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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 05, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Charter 5-12 Dec 2015

Air Temp 84F

Water Temp 82F


Saturday. A busy day in Georgetown, as our guests arrived throughout the afternoon. A full boat this week, with Justin staying on for another week! The weather looks great, and Little Cayman is calling. We stayed alongside the dock for BBQ dinner and a briefing, finally the last two guests made it after being held up by fog in their home town! Welcome aboard everyone. A nice surprise to see Dan, Marg and Larry after 6 years! A great fireworks display lit up the sky as we made our way across the bay, a perfect ‘welcome back’ and let’s get ready for a great week.

Sunday. After a good night’s sleep on top of the Kittiwake Wreck we woke up to flat seas and the smell of breakfast cooking! A briefing and then time to splash on this 5 year old purpose sunk Submarine Support Vessel.   Two great dives to explore this outstanding wreck, from Bow the Stern, rudder to wheelhouse, lots of fun photos posing around the ship and an Eagle Ray feeding in the sand. Francine got super close and shot a great video! Back on board for lunch and a ride around to Stingray City. 12ft of madness as the Southern Stingrays came circling and swooping in for a tasty snack. A few hickies were spotted on return to the boat! One more chance to dive today – Hammerhead Hill. An incredible wall, deep and knarly. A large turtle came along the wall and an entertaining green moray eel was busy hunting for his dinner. Eric was filming the Eel, when the Eel came straight at his camera… Eric developed the uncanny skill of backpedaling with fins on!   All divers came back very happy with the north wall experience. Congratulations to Andy who knocked off his 400th Dive today!

Monday. Waking up on Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Wall, after a fairly gentle crossing (tho some guests didn’t think so J), Randy’s Gazebo was our first site and here we enjoyed descending into the blue, cruising the drop off exploring the chimneys and swimming through the archway.   Francine our key turtle spotter found a couple, very friendly Nassau Groupers were there to welcome us to Little Cayman and plenty of reef critters. Marg, Larry and Dan remembered this dive site and loved drifting down the chimneys! Justin and Eric were doing some Deep Diver Training with Niall, the viz was incredible, 200ft plus! We love it here! Meadows was the location for the afternoon and night dives. This site has it all, small life and large. Swim thrus to pop you out off the wall, Cosmo and his buddies (the friendly Nassau groupers) and Eagle Ray just flitting about and feeding in the sand! The resident Reef Sharks, a school of horse eye jacks and a nest of Lobster all right under the boat. The night dive produced all the usual suspects including channel crabs, reef sharks, sleeping turtles, lobsters, a nurse shark and of course octopus!  We were worried that an octopus might have become dinner for the nurse shark, but the Octopus pulled a clever camouflage manoeuvre and the shark sailed by! All divers back on board for hot chocolate and hot towels were just delighted with the first day on Little Cayman. Bring on tomorrow! Wait there is more… Phyllis was trying to stay under the radar, but she has just completed her 100th Dive!   Well Done!

Tuesday. Back on Bloody Bay Wall, Lea Lea’s Lookout for our two morning dives. This place was a hit with all divers. The normal suspects were seen such as Turtle, Lobsters, the hundreds of Creole Wrasse that hang around, and several Flamingo Tongues were seen. A light current provided all the entertainment on the corner of the wall, with hundreds of fish feeding and cruising on the edge of the wall! A great sighting was that of a nurse shark, stingray and a large green moray eel all in the sand small sand pocket right next to the mooring. Oh and SQUID!! After a delicious lunch and siesta we hit the Mixing Bowl, A.K.A Three Fathom Wall and nobody was disappointed. All the normal schooling fish were there to greet the divers along with a collection of Stingrays having their afternoon nap buried in the sand. Lobsters and Yellow headed Jaw fish were also out in abundance, three of which had eggs in their mouths! Grover the grouper was very popular with the ladies as he vied for attention on the safety stop. The Night Dive was awesome with Three yes Three Octopus putting on a great display!

Wednesday. Yet another crystal clear calm day on Little Cayman. Diving this morning on Bus Stop. Fun swim throughs under the reef, curious reef sharks on the wall, groupers, a turtle, stingrays feeding and sailfin blennies. Something for everyone! Burgers in Paradise as we made our way over to Cayman Brac and the wreck of the Keith Tibbetts. Wow. An insane afternoon of diving. Along with the huge wreck covered in sponge life and critters we had stingrays in the sand, also in the sand were not one but two flying gurnards!   The Gurnards hung about for photos and video, we were very excited. Later in the afternoon we had hundreds of Barracuda cruising along the wall, it was never ending!   As far as you could see, a wall of barracuda on a mission to somewhere! All divers were buzzing when they got back on board. No to be outdone, the night dive was spectacular, two octopus, a giant channel crab, burr fish and puffer fish, lobsters and weird and wonderful crabs. But wait there is more, just as you think the dive is over, safety stopping behind the boat, we see a mirage of barracuda. Swimming out to investigate we found ourselves surrounded entirely with these spooky looking fish. Un, down, left and right, thousands of Barracuda hanging, suspended, watching, waiting… for what? WOW

Thursday. Wake Up!!!   6am dive and 14 divers were up and ready for action. The Meadows was the drop zone for this dive. Out over the wall we drifted, in the gloom as the sun thought about rising. The groupers were there to guide us around and show us Lionfish. The local Police in the shape of Reef Sharks came swooping in to check out the racket on the reef. A very exciting dive! As Eric described it “a popcorn’ sound enveloped us, a huge rain cloud was dumping back on the surface, so the whole dive remained a little spooky yet resulted in some tremendous shots of sharks illuminated by torchlight, and great silhouettes. Getting back on the boat to a double rainbow display!   What a start to the day. The next stop was Marilyn’s Cut, a couple of great dives here for before moving to the highlight of the day Great Wall. This immense wall drops away, straight down to 6000’. You cannot see the bottom, looking along the wall it seems never ending! Covered in black corals, sponge life and fish life. On top in only 20ft of water there are plenty of cleaning stations and a spectacular scene awaited us, Freddy the Pioneer of friendly Groupers, a largeYellowfin Grouper and another Nassau Grouper had a coral head surrounded, the parrotfish that was corners tried to bolt for freedom.. right into the open jaws of Freddy! If possible it seemed he was smiling with a Parrotfish tail hanging out of his mouth! Sorry to say it is time to go home, back to the big island.   Happy Hour on the way!

Friday. Welcome back to civilization. With two dives this morning, after a good breakfast of course! Round Rock and Trinity Caves was the early dive. Turtles, an Eagle Ray, great swim throughs and schools of Horse Eye Jacks, a fantastic location where one dive is never enough but we have to press on!   Devil’s Grotto, where diving began in the Cayman Islands. A shallow dive full of long tunnels, large tarpon and a certain diver, Louise who clocked her 1000th Dive! Sure beats doing her 1000th in a quarry back home in England! Of course she was made a cake in true Cayman Aggressor fashion!   Well Done!

Well that’s all we have this week.   We were lucky to have fabulous weather this time of the year, great diving and great folks to share it with. Thank you to all for yet another fantastic week of diving in the Cayman Islands aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV.

Till next time

Cayman Aggressor Capt and Crew