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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Friday, Nov 06, 2015
Entry By: Captain Mauricio Marin


Wind Dancer Trip Report


November 06 to November 16 - 2015

(Photos by Mauricio Marin)


Average Water Temperature 80 F (25 Celsius)

Average Air temperature 84 F (26 Celsius)
Average Visibility 80 ft-25 mts
Wetsuits: 3mil, maybe more if you get cold easily.
Crew this week: Capt. Mauricio, Chefs Jairol and Leiner, Engineer Miguel, Steward Jorge, Boat drivers and Divemasters Beto, Anibal Boat, Driver Jehyler


We had an early departure to the island and even do we were doing good speed at the beginning the weather condition were no the best so the ride to the island was a bit slow but once there we went in the water as soon as we got to the island but just before we arrived to the Park a pot of dolphins greet us playing with the bow waves.

First day was easy diving as we did our check out in the shallows of chatham bay and the next two dives of the day in Manuelita the dives were amazing as the first had tons of fish moray eels and shark, the dive in Manuelita were easy but loaded with adrenaline as hammerhead sharks were present and The tiger shark showed up with a close encounter with this giant.

Next day we paid a visit to Punta Maria and Dirty Rock, Dirty Rock this week had strong currents and even do the dives were really nice some of us could not enjoy it. Now the dives in Punta Maria was out of this world as we went down we saw a group of several Galapagos sharks going in circles in a cleaning station, so we only went down got settle on a rock and enjoy the view, close as this Punta Maria is from Dirty Rock the conditions were totally different this dive was easy with no current and the top water conditions could not be better..

We also went to Alcyone on the third day and this was another site with dives filled with endless action as hammerheads were there, eagle rays came too and a school of horse eyed jacks was just on top of this underwater plateau hanging around.

We visit most of the sites on the island being Manuelita probably the best for Hammerheads and the tiger, also we saw Mantas in Manuelita and Dos Amigos.

Night dive were amazing as the white tip shark spend most their night time hunting and just looking for a fish to pray on.

Crossing back to port was nice and flat a bit quicker than the crossing to the island.


Thanks to all of our guests; Jacobus and Lia, Heidi and Roland, Ronald and Sheila, John, Bruce, Paulino, Mario, Gunter, Andreas and Kerstin, Anita and Eric, Riccardo and Sara, Helmut and Gerhild, Steven Robert and Elen.

For a great week of diving.

Cap. Mauricio