesome site which can offer a bit of everything. We have Sharks, Large Arrowline Crabs, Lobsters, Eels, lots of snapping and cleaner shrimp and on the night dive we have a pair of mating octopus a truly amazing spectacle.

Friday morning we have a couple of early dives at Eel garden followed by breakfast and a trip back to Turtle Cove Marina, a great lunch is had and the our guests set off to enjoy the local delights of the island. In the evening we had a small party on the boat to end the week and present awards for achievements completed during the week.