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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Nov 29, 2015
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor II Boat Report
Nov. 29-Dec 9, 2015
Capt/Photo Pro: Scott
2nd Capt: Casey
Chef: Ronnie
Stewardess: Herence
Divemaster: Ripon
Divemaster/Video Pro: Ernan
Engineer/Divemaster: Hector


On Sunday November 29 we boarded 17 guest from various countries for a ten night charter. After setting up equipment and finishing the boat briefing everyone sat down to a delicious meal prepared by Chef Ronnie.


Over the next 10 days we had excellent weather and dove all of the best dive sites Palau has to offer. We started off diving three of the most popular wrecks, the Tashi, Iro and Helment. Highlights from those dives included depth charges, zero fighter engines, bow and stern guns, sake bottles, gas mask and a great abundance of marine life. Our final dive on this day was Lighthouse Channel where we had a moderate to strong current and a great drift through the channel seeing large sea fans and a cooperative cuttlefish.


Over the next two days we dove a number of dive sites in the German Channel area which included German Channel, Virgin Blue Hole, Blue Hole, Big Dropoff, Ngmelis Wall and Blue Corner. Highlights included an excellent manta ray showing at a German Channel cleaning station, many turtles, grey and white tip reef sharks, schooling barracuda and jacks along with colorful soft corals and a variety of sea fans.


We then moved to Peleliu Island for the next couple of days and enjoyed the diverse diving this island provides. Dive sites included Peleliu Express, Orange Beach, West Wall, Yellow Wall, Purple Beach, Barracks Point and White Beach. All of these sites have pristine hard corals and excellent fish life. Highlights included eagle rays, sting rays, schools of red and yellow tail snappers, many sharks and turtles, octopus, and some outstanding soft coral growth.


After Peleliu we moved back to Carp Island and dove Turtle Cove, Dexters Wall, Ferns Wall, German Channel, Barnums Wall and German Channel Coral Garden. These sites all had mild to moderate currents and were very active in regards to fish life. Visibility was between 50-100 feet with some upwelling which brought some cooler water from the deep. Highlights included a school of young grey reef sharks, cooperative bat fish at a cleaning station, moray eels, nudibranchs, and a variety of butterfly and angelfish.


For the last couple of days we moved to Ulong Island and dove Siaes Tunnel, Shark City, Ulong Coral Garden North, Ulong Coral Garden South, Siaes Corner, Sandy Paradise, Ulong Channel and Paradise Wall. Most of the dives here had mild to moderate currents and the highlights included the decorator and helfrich dart fish, giant clams, schools of glass eye fish, lots of sharks, jellyfish, eagle rays, anemone fish, leaf scorpion fish, mantas shrimp and a number of turtles who posed for pictures.


On our final day we went to Jellyfish Lake and snorkeled amongst the million or so non stinging jellyfish. After a rock island boat tour the final dive was at Chandelier Cave where we surfaced in each of the three chambers and saw mandarin fish and pajama cardinal fish just outside the cave.


The final day concluded with the wine and cheese party. The crew and aggressor fleet would like to thank all the guests for joining us and hope to see all again on another adventure in the near future.