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Log Date: Saturday, Nov 28, 2015
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                    
28 November – 5 December 2015
South Andaman Sea
*Air Temp.  30c
*Water Temp. 29c
* Visibility 25m

Captain: Tui
Cruise Director: Clive
Instructor: Patrick
Divemaster: It
Engineer: Bao
Second Captain: Rong
Deck hand: Nin
Chef: Phorn
Chef: Phorn

Steward: Anny
Guests: Barry, Heather, Patricia, Stephen, Michael, Kara, Kimberly, Janet, Scott, Katherine, Karl, Linda, Robert, Maria, Ted and Debby.

Sunday –  Koh Bida Nok, Koh Haa Nuea, Koh Haa Rock, Koh Haa Lagoon.
Monday –  Hin Muang x2 Hin Daeng x2
Tuesday –  Koh Talu, Talang West, Stonehenge, Talang West
Wednesday –   Hin Daeng Hin Muang, Koh Haa Yai, Koh Haa Reef. Koh Haa Cathedral
Thursday -  Hin Bida, Htms Klead Kheaw, Shark point, Anemone reef x2
Friday –  Racha Noi Bay, Marina Bay

Saturday 28th November 2015

All our Guests were boarded and equipment set up in great time and we departed from Chalong for our southern cruise. We headed for Phi Phi Island for the night as we had a bit of wind and many of our guests had only arrived that day so a good night’s rest was well received.

Sunday 29th November 2015

Our Day began at the beautiful islands close to Phi Phi Island. Our first dive site was Koh Bida Nok, we had a nice dive with thousands of yellow five lined snapper all very close to the reef we also found a very small lobster and some nudibranchs. After breakfast we set off for Koh Haa where we did the chimney for the first dive it was full of Bronze sweepers, we also found a very nice chromodoris nudibranchs. Our next dive at Koh Haa was at Koh Haa Rock it came over a bit cloudy but we found a couple of sea snakes and a free swimming Moray Eel, Our guests opted for a sunset dive and we did this at Koh Haa lagoon we found plenty of scorpion fish and some beautiful  Lion Fish. We had a special day today as it was one of the guests Birthdays so we had cake and wished Catherine many happy returns.

Monday 30th November 2015

We upped anchor early and headed for the 2 pinnacles known as purple and red rock our first dive was at purple rock and we enjoyed the dive with many critters being found including mantis shrimp and some chromodoris nudibranchs. We dived the second dive and the sun had and come out which provided us with great light penetration that showed the corals colors beautifully! A very friendly Octopus kept our guests happy for a long time while it was hunting in the rocks. We then moved the boat the short distance to Red Rock where a small school of Barracuda passed us accompanied by many Blue fin trevally and rainbow runners. Our  fourth dive was also at this great site and we found a very small lobster in a crack and also some banded boxer shrimp. Our guests wanted to do there night dive here also and we had the usual morays out hunting and many shrimps clinging to the rock.

Tuesday 01st December 2015h

Our trip reaches our southern most point at Koh Lipe, We headed for Koh Talu and found our resident sea horse and a few nudibranchs  in the sand  during the dive the current picked up and we had a easy drift dive. For our second dive we did Talang east, the current had dropped a little but it was still a drift dive, one of our keen eyed guides found four ornate ghost pipe fish which kept our photographers very happy, also found were 2 Indian Walkman in the sand. So after a great lunch we moored up  at Stonehenge a pinnacle that comes to within 10ft from the surface the corals here are amazing and we saw a school of Barracuda patrolling the dive site and also a school of yellow snapper. Our last day dive was at Talang west and we drifted over the sand to a large out crop of rocks in the hunt for the 3or 4 Bamboo Sharks that sleep under the rocks here and to our customers delight there were 4 asleep under the rock.  

Wednesday 02nd December 2015

We headed Back north for today’s diving and as we had had really good diving at Hin Muang and Hin Daeng we decided for these 2 sites for our morning dives then we headed further north for the Caverns at Koh Haa the visibility was fantastic at around 80ft, during the day we saw a large school of trevally and also one of our guests found an ornate ghost Pipefish. We found a beautiful nudibranchs at Koh Haa including a huge Halgerda nudibranchs and also a Devil scorpion fish then while we were on the safety stop a very friendly Turtle came past and checked us out. On our night dive we saw many squid on the descent and some free swimming morays including a very nice fimbriated moray.

Thursday 03rd December 2015.

We woke to a great sunny day and super visibility, our first dive was at Hin Bida a pinnacle of limestone rocks that just breaks the surface at low water, we were greeted on the descent by a cuttlefish and saw many trumpet fish feeding and also a very large school of snapper . Our second dive was at a purposely sunk wreck the HTMS Klaed Keaw and what a great dive we had our photographers were absolutely in heaven with the variety of nudibranchs here it was amazing and great visibility too also seen were a school of batfish and many barracuda. We headed then for Shark point sadly no sharks were seen but we saw a very big Octopus. We moved east and dived Anemone reef and found our 2 resident sea horses and a couple of stingrays in the sand. Our night dive was full of action with a great Barracuda out hunting and also many snapper all packed tightly to the reef we also saw 3 species of Moray..

Friday 04th December 2015

Our last days diving for this cruise, will be sorry to see this group leave, we have had some great moments and some good fun diving. We started our diving at Racha noi bay one, this was a drift dive around a huge outcrop of granite boulders. We found some very cooperative  Mantis shrimps and also some cleaner shrimps in a crack in the rock. One of our guides found a beautiful nudibranchs crawling across the sand. For our second and final dive of the day we decided on Marina bay south, we found some giant morays and also a couple of Blue spotted stingrays sleeping in the sand these were surrounded by many garden eels and a guest found a juvenile rock mover wrasse. After the dive we upped anchor and headed back north to Coral island and our great sunset BBQ.

Saturday 05th December 2015

All our guests rose early and we had a nice departure breakfast. All good byes said and done we wished our guests a safe journey and best wishes for the rest of their holidays…..